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Impact of workspace design on employee productivity

Workstation design may be left out in relation to analyzing the reasons of low productivity. A properly-deliberate workspace can make it easier for employees to complete tasks quickly and successfully, work together extra collaboratively and creatively, and feature a wonderful effect on their fitness, wellness, and engagement.

By |February 02,2019|Office Furniture, Furniture Sets

In modern age phrases, a workplace commonly refers to the area in which white-collar workers are employed. As in step with James Stephenson, “workplace is the part of a commercial enterprise organization which is devoted to the direction and coordination of its numerous sports”. nowadays, corporations need to recognize the significance of the work pressure of their organizations and need to pay greater attention to the requirements of the personnel. In that context, agencies want to pay more attention to the arrangement and designing of the work vicinity. Virtually it has to be arranged in a favorable way wherein employees are inspired enough to carry out nicely in the business enterprise. The workplace environment has an instantaneous effect toward the employees’ productivity each positively and negatively. If the place of work environment can arrange in a better manner it will contribute to growth the productiveness of the employees. However on the other ground whilst the arrangement of the workplace environment is not as much as a popular it will decrease the employees’ productiveness. Better consequences and improved productiveness is thought to be the result of higher workplace surroundings. Higher bodily surroundings of the workplace will raise the personal and in the long run improve their productiveness. The majority spend fifty percent in their lives within indoor environments, which significantly have an effect on their intellectual reputation, actions, talents and overall performance.

Physical workplace layout is one of the top 3 factors, which have an effect on overall performance and activity satisfaction. The have a look at outcomes showed that 31 percent of working people were satisfied with their jobs and had a desirable place of work environments. 50 percent of working folks had been searching for jobs and stated that they might select a job in a corporation where the physical environment is right. According to Boles et al. (2004), while there is a proper workplace environment, it enables in reducing the variety of skiving and thus can growth the personnel’s productiveness with a view to ends in the growing overall performance of the organization. In line with boles et al. (2004), when the personnel’s are physically and emotionally have the choice to work, then their performance results will be elevated. But maximum of instances pinnacle control of the organization do not comprehend favorable and healthful arrangement of the place of job surroundings which generate staffs’ physical and emotional desire to work. Therefore it's far required to provide careful attention to designing the place of business environment into the volume to which employees are stimulated to perform higher inside the organization.

Office Design Philosophy

A widely conventional assumption is that better place of work environment produces higher consequences. Broadly speaking the workplace is designed with due significance to the nature of the process and the individuals which can be going to work in that office. The overall performance of an employee is measured truly through the output that the individual produces and it's far related to productiveness. At the company stage, productivity is suffering from many factors including workforces, current time and targets of the company. It is also depending on the physical surroundings and its effect on health and employees’ performance

Design and satisfaction of employee:

Workplace design may be described in various approaches. Workplace environment can be defined in phrases of physical and behavioral additives. Each workplace has its own particular office layout thoughts, desires, and necessities that standardized sizes regularly can't accommodate. The place of business or office these days is a result of consistent improvements that have been designed to make the place of job/workplace an efficient environment. However, the world of work maintains to trade, and the design factors that when had been helpful are including much less value than they once did

Relation of productivity

Productivity may be described because of the state or exceptional of being efficient. Productivity is a meaningful measure of the efficiency of production. It is able to be expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used within the manufacturing method, i.e. output in keeping with the unit of input. Productivity is that which humans can produce with the least effort. The accelerated useful and organizational overall performance, such as first-rate. Productiveness is a ratio to a degree how nicely an employer (or individual, industry, United States) converts enter resources (exertions, materials, machines etc.) into items and services. In this example, considering overall performance growth as when there may be less absenteeism, a fewer employee leaving early and fewer breaks; while in a factory setting, growth in overall performance may be measured by the number of gadgets produced consistent with the employee in line with an hour. on this take a look at, subjective productiveness measurement approach is used. Subjective overall performance measure as an indicator used to assess people’s aggregated perceptions, attitudes or assessments toward a corporation’s service or product. Subjective productiveness information has usually accumulated the usage of survey questionnaires. Subjective information can also be descriptive or qualitative accumulated by way of interviews. Subjective productiveness facts are accrued from personnel, supervisors, clients, clients, and providers.

Office Design and Productivity

Right office design will without delay have an effect on employee’s morale and engagement together with your business. Make some simple modifications or maybe huge ones and you can improve all regions of your commercial enterprise. These days, businesses are compelled to appearance more difficult at what affects their consequences, to optimize each system and to make the maximum of their sources. One such influence is office design which performs a massive part in the productiveness, morale and the overall lifestyle of an emblem. Experts in this discipline verify that workplace layout immediately impacts employee fitness, well-being, and productivity in the workforce. Although many people can also recall that an office is an easy area wherein we perform certain tasks, there are numerous factors influencing the highest quality overall performance of this location. Incorporated, properly-deliberate workplace design and paintings space drastically influence the productiveness of your personnel. Critical factors, along with the architecture, lights or furniture and additionally the enterprise of your laptop are important to the performance of the various task features that each worker includes out on each day foundation.

There are some elements, which affect productivity consistently with their significance.

The elements are sequenced based totally on the importance: fixtures, noise, flexibility, comfort, Conversation, lights, temperature and the friendly atmosphere foster an open communication channel. a coverage employer in a study revealed that the fine ergonomic furniture progressed overall performance by using 10 to 15 percentage.

Essentials of Modern Office Design

Furnishings- the movable articles, as tables, chairs, desks or cabinets, required to be used or decoration in a house, workplace, or the.

Noise- a loud or unpleasant sound should be downgraded.

Temperature- the diploma or intensity of warmth found in a substance or object, particularly as expressed in keeping with a comparative scale and proven with the aid of a thermometer or perceived with the aid of touch. And temperature should be controlled.

Spatial arrangements- the belongings possessed via an array of factors that have space among them.

Design factors which directly impact the productivity

1. The pleasure of employees closer to space and centers furnished

The actual physical format of a workplace is extremely essential with regards to maximizing productiveness

2. Cordial association with superiors at the office

Superiors act as advocates for staffs, amassing and distributing the sources wished by means of the employees so as to do an awesome process and imparting positive encouragement for an activity nicely executed.

3. Equal treatment at the work

Treating personnel equally at their office area motivates personnel to do their work with a complete hobby in their work environment

4. Conveyance of work and environment factors

Organizations have to offer a welcoming and at ease, workplace to work. Maximum of the employees agree that environmental elements along with temperature, lights and airflow will not impact on health.


Workplace environment plays a critical function in encouraging personnel to perform their assigned work efficaciously. When there is a favorable workplace surroundings employees are motivated to carry out their project efficiently and effectively which leads to boom the productivity of the employees and finally productiveness of the enterprise may also growth. Maximum of times top control of the companies do not understand the benefits of the proper work environment and they trust most effective cash can use as a motivator. However, that is incorrect. It needs to take attention that at the favorable association of office environment as a way to acquire the most contribution of the employees.

In line with the findings, it was observed that there is an excessive (enormous) courting among the workplace layout and the employees’ productivity. Under the factors of office layout furnishings, noise, lighting, temperature, and spatial arrangements, spatial arrangements have an excessive impact on the staffs’ productiveness. Thus, greater interest has to be supplied on the spatial arrangements.

Sooner or later, its miles concluded that most of the instances the workplace environments are unsafe and bad. So workplace layout must be done in a cautious way otherwise personnel gets pissed off and they will no longer carry out at their nice. Thus, employees’ productivity will lower and consequently organizational productivity will be reduced. It changed into discovered that nice and favorable workplace places need to be provided with a purpose to boom the productiveness. Consequently, employees’ are satisfied sufficient and perform properly inside the employer which ends up in the fulfillment of the company.


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