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The Ultimate Guide To Build Aquarium At Home

A fish aquarium is a beautiful addition to your home as well as to a relaxing ambience in the room. Whether you place in the bedroom, hall, dining room or lounge.

By |January 22,2019|Fish & Aquarium, Aquarium Decor

Here is some useful information on how to make a fish Aquarium:


Step 1: Type of aquarium you want.

We have to keep a few things in mind before we go and start purchasing aquarium and supplies, you need to know certain things about the fish community that would you like to keep. There is much fish who require more maintains their other fish. There is various kind of fish aquarium base on size, shape or style like goldfish tank, freshwater tank or saltwater tank. If you are planning the first time, then a goldfish tank or freshwater tank is the best option.

  • Fish that get along with other fish such kind of fish don’t require special water condition. They don’t need to be with other spices of fish.

  • Goldfish are best and they need cold water condition to beware not to keep in a place where there is heat. The digesting power is very good and efficiently, due to which the produce more waste,


Step 2: Preparing Budget For Your Aquarium.

  • The main cost is of buying the assets for the fish tank, but there are many other assets or food for fish, which can be feed to fish, for small tank we need minimum RS 2000 to Rs 4000 (19 to 37 litre). Saltwater tank is very costly (It cost almost 100 of the dollar) but you bargain in any sale or buy it from someone who sells online.

  • If you have received or buying used tank do make sure to check, cracks of the hairline and any faulty parts. Fill it all away and check if any if any leaks are there or not.

Step 3: Determine the size of the fish tank.

  • If you are planning to build the saltwater tank, then you will need a minimum 114-litre aquarium. The minimum size you can try is 75 litre or if you decide for the small tank then you can for 20liter also Large goldfish like comets will need at least a 100 gallon (378.5 litres) tank when full grown. Remember bigger is always better.

  • The surface is being most important in the aquarium because the surface area is where the gas exchange occurs.


Step 4: Let’s decide which and how many fish you want.

  • Let’s assume you are going for the 37-litre freshwater aquarium. Provide at least 3.7-liter of space per inch 2.5 inch of fish. So in a 37-litre tank, you could easily get ten fish in one tank at the size of one inch each.

  • Make sure fish can swim several times. 14cm fish would be uncomfortable in a little 37-litre aquarium.


Step 5: Go to local pet stores or look online for fish that appeal to you and to ascertain their suitability.

  • Let's do some research on those fish and see if they will be compatible in your tank. Not all fish can be kept in the same tank, even if they are all freshwater community fish, all saltwater fish,  or all cichlids (cichlid home environments differ, and each aggressive species' type of aggression differs and should be researched carefully).


Step 6: Plant for your tank.

  • To improve the water quality and ambience of the aquarium, the plant is the best choice to keep fish healthy and long life, in against it requires more maintenance and equipment like upgraded lights and some carbon dioxide. Before we choose the plant for aquarium we must know that plant is not appropriate for goldfish and also be careful that the plant doesn’t grow up and go beyond the tank.


Step 7: Place some immovable object into the tank.

  • Will you place them in caves or plant, fake plant, real plants, a pirate ship etc for fish? The best option is to create a rough sketch of your aquarium what will go inside.

  • The decoration is different for the fish aquarium so we have to be alert while decorating the fish aquarium. For starters, you can not grow plants in saltwater because the saltwater plant cannot grow in the freshwater plant.

  • Even rocks, coral, and substrate must be chosen with care to avoid harming the saltwater balance, so always take these matters into account when selecting the design elements.


Let’s Know Something about Aquarium Plants.


Growing plant and deciding that plant are appropriate for your tank we've listed the highest five tank plants that don't seem to be only stunning however very simple to grow.

In no particular order, my top 5 easy aquarium plants are:

  • Amazon Swords

  • Vallisneria

  • Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus

  • Cryptocoryne

  • Anubias

Amazon Sword:

Amazon swords get their mineral from their substrate. They love dirted tanks or soil-type substrates. For swords to do well, they are doing want further nutrients within the substrate like root label. Dirt and Ground-type tanks won't want root tabs if you've got recently started the tank, however, when a month about you may wish to start out often using root tabs. What I favour to try to is try Eco-full with root tabs. Swords are usually big in size and they are outside of the water since being sold, therefore it will be common for them to soften once you add them to your tank. however, don't fret as a result of they're going to grow back once they fit being submerged.



Vallisneria may be a long- growing aquatic plant that, if given a chance, will develop to six feet tall. Val feeds slim the substrate still because the water column, therefore it's al necessary to fertilize the water line with liquid manure like straightforward inexperienced and conjointly to use root tabs for substrate food. It will take it slow for Vallisneria spiralis to put in, however, once six weeks it'll begin computing quickly and might simply form of a jungle-type read in your tank.

Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus:

Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus will produce an analogous jungle-type look if allowed to invade. The fine stalk offers nice activity spots for fry and weakfish. This plant edges additional from water column fertilization, however, victimization root tabs can still facilitate it thrive.


Cryptocorynes, or crypts for a brief, are another nice and simple fish tank shrub. Like Amazon Swords, crypts normally soften once being further to a brand new tank, however, recover quickly once they need to be adjusted to the water chemistry. Crypts will generally be sensitive to forceful changes in water chemistry like massive ( > 75%) water changes however ordinarily come once they regulate. apart from those tiny problems, crypts will be terribly forgiving and build a fine looking foreground or midground plant.


Anubias square measure last on the list, however, square measure my personal favourite at the side of crypts. Anubias square measure slow growers however very hardy and forgiving. In fact, it may be a challenge to kill this plant simply because it is so hardy. For this reason, Anubias create nice low-light plants furthermore nearly as good plants for tanks that do not receive further fertilizers.

I hope this blog will help you out to make your own fish aquarium, do tell us in a comment if we miss anything

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