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This article tells us about workplaces over the world which has a great atmosphere to work with. The article gives knowledge about the facilities and infrastructure the company provides to its employees.

By |November 13,2018|Architectural Service, Architects For Commercial Office Space, It Parks,

What makes an organization a Top Place to Work are the leaders and the employees. The leaders really maintain and assist all the personnel and care about their accomplishment, not only while they are working there, but after they leave. This is something that is felt through management styles, perquisites, benefits, and the opportunities available. Employees must feel like they are part of a family, and it is certainly great to be part of a sympathetic environment where everybody really recognizes each other and is working towards a mutual goal. Everybody must support each other and also look out for one another.

Personnel looking to make a job change in the year ahead would do well to think through a gig with one of these companies. In 2018, contemporary offices will endure promoting some of these developments as well have an inclination towards human-centered strategy and liveliness as a theme. When it comes to offices, a fresh report tries to argue that, money doesn't always buy happiness. Conferring to “The Great Place to Work Institute”, a company devoted to investigating positive atmospheres, there are a number of aspects that regulate a pleasant work involvement, many not related to compensation. After inspecting around 350 cosmopolitan companies known for keeping their employees contented, the research firm assembled a list of 25 companies it says are the best places to work in the world.


It is no surprise that so many employees "like" working for Mark Zuckerberg, however, their motives go way beyond the salaries and paybacks or even the free food.

What we really perceive them appreciate most is the corporation's mission-driven philosophy, crystal clear management, and the detail that their work factually influences the lives of billions of people worldwide.

The social media stalwart has now made the list for eight successive years over the previous decade and has been at number1 a whopping three times.

There are disadvantages to every type of workspace. Workstations with high panels obviously are not liked by most employees. At the same time, enclosed offices and workstations with truncated panels don’t always work very well. Exposed spaces are loud and do not deliver the desired privacy. While enclosed spaces are usually valued better, they can distance staffs from their team members which is an issue, already predominant with employees working away from the headquarters. The images symbolize a digitally produces waterfall and it perfectly blends with the logo of the company

Creating a flexible, more active workplace can solve many of these issues by

• Encouraging the drive of people through the office and supplying access to natural light.

• Permitting employees to “regulate” their workroom experience through respectable ergonomics and comfortable seating.

• Associate people and their performance, with attention to physical and mental health and wellness.

• Permitting workers to work at home (or anywhere) by giving them gear to be mobile and operative where they are most creative.


With an enormous millennial and Gen Z population, offices need to cater to their working panache and requirements. Open-planned impressions with privacy pods shaped the perfect office design of 2017. In 2018, offices will combine eccentric and modern designs into their sites. The idea behind this is to bring co-workers together, help progress employee efficiency and attract fresher talent through vibrant themes and fun elements. Similar to the lines of breakout zones, unconventional spaces can encompass right from unintentional meeting spaces to bean bags, yoga mats, board games etc. Seating provisions and desks will be agile and flexible with an addition of versatile furniture. This will ensure tolerable storage and smooth functioning of work as well as DE clutter the area. Addition of peculiar colors and relaxed environment will be united to endorse synergy. NVIDIA offers a wide range of such liberty to its employees.


The organization trusts and sanctions its employees to do the best work they can. People here have a robust sense of independence and are individually impactful in their jobs. It’s a vast syndicate (publicly traded) nonetheless still has that small-company kind of impression to it when it comes to evolving relationships. While Autodesk not a start-up tech company, it certainly has more of that kind of milieu as contrasting to a legacy old school tech company environment. Individuals care about each other and administrators are flexible and depend on their employees to get the work done. The above image shows a workstation at the headquarters of Autodesk, it represents a perfect amalgamation of nature’s presence and also allows the person to work in harmony and have a great peace of mind.


The Google new office is intended to create an active and cooperative work environment that provisions the rising number of Google staff in London. As with many other Google offices internationally, the office has a strong local theme. Joe Borrett and Jane Preston from Google, working with the Scott Brownrigg Interior Design squad chose a theme of London-Brighton and as a consequence, many iconic essentials of both are combined into the office design.

It is little wonder that Google is one of the most desirable places to work in the UK. All the Google staffs are up for invention, intense ideas and they like to be challenged. We also recognize Google as a stern business and it demands efficiency, worth, and solutions that can support their business practices.

The initial impressions by visitors and staff had been extremely positive. The project fits well with top-notch real estate and HR strategy and will certainly help support the employee’s growth plans. The staffs foresee the work environment as a major recruitment factor in order to compete for the best talent and this new office certainly does that. The image depicts the recreational zone of the Google headquarters, it clearly portrays the well-being of an employee of Google. Leisure time can be spent in the meditation zone, where automated massage chairs are incorporated to release the stress of the employees


The culture and standards of an organization and the prospects that exist there are as noteworthy as the compensation and benefits packages.

Smart furniture with inbuilt electric sockets and charging ports will flourish. Sensor technology, cable management, and wireless screen-sharing options will permit workers to switch their eccentric working approach and enhance the sense of collaboration among fellow employees. Additional major development in workplaces can be the overview of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The new generation is arriving in the workplace atmosphere, and their prospects vary from their precursors. To maintain their attention and commitment, a workplace design is acute. This can help shape an organization’s performance. The year 2018 will aim to harmonize the environment, indorse wellness, and research with unique procedures to instill a sense of attachment.


SpaceX is a private company established in 2002 by Elon Musk. The enterprise has more than 6,000 employees at its headquarters in Hawthorne, CA; launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL; Kennedy Space Centre, FL; and Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA; a rocket development facility in McGregor, TX; and offices in Redmond, WA; Irvine, CA; Houston, TX; Chantilly, VA; and Washington, DC.

SpaceX has suppliers in all 50 states. As one of the world’s fastest rising benefactors of launch services, SpaceX has held over 100 missions to its manifest, representing over $12 billion on contract. These comprise commercial satellite launches as well as US government missions. SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is flying frequent cargo resupply assignments to the space station under a series of Commercial Resupply Services contracts. In January, Musk broadcasted the plan to launch as many as 4,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit. These satellites will form a communications constellation proficient of providing fiber-like speeds to patrons all over the world, which may permit the company to undercut existing broadband prices. SpaceX Redmond may one day accommodate as many as 1,000 engineers and aerospace experts, but today it's got about 60 people working there, according to Washington state government officials. The incorporation of various fascinating structures have created a sense of interest amongst the people working there

Mckinsey & Company

This is an astonishing, special place that really cares about their employees, patrons, and community alike. There are strongly fortified to give back to the community. Workers have several opportunities to do the best work of their careers, be documented for it in advance. Being creative and offering solutions that really help the company be successful, are one the motives of 6-sigma principles which is incorporated amongst the employees. Most importantly everyone looks forward to coming to work every day, working with our delightful community and doing nourishing yet challenging work. Employed away from the office – whether part- or full-time – is here to stay. Organizations want it and employers can benefit from it monetarily, particularly in the present economic climate. The trial is for corporations to put in place office environments that sustain their culture and substitute the “glue” that connects employees while supporting flexible, dynamic work elucidations.

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