Outdoor Security

Fencing types and their uses

1. Aluminium Fencing.

Aluminum fencing is the most basic and attractive fencing types.While it does not provide the amount of security many homeowners look for in a fence, it is maintenance free.The only maintenance is when you install it and when you paint or decorate it

2. Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most popular fencing.Not only has it given homeowners a sense ofPrivacy with the height it provides but also various decorative options.The only disadvantage of this type of fencing is its price increases as the height of fencing increases.

3. PVC Fencing

PVC is the cheapest fencing to fence your yard.It uses PVC fences to replace wooden stakes and pickets,and also they are not nearly as sturdy,they can certainly serve their purpose.

4. Chain link Fencing

Chain link does not add much privacy but performs other basic functionsof a fence quite well.Chain link fences are very cheap, durable and have a little maintenance.

5. Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is now becoming popular in the market.There are three types of bamboo fencing: livebamboo,rolled bamboo, cane bamboo.Rolled bamboo and bamboo canes use poll link together that are bit sturdier than live bamboo. These bamboo fencings are durable and can resist bad weather.

6. Barbed and Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire fencing uses razor wire and has a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage of humans.Multiple blades of razor wire are built to inflict serious cuts on anyone attempting to climb the wall.Razor wire fencings are perfect for security purposes.

7. Wrought iron fencing

Iron fences are bothstrong and beautiful,they do require constant upkeep.If you want to maintain its beauty these fences need to be sanded and repainted once in two to three years. Iron fences are custom made so they are not available cheaply.

Some types of fencing posts and their installation

1. Square Timber Fence

a) Timber fence is designed to hold your fence panel in position whilst blending In between panels for a seamless look.

b) It requires low maintenance and can be customized according to the needs.

2. Round timber fence posts.

Timber fence posts are ideally used for boundaries on larger properties and pastures.They can be combined with wire mesh to provide a secure enclosure.

3. Concrete fence posts

Concrete fence posts may not be visually appealing as timber but they will endure any weather without any maintenance.Concrete fence posts require less maintenance.

Security gates and their operating ways

1. Automatic Swing gates

Automatic swing gates are operated using a remote or an access control panel.They are cheaper and easier to install.Automatic swing gates are installed where there is a space to swing the gate inward and outward direction.

2. Automatic Sliding gates

Sliding gates are installed on commercial sites in order to manage site access.They are used in openings wider than 25 to 35 meters butalso can be easily installed in smaller space, and are often used in spaces where a swing gate system would be obstructed(by inclined slope).

3. Tracked sliding gates

They slide along the groove that is set on the road.Sliding gates has the beam at the bottom of the gate with a set of wheels set into it.It allows the gate to move slowly.Sliding gates are difficult to use if the surface has slopes.

4. Cantilever sliding gates

Cantilever gates are suitable for safeguarding industrial,commercial and public convenience,where the road surface is rough and sloppy.These gates aremainly used where there is no support at the bottom of the gate.