A/6 Ground Floor, D S Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Opposite SAI Services, Gandhi Nagar,Mumbai,Maharashtra-400018,IN
Our CompanyAmit Decor is the brain child of Mr. K. M. Gupta who has a vast experience of over 30 years in the industry of Office maintenance, Upholstery and Making of Furniture etc. We have specialized labour for all types of work in making, maintenance and repairs, each having a work experience of over 8 to 15 years. We pride ourselves with great work and higher levels of customer satisfaction so that our customers enjoy a good and healthy ambience even when they are busy working at their offices. We have superior understanding of consumer needs and develop products to fulfil them better.We have a team of well qualified personal and a disciplined management, which is outstandingly creative. We have attained thorough proficiency at providing total solutions and products for well designed and well furnished.Our VisionTo consistently deliver friendly finishes in our interior design concepts, execute & complete all projects in such a way to create an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their life style in harmony.We build and execute home interiors to perfection. From fabulous false ceilings, glamorous kitchens, stunning wardrobes to luxurious sofas. Our team of craftsmen and supervisors transform dreams into reality.Their thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients. These interior professional thus understand the client’s personal taste and like and deliver exclusive interior design solution in adherence to the client’s vision and ideas.Our MissionTo become known in innovative products.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Animi, laborumTo work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in interior execution.To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world class interiors and furnishings.DesignOutline is our energy! Our group of inventive inside planners work with you to understand the home you had always wanted. We work with diverse styles - Classical, Fusion, Modern, Industrial - to convey a home you can be glad for.QualityWe consider quality important, so truly that we just utilize the finest materials and completes in all our inside undertakings. The name Carafina remains for Quality & Perfection.ExecutionWe construct and execute home insides to flawlessness. From awesome false roofs, fabulous kitchens, shocking closets to lavish couches. Our group of skilled workers and managers change dreams into reality. Quality & Perfection.ObservationWe make beleive in creativity which all matters for us. We visualise the things befoe we make an attempt to start as we beleive in observing the things first before executing.