How To Find the right Wardrobe for Your Home

Deciding the wardrobe for your home is a very challenging job for everyone, they come in many designs, size, shapes etc. Here we have sorted a list of different wardrobe designs.

1) Free Standing

Virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant,and Amazon’s Alexa make it easy to control your home gadget with voice command like “Alexa Turn onbedroomlight” each one have his strength or weakness. So choose wisely for which is more likely to work.

2) Wall Mounted.

Nowadays people moving from traditional wardrobe to wall mounted wardrobe because traditional wardrobe consumes more space, As compared to traditional one, they use less space though they are wall mounted an offer graceful looks to rooms wall mounted wardrobe can be huge as well as small.

3) Sliding door

People now a day tends to refer the sliding door they save lots of space as the doordoesn’t require any extra space to open. The main benefit of sliding wardrobe is it offers great space. The construction of this wardrobe lets you use the space above hanging area for storing seasonal product, blankets etc.

4) Walk in Wardrobes

It’s Dream of every person to haveWalk-In Wardrobes this type of wardrobes are rarely seen people who secretly want to display everything at one place in a proper manner. A walk-inwardrobeisaperfect choice as it adds a touch of luxury. An unused room can easily convertintoa walk-in wardrobe. All you need is to get some shelves. Usually, these types of wardrobe are found in bungalows, villas, big flats etc. To fit walk-in wardrobes is next to impossible.

5) Armoires

If you are planning vintage home then add armories wardrobe to your list. For bedrooms that lack spacious walk-in closets, an armoire or wardrobe can be helpful. Armories are made of wood, usually, this isthe free-standing type of wardrobe with a vintage feel. They have built-in storage option like a drawer, rods, divider, shelves etc.

6) Customized Wardrobes

Planning your dream home? Confused what type o wardrobe you want? Forget all the option available customized your own wardrobe which can be made according to size, space requirement & give the finish which you suites according to your room.