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How to easily optimise your kitchen space

Small kitchen? No problem, you can still be a master chef or a baker in your kitchen. You must be wondering how that is possible. We will help you design a smart kitchen with foldable furniture which will help you optimize space and make the most of your kitchen. When you talk about a small kitchen, storage is one of the most important elements. You need to be smart about it and optimize each little space, reorganizing any small area and adding extra solutions whenever necessary. It is important to keep in mind the efficiency and convenience even in a small space. While designing your kitchen, especially in a small space, you need to make sure that you make the most of every nook and corner, but at the same time, you do not have to cram up space.

By |December 01,2018|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Cabinet Stackers

If you are designing or deciding to remodel your kitchen you may consider any of these solutions to design that perfect kitchen you want:

1. Add portable storage space:

Your kitchen is placed requiring ample storage space from utensils to cutting boards to the stove, fridge and even a washing machine sometimes, there is always need for more and more space. You can easily create more space in your kitchen by adding a portable storage space. You may consider a kitchen trolley on a coaster which offers extra storage for cookery books, pots, and pans.  You can also use it as a handy tool for food and drinks when you are having guests over.

2, Don’t let any space go waste:

To make the most of any space that you may require consider having a small workstation which provides extra workspace and also acts as a useful worktop for the preparation of any food.

3. Install a floor to ceiling cabinetry:

When planning to install cabinets you may think of doing it vertically rather than horizontally.  You may also continue your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, but make sure to ensure that you do not cram up the entire room. You may store the items that you do not require very frequently in those high cupboards.

4, Hang pots and pans:

You may also use the alternative of hanging pots and pans in your kitchen rather than taking up that precious storage space in the kitchen cabinets.  You may opt from Command hooks (available easily on Amazon for about 350-400 rupees), to hang the clunky pots and pans. These can be arranged from hanging the biggest items first followed by medium-sized and finally the small sized items.

5. Display your cutting boards:

In case your cabinet gets too cramped up by the huge kitchenware items you can also display your cutting boards.

#Tip: To make the cutting board look more stylish you can get cutting boards with fancy colors and also match it on the kitchen with some bowls so that it does not seem like the cutting board is just hanging isolated in the middle of the kitchen.

6. Install storage under the benches:

A bench attached with a breakfast table can take up way less space as compared to chairs and you may also add storage with seat cushions which act as an extra storage space for your home and also your kitchen.

7. Add a folding kitchen island:

Every kitchen may not be big enough to accommodate an entire kitchen island, in that case, you can always opt for a folding one. This island acts as a handy when you require some extra storing space and when you do not require it you can easily fold it and store it away behind the kitchen door.

8. Folding chair:

A folding chair can truly be one of the most useful pieces of furniture for your ideal kitchen. It can act as a great space saver and be used whenever required. It can be easily folded and stored behind the door of the kitchen or any other place in the house. Thus, you can easily enjoy the comfort of your chair in your kitchen without having to worry about the additional space that it will occupy.

9.Folding table:

Folding tables are extremely common not only in small homes but also in big homes.  This is because you never really know when you may require that extra counter space, so it is always good to make a provision for the same.  Nowadays, foldable tables come with various designs and patterns so you can easily experiment with it to match your perfect décor.  Thus a foldable table can be one of the best choices you make with a sleek and slender foldable table.

10.Folding wall grill:

In case you are someone who is fond of barbeque or preparing that perfect grilled steak or grilled food items for your family, look no further. You need not to hold yourself back anymore and you can easily experiment with a wall mounted wall grill. It can be easily mounted on any side. A wall grill is not only great for kitchens but also an excellent choice for decks and balconies.

11. Try a drop leaf table:

If you yearn for a kitchen with an eat-in, but you don't have space for a large table. The leaves can easily flip up which gives everyone their own spot for dinner. An added advantage is that the center of the table can add as an extra space for preparation for all other times.

12. Take over an empty wall:

You can also add extra shelf space which offers a ton of flexible storage, but, you need to add some extra effort to make it look stylish and not crammed up. A wall dedicated to giving a purposeful design statement rather than adding a cart which may clutter up your kitchen. 

13.Adding silverware trays in your drawers:

To optimize more space in your kitchen you can experiment with the drawers by adding more layers to it. By adding one extra layer with compartments gives you an ample amount of space to store your everyday kitchenware stuff or even your good silver in the same place.

14. Add open shelves:

Wall cabinets can certainly take up space and encroach upon the openness of your kitchen making it feel more cluttered. Open shelving can make a huge impact on a small kitchen by creating an open and airy feel. However, be very careful to not add too many open shelves since it will surely take away from the open and airy feel.


15. Add storage helpers:

When you look at your kitchen, your cupboards and drawers are your biggest storage resource, but you may not be optimizing its usage.  Internal storage solutions make the most of the storage space that you have. You may think about adding wire racks that pull out of corners or slim cupboards, some plinth drawers, or using drawer dividers for utensils, spices, pans or plates.

You can boost your storage further by coming up with a more mobile solution such as a trolley, or think about popping baskets or containers on top of your wall cupboards – just keep a sturdy stool nearby so you can reach them.


16.Supersize the sink:

It may so happen that your small kitchen does not always have the space to accommodate a dishwasher. In that case, finding a double sink can be a great option where you can keep one bowl for washing and the dirty dishes on the other side.  That way you’ll have somewhere to stack mucky prep kit and plates out of sight, and without cluttering up the work surface.

17. Turn every corner into a storage space:

Be very clever and identify places where you can easily stack away your kitchenware. It can be in gaps of shelves, back of the cupboards, below the sink, unused corners, and window sills. You can also think of relocating the items which are not in your everyday use but you do not wish to throw out anywhere else in the house. You can add a utensil rail or a magnetic knife board, hooks on the size of the cupboard, or racks over the door. For that extra shelf, you may also add extra shelves across corners or alcoves.

18.A pantry cabinet:

To save some extra space and yet add smart storage your kitchen you can also add a pantry cabinet with a roll-out shelf to make it much easier to reach out to things in the back of the cabinet. A roll-out cabinet can make excellent usage of the extra few inches next to your fridge.


Kitchen storage space is always at a premium and it is definitely true in case of a small kitchen. But fortunately for now, if you have a smaller kitchen, it does not necessarily mean that you have to struggle to fit things in. In case you are designing your kitchen you can easily use these 18 easy solutions to optimize the space and create your perfect kitchen.



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