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The most luxurious train trip that you could dream of

The Venice Simplon Orient Express train is a train with a rich history with culture and heritage oozing out of it. It is truly a comfortable and luxurious experience with a beautiful getaway. The most famous route of the journey is from London to Venice. The journey runs up to five times in a month with the full journey from London to Venice which takes up to 2 days.

By |November 29,2018|Outdoor Décor, Canopies

The train began with an interesting story. It was started by the founder of Belmonde, James B Sherwood. In an auction held at Monte Carlo, he purchased two vintage train carriages. He recognized the desire for sophisticated travel among the Europeans and decided to start a luxury train, enabling the travelers to travel with style and elegance.

However, crafting such a kind of travel required the skills of expert craftsmanship, which was not very easy to obtain during those times. Luckily, he found a group of craftsmen who help in the restoration and creation of this luxury styled vessel. Following many years of restoration, the train was ready to roll out on the rails in the year 1982. The train was now ready to provide a peerless luxury journey for passengers from London to Venice.

The entire journey is truly breathtaking, taking you through rural French Farmlands and Swiss Alpine valleys. The complete journey takes a total time of about 24 hours to immerse and pamper yourself with true luxury and elegance. Throughout the journey, the passengers are treated to the highest quality of service. The train has a beautiful antique and vintage art décor, with comfortable accommodation and amazing entertainment and food.

The journey offers a truly memorable experience to any passenger who travels on this route right from the time they set foot in the train till the time that their journey is over. You can relax in this antique 1920s cabin enjoying an early healthy yet delicious breakfast and then whisk away on the plush sofas of your cabin where you enjoy the beautiful scenery.



All the cabins on board have been restored to the highest standards. Each cabin has a basin with both hot and cold water accompanied by clean towels and bed linen. Another unique feature is that for the ease of the travelers the cabin is converted by the crew into daytime and nighttime accommodation.

There are four different kinds of accommodation available for the convenience and suitability of the passengers. Cabins range from- grand suites, cabin suites, twin cabins, and single cabins.

Single cabins:

A single cabin is an ideal choice if one craves complete seclusion and privacy. It also helps to provide your own noise free and private cabin to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Twin Cabins:

The cabin acts as a privates seating room during the day and transforms during the night into a single and twin beds to give the passengers the peace and calm of tucking themselves in for the night. These cabins are private and not shared with each other. Further, each cabin has its private basin with 24 hours running hot water and cold water. Alternatively, the cabins may also be used as interconnected bedrooms.

Cabin Suites:

It truly enables the guests to enjoy pure luxury and space. During the day, the lounge provides comfortable seating and relaxation. Similar to the cabins it also transforms during the night into comfortable bedrooms with comfortable bedding and linen. You can either have two single lower beds or keep one cabin as your lounge, with upper and lower beds in the other cabin.

Grand Suites:

As the name suggests, the grand suite is truly grand and fabulous in each and every aspect. It features its own private bathrooms and shower, to add to the comfort and style there are facilities of double beds or single beds, and unlimited champagne for the guests to enjoy.

Luggage and other facilities:

The train with its comfort of being large and luxurious also comes with its restraints. The passengers have limited luggage space for their baggage. The permitted baggage or luggage that the passengers are allowed to carry includes a suitcase or carrier bag. Although, this carrier bag or suitcase is stored in the baggage car and is not accessible to the passengers till the end of the journey. Apart from the carrier bag, the passengers are also allowed to carry hand baggage with them. As the name suggests passengers are allowed to keep the hand luggage with them until the end of the journey.

Food and Drink:

All the passengers on the train receive complimentary meals which include- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These food items are specially curated by the chef to offer the guests with the perfect taste. Apart from the complimentary meals the train also provides special and additional food items at the request of the guests at an additional cost.

The food is of the highest grade and quality and the chefs use local as well as seasonal items to carve out the perfect dish. Drinks and a la carte options are also available to suit your personal needs and preferences. The breakfast is truly sumptuous and celebratory with a wide range of tempting items like fresh loaves of bread, smoked salmon eggs, truffles, and caviar to make the perfect morning breakfast.

The train also features a special champagne bar, which offers some of the finest qualities of champagne. The décor of the bar is also adorned with unique art interiors coupled with Lalique glassware to conjure the romance and the glamour of the twenties.

There are also options for an executive and private charter which gives you the ultimate flexibility of customizing every meal as per your own preferences. They also offer meals with a special menu at requests for group bookings or bulk bookings.


At the rear of this luxurious train is an onboard novelty shop. The shop consists of a wide range of novelty and gift items and accessories. It truly makes the experience and the memories of traveling by train that much stronger by purchasing a novelty item or memento to remember the journey by.

The shop includes various kinds of home accessories, ranging from original art nouveau brass table lamp and hand-blown French crystal. Plus, classically fashioned ladies’ and gentlemen’s accessories in luxury pure silk, cashmere and velvet.

Dress Code:

The passengers on the train are dressed in a very smart and classy manner and they make the most of the occasion of traveling through one of the most luxurious vessels of all times. Jeans are an unacceptable means of dress code. The dress code is smart casual during the day and smart evening wear.  Gentlemen on the journey are supposed to be dressed in a suit and tie and the females should be dressed of an equivalent style. 


The unique feature of this journey is that it is so planned that it allows the passengers to rest at night without missing out on the beautiful landscapes and scenic views of the journey. The journey is so designed that the train covers these routes during the day and not at night so the passengers do not miss out on anything.

The train offers a truly unique experience to every traveler by providing a unique experience of luxury, style, and finesse which makes it a journey truly worth remembering and cherishing.



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