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Ways To Add Storage To Your Kitchen

Kitchen storage Ideas gives the readers brief ideas about kitchen storage. It provides ideas to add storage to the kitchen according to the space available, and budget.

By |November 16,2018|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets

The kitchen is the place where the meals are prepared. Hence a lot of stuff is stored in the kitchen that includes spices, dishes, plates, jars glassware, pans etc. So if you do not store them properly, in your kitchen can be a complete mess. There are many ways to store your kitchen items in an efficient way according to budget, size of the kitchen, needs etc.  Here are some of the ways to arrange your kitchen wisely.

Some of the ways to add storage space to your small kitchen

 1) Install retractable drawers


Retractable drawers have hooks attached to the doors of the cabinet. They get closed when the door of the cabinet is closed and hence do not need any extra space for storage.

 2) Use your pantry storage

Organize your groceries by keeping similar food items altogether. Food items like spices, cereals, fruits which you use frequently, add them to the pantry storage.

 3) Create open shelves

The open shelves design is widely used in the kitchen today.  You can create open shelves on the kitchen walls. Where kitchen accessories like plates, pickle jars, glass bottles etc can be kept. In these shelves, dry food items can also be stored in the jars.

4) Use more vertical space.

If you have a smaller kitchen area, then you need to add more vertical space. Use pierced corbels to hang kitchen utensils on them. These corbels are perfect for large kitchen utensils. Add glass door kitchen cabinets for better looks and also for more storage in the kitchen.

5) Use All-in-one Cabinets.

All in one cabinet have the pull-out drawers and racks for additional storage. It needs around 1/4 of the normal pantry space.  In this cabinet, you can keep all your packed food items in one place along with glass bottles, jars etc.

6) Use Corner drawers

Corner drawers open up diagonally around the corners creating large space for storage. Here different plates, dishes, glass jars can be kept.

 7) Install pullout shelves                 

Pullout shelves are useful in keeping big pans and pots which are used in cooking. Trays which are used on these shelves slide in the vertical direction thus allowing the back tray to slide over.

8) Use tilted drawer

Use tilted drawers for storing napkins, sink brushes, sponges, burner caps etc. Tilted drawer opens in the forward direction allowing space to store small kitchen equipment.

9) Drawers under the kitchen sink

Use this idea when you have less storage space. In this structure, a cabinet can be added beneath the sink. Here you can add brooms, napkins the other cleaning stuff.

Ways to arrange kitchen storage in a small space

1) Hang the utensils

More vertical space can be added by hanging the pans and other kitchen appliances above the stove in your kitchen. This saves a lot of horizontal space and also all utensils and appliances will be available at your fingertips.

 2) Use Kitchen Island with storing space.


Add storing space to your kitchen island with lots of space to store kitchen accessories. Here we can add accessories like frying pans, crockeries, mugs etc.

3) Install wall racks


 Kitchen accessories like plates, spoons, plastic dishes and also dinner set can be kept on the wall racks. This will add wall décor to your kitchen and also it will create more storing space.

4) Add kitchen pallet

Kitchen pallet creates a perfect vertical shelve for keeping kitchen accessories like cups,  spoons, jars, knives etc. The pallet is used where the kitchen is very small.

5) Hanging shelf

Hanging shelf creates more space for storing as you can use space above and below the shelf surface. This shelf contains adjustable screws at the bottom to fix any jars or groceries etc.

6) Make use of side cabinet space

Hanging shelf creates more space for storing as you can use space above and below the shelf surface. This shelf contains adjustable screws at the bottom to fix any jars or groceries etc.

7) Ceiling height cabinets

Add wall ceiling cabinets in your kitchen to grow more vertical space. Here you can keep kitchen accessories and other groceries properly. Install these cabinets throughout the wall for more storage space.  Add glass doors to these cabinets to enrich the look of your kitchen.

8) Install pulling pantry

This pantry consists of two adjacent drawers that can slide over the countertop so that all utensils are available easily. Here maximum kitchen accessories can be added in minimum space.

9) Place crockery drawers

Add crockery drawers to your cabinet one below other for more storage. Crockery drawers contain movable pegs so that plates and dishes of various shapes can be fixed into it.

  10) Add floating shelf


Add floating shelve to store your dishes and glassware. On floating shelve, crockery jars, and other kitchen stuff can be added. Floating shelf saves a lot of horizontal space by providing more area vertically.

  11) Storage Above the window.


   You can create storage space above the window in the kitchen. Here we can add accessories which are not frequently used like glass bowls, decorative plates, and frying pans etc.

13) Pipe shelving

Place the pipe shelves across the sink in your kitchen to create the storage area. On this pipe, you can hang mugs, cookware, pans etc. By using these pipes space on the kitchen countertop will increase as most of these items can be hung on these pipes.


14) Crockery Drawers             

These drawers have adjustable rods so that various sizes of crockery can fit inside it. Its width and height can be adjusted according to the requirement.

15) Utilize every inch of the place

Use every inch of space when it comes to the kitchen storage. Add storage racks behind the drawers. Here you can add storage items like brushes, kitchen cleaners, detergents etc. For the convenient use add foldable doors for the trolleys so that you can add storage area.

16) Storage space above the fridge


You can add space for storing accessories like cutting boards, jars, decorative plates and many more above your fridge. You can install wooden frame storage cabinet above the fridge for efficient storage space.

17) Door side frames

   Create frames alongside the door to save the storage area in your kitchen. You can add accessories like vases, cookbooks, frying pans etc. To add artistic looks for your door frames make use of glass doors.

 18) Racks attached to cabinets


Storing the big plats and cutting boards in the kitchen can be a little tricky. so attach racks and hung them on one of the sides of the cabinet. One advantage of doing these is that the boards and the racks will be easily available when needed and also the space to store this item will get reduced.

19) Magnetic Racks


When the storage space is less, then every inch of space matters. In small space as the horizontal area is less try storing vertical way. For this fix magnetic racks on the wall near windows. Here you can store cutlery items like knives, spoons and many more.

 20) Toekicks drawers


 These drawers are installed beneath the kitchen cabinets. They are great for storing pans, glass bowls and fits perfectly no matter how short space is. You can also make use of small kitchen trolleys in these space. 

  21) Storage inside the door


 There is always some space inside the door for storage. Attach cardboard behind the doors so that you can store small accessories like measuring cups, cutlery items etc.

 22)  Storage between fridge and wall space


 There is always some small space between the fridge and the wall. Attach sliding small trolley so that you can create a small storage space. Add pickle jars, spoon jars in the small vacant place.

23)  Storage on the stovetop


After the cooking gets over then the space occupied by the burner is useless. You can cover the burner top space by cutting boards to add some storage space above it. 

24)  Nook Bench


They are a great option when the horizontal area available is very less. You can add storage space below the nook bench to utilize the space to store kitchen stuff. It serves as a dual purpose. 


25)  Magnetic jar strip


Use magnetic jar strip to add storage on the walls or on the cabinet walls. Place a jar strip on the cabinet walls so that all jars will get hung up reducing the space needed. 


   Store your kitchen accessories in the following way

1) Install electronics appliances in one-side of the wall

If you have the kitchen electronics items like microwave, oven, baking machine, mixer install them on one wall. As the electric wiring is concreted under one wall it will be easier for an electrician to do the wiring. 

2) Sink area

Appliances like dishwashers, tumble dryer etc can be kept beside the sink area. Having dishwashers close to sinking area is better because it makes easier to wash and dry the dishes in one place.

3) Dishes

Keep the heavy dishes on the lower rack of the cabinets and the lighter ones in upper rack for your kitchen cabinet or trolley.  By keeping the dishes in the cabinet racks according to their size will add a benefit that all dishes will be available with ease.

4) Store serving tools in a jar

Serving tools like spoons,  tongs, long spoons should be kept close to the drawer of the kitchen trolley.  If you want to save extra space put these appliances in one jar on the countertop so that you can access them quickly.

5) Knives Box

You can use wooden boxes to store the kitchen knives. Ensure one thing that these knives are completely dry before storing them.  Keep knife drawers that have variable sizes storing capacity so that you can store kitchen knives of variable sizes in them. Do not store knives in the drawers as it can damage the drawers track.   

6) Glasses

Wrap the glasses in the box delicately so that they will not break down. Keep in mind that do not keep any heavy accessories above the glass box to prevent glass from breaking. You can also keep this glassware in showcase hanging on the wall to increase the look of the kitchen wall.


7) Baking Sheets

Custom drawers can be made to store these baking sheets. Keep this baking sheets pan next to oven or microwave so that these sheets can be available easily when needed.

8) Colanders

Store these colanders right under the drawers where the plates are kept. If you have colanders with different size and shapes place them on the wall rack to save the space.

9) Food mixer and grinder

Keep the mixer and grinder on the appliance lift so that you need not have to bend down every time you use the appliances. Customized appliance lift allows you to store heavy appliances in lower cabinets.

These were some of the kitchen storage ideas. You can make use of these ideas that suits your kitchen the best.


 These were few of the ideas to store your appliances and accessories in your smaller kitchen. You can use a few of this ideas to maximize the kitchen storage area. 


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