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How to soundproof your apartment in just 13 steps

Over the last few years, our homes are being bombarded with noise which causes a disturbance in our day to day functioning. This noise may be in the form of construction work, your neighbor's loud music, or your walls may be so thin that you can hear everything that your neighbors are doing. This noise disturbs the peace of the home and in the long run, reduces the quality of life. Soundproofing is an excellent tool for making a better change in your life, improving the quality of your life and helping you to feel relaxed and refreshed.

By |November 30,2018|Living Room & Reception, Wall Shelves & Ledges

This sound can travel in between rooms in two ways:

  • Through the air OR
  • Through the structure

Therefore, it becomes imperative to recognize the medium through which this sound may travel and then adopt the necessary measures to minimize the impact of this unnecessary noise.

Through the air: For example, sound traveling through air is comparatively easier to understand since any gaps such as outlets, switches, gaps under the doors, ducting, etc., act as sound transmission paths.

Through the structure: It is more difficult to track the sound traveling through the structure. Sound can vibrate through the walls, the ceiling or the floor.

There are many simple as well as permanent solutions available, depending upon your budget, which will help you to round up a quieter household.

13 easy ways to soundproof your apartment:

1.Cover the Walls:

When sound travels from one room to another it usually bounces off on hard surfaces, whereas soft surfaces are better to absorb the noise and sound. There may be different solutions that you may wish to adopt such as using soft fabric materials like cotton, felt or foam. However, these materials although effective take away from the aesthetic appeal of the home. In this context, an alternative to the same would be to apply decorative fabrics or pieces of art which will preserve the aesthetics of the place as well as effectively help to reduce the impact of the noise.


2.Throw down some rugs:

A rug helps to add an extra layer to the apartment. It can help to tone down the noise coming from the neighbor’s apartment or even from your own apartment from one room to another. When experimenting with rugs for the apartment it is advisable to add ones with zigzag patterns or intricate designs, since these patterns are more effective in absorbing the sounds. Using rugs in homes with cold climate or weather typically helps to add an antique look to the place and add some extra warmth to the home.


3.Making use of draft guards and door seals:

It can so happen, that a small crack in the door may cause no obstruction to the noise and allow it to enter freely into the home. In this situation, it is better to cover up that hole by making use of a draft guard or a door seal which also help to add some insulation, not only blocking the unwanted sound but also blocking any kind of hot air or cold air depending upon the weather.


4. Add door curtains:

After making use of draft guards or seals and completely sealing any kind of gaps in the front door in the house, it is also possible to add door curtains which will act as a further layer of insulation in blocking any unwanted noise in the house. These can also add to the aesthetic appeal of the home by adding a unique touch and some extra color and personality to the house.


5. Modify your windows:

While purchasing your house, if you are aware that it is prone to an area with a lot of sounds, you may opt for soundproof glass for the windows. In case you have already purchased regular glass-based windows you can also modify the same by adding window inserts. So, what exactly are these window inserts?

They are clear panes of glass or acrylic that you install over your existing windows. They're designed to create an airtight seal that reduces outside noise by 50 percent or even more.


6. Replace your doors:

Doors used today are not like the ones that used to be before. A wooden door is your best friend when it comes to blocking any kind of unwanted sound. It has a huge surface area and thick composition is an ideal choice for blocking any unwanted noise. Further, while purchasing a home you may also add a double door which will easily absorb the sound.


7. Add and fill up a bookshelf:

If you are sharing a loud wall with your neighbor you may push a large bookshelf towards the shared wall. The larger the size of the bookshelf the lesser amount of sound will get in. Do not leave any open space in the bookshelf since it easily allows the sound to penetrate through. If you are facing the problem of shortage of space, you may also add some old textbooks and magazines to cover up space.

8.Insulate your walls:

This is not very costly and expensive and will also help to effectively block the sound. You may also add insulation between studs or joints or double up on the walls. This is possible in case of purchasing a new home or even when you are carrying out the renovation of your home. This is suitable especially for musicians as it gives them the liberty to play their music freely without any kind of hindrance or hesitation.

9.Hang curtains and tapestries:

It is not always necessary to add bulky furniture to your apartment and give the house a cluttered image. You may also add soft, thick fabrics to your entire homes, it can be in the form of rugs, top to floor curtains or tapestries. This fabric can help to tone down the noise from the surroundings.


10.Rearrange the things in the apartment:

The frustration of not being able to efficiently block the noise may lead to a constant state of irritability. Sometimes, rearranging the things of the apartment can help to reduce the noise of the apartment. You may position the television on the shared wall so as to tone down the noise with the help of the sound of your favorite television program or you may also wish to reposition your bed to the opposite side of the wall from where the noise originates.

11.Acoustic panels:

Acoustic panels may be of different types such as boards or fabrics which you can easily add on the walls. This acts as an effective tool for bouncing off the noise which may be entering from the outside. A solution was thus created by Residential Acoustics. Their Acoustic Door is a retractable panel designed to slash the amount of noise that transmits through an entrance, like your bedroom door, by 30 decibels. How does it work? Inside each panel is a dense 25-pound core made up of sound muffling materials.


12.Soundproof curtains:

Curtains in general, help to add extra layers to the home thus absorbing the unwanted noise. Another more effective means of blocking the sound may be to use soundproof curtains. So, what exactly is a soundproof curtain? An Acoustic Curtain was developed by Residential Acoustics. The curtain is made up of thick material which weighs almost 15 pounds. This type of curtain can be easily customized to fit the dimensions of your home. Further, you can also customize the color and fabrics so that it matches the décor of your home.


13. Work on the floor:

Sometimes, the noise may originate from the apartment below your own. Floor joists are something that is shared with the rest of the structure. You may add layers to the floor by placing a rug or a mat. For a more permanent solution, you may add a specially designed rubber dampening layer and then a layer of subfloor.

Here were some easy and some permanent ways to easily block the unwanted sound from your apartment. Soundproofing the apartment is important since it helps to protect the privacy of your home. Without soundproofing, it becomes impossible to hear conversations or to carry out the tasks of the home in a smooth and uninterrupted manner.

It also helps to avoid any kind of disturbance which may be caused while hosting guests or a party at home. Further, effective soundproofing helps to improve the quality of lives of the individuals at home. Too much of noise is bad for the environment as well as for humans, so soundproofing acts as an effective tool of minimizing the effects of excessive and unwanted sound.

Lastly, soundproofing helps to make your life more comfortable, relaxed and private without anything disturbing the peace and calmness of your home.

So, are you also troubled by unwanted sound?  Adopt these easy techniques to provide an easy, yet effective way of easing you of your troubles and helping you to lead a comfortable life in a noise free environment.


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  • AnonymousThu Nov 2018

    Wow this was really easy to do . Didnt know this easily could sound proof the house

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