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How to design a studio apartment like a pro

Some awesome ideas for designing a studio apartment. These ideas and designs can make your studio look classy and cool. Some easy but very impactful ideas covered

By |November 09,2018|Interior Designer Services, Interior Designing For Residential Project

There are complicated design encounters, and then there’s reckoning out how to embellish a studio apartment. How do you even fit a living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one room and still have scope to breathe? While beautifying a studio requires a bit more imagination, preparation, and editing, the end outcome is well worth the additional effort. To plan out how to make the most of a studio apartment, we have enlisted some of our favorite concepts. Take a look at these studio design ideas and space-saving resolutions, from easy accompaniments that can make an apartment feel larger to revamp designs that will alter the entire studio flat. Put them to a grind and you might catch yourself asking, "Why would anybody need multiple rooms?"

Use a bookshelf as a room partition

With the frankness of a studio apartment, occasionally it is problematic to establish a distinct floor plan. A pronounced method to do this is to sculpt out an area in your studio with a hefty piece of furniture like a bookshelf. In this instance, they're using a tall shelf to block off some space for a home office. Tactical furniture appointment is the name of the game when designing a studio flat, and you’re going to have to differentiate amongst rooms one way or another. Might as well make those partitions earn their keep – a bookcase, for illustration, delivers great storage and space parting.


Raised curtains

Curtains and drapes are one of most decorative window treatments and these terms are usually used interchangeably as a complete length panel of material. Drapes add an extreme personality to your space, which helps in transforming a room in the form of lush velvet or breezy sheers. While being decorative, they also block or filter light and are usually lined for thermal insulation. Often hung high near the ceiling and draped close to the outer edges of a window, drapes can definitely make both the room and the window feel larger than what they really are. Drapes can become a perfect companion when paired with several other window treatments such as the “timeless” wood blind, a rustic woven wood shade or an insulating cellular shade. Drapes are the dessert of window treatments

Curtains are more of an add-on to your current window decor. They’re usually a thinner fabric and are used more often used for aesthetics than privacy. Curtains are most commonly used on extremely huge window areas such as bow or bay windows and create an extravagantly elegant look.

If someone is looking for a more unique window decor option, then we might suggest you decorative film. There are a plethora of options for different design options for a window film.

You can definitely achieve the look of classic stained glass or if you want more privacy you can go with a frosted film. Colored window film is also an extremely amazing window decor idea because it adds some flare and character to an otherwise plain and boring part of your home that is the clear glass of your windows. Not only does window film add to the aesthetics of your home, but it also helps block out unwanted ultraviolet rays to help keep you healthier and your furniture from fading. If someone seeks for a more permanent option, they can choose to have decorative glass installed on the windows instead of just a film. Window grids are another awesome option which decorative glass-based feature one can is have installed on their windows.


Shades are lowered or raised by a unique cording system or by using a spring component. Very often, blinds and shades are used interchangeably for the sake of ease. Shades are an astonishing window decor piece solely because they offer a sleek and clean look. Most of the studio apartment owners are impending towards a modern design and shades are used to offer just that. Plus, you can even have automatic shades installed that can be opened and closed with a remote control or even your smartphone. Some popular styles of shades include Roman, honeycomb, and roller shades. A clear favorite for window decor is to hang treatments such as shades, blinds or curtains in your windows. They provide privacy and style. Plus, there are almost endless options to choose from when dealing with blinds or shades.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

One of the most commonly implied methods for making a room appear larger is to introduce reflective surfaces that give a façade of an expanded space. In this small bedroom, the mirror wall art behind the headboard as well as a shiny laminate on the wardrobes can achieve that purpose.

Large mirrors can be used to decorate small studio flats for adding a sense of depth. The larger the mirror, the more of the room you see in the reflection.


As a replacement for using flooring like ceramic tiles, granite or marble, make use of laminated flooring or rug. It is not advisable to use ceramic tiles as it will only make your floor cold. There is also a chance that you might slip if you use ceramic tiles. If at all you already have cold flooring in your bedroom, put a carpet near your bed.

Laminated floors are a huge trend these days, various types of wooden flooring are available, for instance

Hand Scraped Flooring, High Gloss Flooring, Underlay Flooring Accessories.

A rug which contrasts with the laminate of your bed will elevate the look of your bedroom.


Wall art

Some people opt to use wallpapers or have the wall artistically painted with a unique texture.  Wall art is available in template form and is bang for the buck. Old walls can be sprayed with livelihood by using such templates as shown in the image. You can save on wall decor by painting it with plain warm colors and place beautifully framed pictures and paintings.

Avoid overcrowding

One key to avoiding a studio from feeling restricted is dealing with the mess. This comprises outmoded clutter like heaps of mail or stacks of magazines, as well as visual clutter such as too many appliances on the counter or seats stuffed in the vicinity of the main table.

Create a walk-in closet

If you think your storage options are limited to plastic bins hidden beneath your bed, think again. Even a studio can have a walk-in closet (albeit a slim one). California Closets added a 40-inch-deep walk-in closet in the 400-square-foot Manhattan studio of interior designer Julia Haney Montanez by installing two walls and built-in storage.

Edit the unwanted

Predominantly mutual between city dwellers, the studio flat is a property type becoming progressively widespread. Living in an open-plan studio apartment, packed with radical storage and robust with the modern trends and decorations is the vision of many. However, living in such a small area can be tremendously problematic, so it’s no surprise that several people struggle to contemplate of ways to proficiently design the space in a studio flat.

Even though space can be inadequate, there are lots of ways you can integrate practical design to acquire the most out of these interiors and create your home exceptionally liveable.

Funky details

 Striking wallpaper or peculiar accent pieces like a cobalt blue door as a headboard, may not do ample to visually enlarge the studio apartment, but they will do marvels in creating a pulsating, robust, and magnetic space.

The finest studio flat designs are those that make use of space, with ingenious storage and multi-functional furniture. Complemented top by minimalist trends such as the studio flat doesn’t have to be jumbled and unaccommodating. You can effortlessly turn your diffident space into a serviceable and an appealing home to be proud of.

Barely-there accents

Select simple furniture. Cheers to their barely-there design, Lucite desks, and floating shelves compromise for great functionality without the pictorial mess. Down-sized sections, such as a loveseat instead of a full sized sofa, or backless barstools as an alternative of the complete versions, will go far in providing relaxed and adequate seating without captivating over the whole studio.

Dual purpose-pieces

It recompenses to have dual-purpose pieces on the floor. For a heterogeneous bedroom, a vintage trunk works overtime to exhibit cushions and store linens, whereas a shelf over the bed pairs as a nightstand. Every inch counts. This clean-lined floating shelf is perfect for a studio apartment that's short on wall space or any home that needs an extra touch of display space. What better way is there to upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom or living room than to add modern accent, by incorporating a modern display and floating shelves into your bedroom, you can proudly display family pictures, travel souvenirs, or books for instance. Aside from the decorative options that modern shelving provides, you can utilize display shelves to hold and store functional items also. Floating shelves are a sleek and stylish wall mounted storage design that helps you organize and declutter your space.



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