Make your home to smart home

Looking to make your home little smarter? While there are hundreds of gadget or devices are available in the market which can transform your ordinary homeintoa smart home. To start building a smart home it depends on 3 things your budget, time & interest. The most basic definition of smart home is, any device or appliance connected to the interneta can be controlled by our smartphone or tablet or whose function are automated.

Most likely we have to choose and take one of the big four smart homeecosystems 1. Amazon Alexa 2. Google Assistant 3. Apple Home Kit and 4. Work with nest So how would we decide which smartphone ecosystem is actually best for you?

If you are going for Amazon or Google then mostly then you’re interested in getting a voice assistant smart speaker. Amazon’s own range is called Echo and its assistant is Alexa, Google’s series of devices is Home and its assistant is called Assistant. If you are an apple loyalist, then apple home kit is a perfect choice or you. You will be able to control everything from apple home app for ios your Apple TV, mac book, iPhone, iPad etc.

First choose, your Assistant.

Virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant,and Amazon’s Alexa make it easy to control your home gadget with voice command like “Alexa Turn onbedroomlight” each one have his strength or weakness. So choose wisely for which is more likely to work.

A) Choose your hardware.

After picking your virtual assistant now it’s time chooses a piece of hardware that will become your primary smart home controller.

1. Putting Your Assistant to Work (Alexa)

In this article, I have taken the example of the Amazon Alexa as a home hub. Alexa is a virtual assistant powering Amazon echo dot. To set up Alexa product you will need to download the first the Alexa App on your phone this app allows you to add “skills” to work accessories or increase your assistant’s set of capabilities.To find home accessories that are compatible with Alexa, look for a “Works with Alexa” logo on the packaging or in the product description.

2. Controlling Your Light

A wide variety of smart lighting is available in the market, where some require bridge (a device that connects with Wi-Fi router and takes to smart light) there are also some smart bulbs which come built-in Wi-Fi connection. Philips Hue Bulb is one who doesn’t require a bridge

3. Controlling appliances

There are many plug-in appliances like a fan, microwave oven, a coffee makerthat you probably wish were a little bit smarter. By plugging them into a smart plug, you use a personal assistant to do things like set a specific time for the boiler to heat water in the morning or switch the power on or off remotely.

4. Controlling Temperature

Thermostats aremust-have gadget for your smart home. The main advantage of this device is that it can detect when you are not at home and figure out when to shut off the heat or air-conditioning to preserve energy. Setting up with virtual assistant gives you an added advantage of being able to set temperature by just voice command, Nest is one of the beat trending smart thermostats in the market.