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Time to give a big makeover to your small room

Planning to give makeover your small home, there might be a number of option to redesign your home into a dream home. Use practical decorating idea and clever storage.

By |January 22,2019|Interior Designer Services, Freelance Interior Designer
  • Create a focal point

All room has focal point for an eye-catching spot, many time head of the bed can be the focal point which we can increase in effect. While organizing the small room. You may also attract to the window as the focal point you can place the bed in front of the window so you can place other furniture.

  • Keep things open

Purchasing an attractive sofa with the best possible luxury nest for a small room is very difficult. So it is better to get small size bed or iron bed with visible headboard and footboard this will help you keep thing moving and thing open, so if in near future if you want to change your furniture you can easily change or move it

  • Organize your bed

You can organize your small bedroom in two ways: you can make it dark comfortable with a dark colour or you can make with light and hardly dress window such as white cloud sun yellow. Make decision wisely without risking too your money

  • Sneak the Storage

While the small bedroom is decorated, each and every square is important for us. While arranging a small bedroom, try to organize the furniture in a closet way. And try to keep wall space empty for hanging books

  • Opportunities for a small bedroom

Keep some interesting light, like a table lamp, sculpture, or aroma candle etc. headboard is a problem for a small bedroom. So to make the room look attractive you can use artwork to show off your friend’s family and visitors. Being small and personal space of your room so be wise and decorate home what you love.

  • Go for Soft Edge

Rounded edge furniture is one of the best spaces saviours for a small bedroom. That’s why it is highly recommended to decorate with rounded edge furniture because it takes less floor space, bed with a half circle, hidden storage and rounded circle is the best accessory for a small bedroom.

  • Smart Storage

As we are decorating small bedroom we have to be smart in selecting storage furniture to buy with drawer which also comes with shelves and install above extra storage with small bedroom this you can use multiple uses of storage. This helps you in save by cluttering the room

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