Ways to protect ourselves and our homes during a cyclone

June 02,2020

Mumbai is going to get hit by Nisarga cyclone on Wednesday 3rd of June 2020. Here is an important checklist and practices to follow before and during the cyclone. By following this you will increase your safety during the cyclone.

Difference between architecture and interior design

January 14,2019

Each and every building has a story to tell, and this story is closely embedded in the walls of the structure by the intricate work of both architects and interior designers. It is often seen that some people work in sync with each other creating a more functional, pleasant and appealing structure. ...

The Complete Beginner's Guide For Type of Plywoods

December 07,2018

The Complete Beginners Guide to Type of Plywoods. We all know that plywood is constructed of at least three thin coating of wood attached together with a glue. Each sheet of wood, or handle, is generally arranged with its grain running at right points to the nearby layer with the end goal to lessen ...

Building Materials which have changed the way of construction 2018

December 02,2018

A home is a place where one feels safe, secure and protected. This feeling of comfort is often associated with the people who reside with us under the same roof. However, this feeling has a broad spectrum. It not only includes the warmth and comfort which we receive from our loved ones, but also the...

The Insider Guide To Roofing and Their Types

November 13,2018

Roofing is said as the shell of the building. It covers the top part of the house, building & apartment which provides guardianship from animals and weather, especially rain or snow, heat, wind, and sunlight.

Necessary Safety Gears For Construction Sites

October 27,2018

Safety should be the primary concern on any job site, however, usually, employees fail to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) it's considered the defence or protection from the injuries for a worker from any job site. Employers must follow the safety measure to avoid accidents and prevent injur...