Wall paints according to room sizes and types

October 18,2019

Confusion in choosing the right colors for matching your interiors? This is an ultimate guide to help you make the right choice. Colors play a major role, wise choices can make your home look neat, beautiful and elegant. Read Now!

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

January 28,2019

So, you’ve always taken into consideration yourself a creative character with a watch for décor, so a career as a home designer looks as if it would be a tremendous match! but, it’s important to understand which area to pursue, and what strengths and training are required for every role. interior d...

Time to give a big makeover to your small room

January 22,2019

Planning to give makeover your small home, there might be a number of option to redesign your home into a dream home. Use practical decorating idea and clever storage.

Great ideas for remodeling your bedroom in less than 1000 rupees

January 09,2019

Great ideas for remodeling your bedroom gives us the new trending ideas to decorate your bedroom. It tells us that how you can add storage in little space and also the lighting ideas to suit the modern needs.

A guide to bedrooms and its types

November 19,2018

A guide to bedroom gives ideas for different types of the bedroom and the ways to add storage in them. It gives us ideas about how to arrange and store furniture according to the requirements, room size and its types.

How to design a studio apartment like a pro

November 09,2018

Some awesome ideas for designing a studio apartment. These ideas and designs can make your studio look classy and cool. Some easy but very impactful ideas covered