Is teak wood worth the price?

February 19,2021

Teak wood is one of the most expensive woods, it's very elegant and durable but is it worth it? Let's find out is it really worth it

Best Living Room Decorating Ideas

February 25,2019

You have a living space and want to bring it to life by decorating it creatively? this article is just written for you! So here are some cool ideas especially selected and handpicked for you. Go ahead and give your living room a new definition.

Innovative ideas for wall decoration

January 28,2019

In this article you get plenty of Innovative ideas for wall decoration and we're sure that you'll not only like it but also you'll decorate your walls and give them a new definition.

15 New creative furniture designs

January 17,2019

Furniture is the heart of any room. Painting the walls a certain color or playing with lighting will not make as much of a difference as would the furniture of the room. A well-executed concept of furniture can result in a timeless piece for your room which never goes out of style. Many times if yo...

15 Unusual Chairs you would not believe are real

January 09,2019

Working 8 hours every day and sitting on your seat shouldn't be awkward. By picking the best possible office seat, you can ensure that comfort are kept up for the duration of the day. But there are some unusual chairs you would not believe are real, you believe or not, but it's fact that they exist...

20 creative ways to lighten and brighten your living room

December 17,2018

What is this life? If we live it in black and white... So, just as it is important to add color to our life, it goes so with our homes as well. Light and color can surely help to lighten as well as brighten the mood of the entire home and help to give your home that unique character and personality...

How to soundproof your apartment in just 13 steps

November 30,2018

Over the last few years, our homes are being bombarded with noise which causes a disturbance in our day to day functioning. This noise may be in the form of construction work, your neighbor's loud music, or your walls may be so thin that you can hear everything that your neighbors are doing. This no...