12 Useful tips to maintain a modular kitchen

May 28,2020

Indian kitchens are home to a number of fast paced activities making it the busiest place in the home. In our busy schedules when we are running around to get the things done we long for speed and convenience, and that convenience is being provided to us today through the invention of modular kitche...

17 Amazing galley kitchen ideas

February 06,2019

A lot has changed today in the way we design our kitchens with a huge variety of kitchen spaces available today. The ‘galley kitchen' gets its name from the resemblance to the kitchen aboard a vessel called the ‘galley.' Today, a galley kitchen is adapting to a new found sense of space. You can try ...

17 Efficient low cost kitchen gadgets that you will want to try immediately

February 03,2019

One of the fastest and best ways to eating healthy is cooking your own meal which will help you get your budget under control. So to get your cooking going you need to stock up your kitchen with all the essential tools. Just like an army needs to be equipped with the necessary armory before the war ...

Fire safety systems

January 22,2019

Fire Safety In Kitchen

January 22,2019

The article gives ideas about fire safety ways in the kitchen. It tells how to keep and use kitchen appliances in the proper way. Provides knowledge about different fire safety tips for the children.

15 reasons why modular kitchen is important

January 20,2019

Today the concept of kitchens is changing, and modular kitchens have become more of a norm than an exception. A modular kitchen is not just about style and it goes much beyond it. They bring convenience, order and add a unique flavor to an urban household. A modular kitchen arrangement is nothing bu...

14 Kitchen trends for 2019

January 20,2019

If we talk about a few decades ago, the kitchen was the place which was hidden in the back house, a place where dirty dishes were washed and the food was prepared. But things are changing today, and you find that the kitchen is many times the main focal point of the house. As we can see that kitchen...

Natural Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

January 19,2019

Alkaline water advantage is not restricted to simply keeping us active, many cases stated where it might heal up a number of diseases. A few investigations can demonstrate that Alkaline water certain affects the body. Let's know some natural benefits of alkaline water.

40 Budget Friendly kitchen Storage ideas

December 31,2018

40 Budget-friendly kitchen Storage ideas give you the ways to arrange kitchen storage in a compact way. It provides us with knowledge about how recycled products can be used for kitchen storage. Readers will come to know about how to store kitchen accessories in proper ways.

The best dining table for you to fit in your home according to size and shape

December 23,2018

When choosing the dining table for your home, you need to keep in mind certain things like your budget, it should fit your space and should have a style that you will love for all the years. A good table is something which should last for at least 5 to 10 years. If you get something with too many fu...