Is teak wood worth the price?

February 19,2021

Teak wood is one of the most expensive woods, it's very elegant and durable but is it worth it? Let's find out is it really worth it

20 Amazing Lighting Ideas This Diwali 2020

October 21,2020

Looking out for lighting decor this diwali , look no further, Best lighting ideas to use at homes and offices this diwali. Amazing and easy diwali ideas to use

Why is interior design important

June 16,2020

The Greeks believed in beauty so much that they made a word to describe the same- ‘esthetics’. The word went through many different variations and today it came to be known as aesthetics. Aesthetics meaning concerned with beauty and appearance. We try to maintain these aesthetics, in our lives and o...

Bedroom designing ideas for Mr and Mrs newlyweds

June 15,2020

Just got married? And can’t wait to set up your new room together? Look no further, we have the perfect guide for you to design your bedroom. The wedding is the happiest day for every couple, in addition to weddings and wedding dresses, you will need a romantic bedroom decor to add more special mom...

New trends in home security systems in 2020

June 12,2020

The article gives you the trending ways to secure your home. It gives knowledge about home security through different apps how we can control different appliances, control security through cameras drone uses and many more.

How you can make your building houses earthquake calamities proof

June 11,2020

Basic construction principles need to be followed for building a house or skyscraper earthquake proof , natural calamities can be destructive , its better to be prepared for any damages

15 Best Furniture Markets in India

June 04,2020

Once you have managed to deal with the landlords, got your electricity and water supply sorted out for your apartment, you may think that you have got the worst behind you. But, that is not the case; you still need to shop for furniture especially if you have an unfurnished space or if you wish to r...

10 easy methods of rainwater harvesting systems

June 04,2020

Rainwater harvesting is something that can be implemented by any person who already has a house or is building a new house. You can adopt the measures by yourself or take the help of your plumber to install the system. We have shortlisted 10 easy ways to save rainwater, it's highly satisfying to sav...

Ways to protect ourselves and our homes during a cyclone

June 02,2020

Mumbai is going to get hit by Nisarga cyclone on Wednesday 3rd of June 2020. Here is an important checklist and practices to follow before and during the cyclone. By following this you will increase your safety during the cyclone.

12 Useful tips to maintain a modular kitchen

May 28,2020

Indian kitchens are home to a number of fast paced activities making it the busiest place in the home. In our busy schedules when we are running around to get the things done we long for speed and convenience, and that convenience is being provided to us today through the invention of modular kitche...