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Ways to protect ourselves and our homes during a cyclone

Mumbai is going to get hit by Nisarga cyclone on Wednesday 3rd of June 2020. Here is an important checklist and practices to follow before and during the cyclone. By following this you will increase your safety during the cyclone.

By |June 02,2020|Protective Gear, Flagging & Caution Tape

Planning before the cyclone. Checklist

It’s very important to plan before the cyclone strikes, you wouldn’t get time to think later.


1)If you are living in a low line area, where water will get logged quickly, decide with your family which place will you go in case of an emergency.

2)Follow the instructions given by your local government bodies, in the case of Mumbai follow BMC authorities and the state authorities.

3)Check your roof, walls and tiles. Repair them before the cyclone or at least cover them with something sustainable like a thick plastic sheet.

4)Check your windows, make sure they close perfectly and the locks work

5)If there is any danger of a tree branch falling over your house, get that trimmed.

6)There could be a power cut, charge your power banks (portable battery) for your mobile devices. Keep them charged and use it only for emergency.

7)Keep a radio which works on battery, for communication during a power cut.


During the cyclone

Staying alert is the key to safety.

1)Turn of all the appliances, gas line. In case you are in an impacted area, a power cut could damage your appliances.

2)Take care of your neighbours as well, make sure they receive the important communication and that they are safe at their home.

3)Stay calm, make sure your children are calm and staying comfortable

4)Wear suitable clothing, be prepared in case of an evacuation

5)Keep all your family members gathered in your strongest part of your home

6)In case the storm gets destructive and if you see your housebreaking down take shelter under a strong table or a heavy mattress.

7)Stay indoors, do not step out of your home before everything is clear

8)Be prepared, the mobile network may not work

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