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How to add soft decor to your living room

We all have a pretty clear idea about what furniture is, but what is soft furnishing? Soft furnishings include items such as curtains, scatter cushions, bean bags, bean cubes and chair coverings that are used to decorate a room. When you talk about soft furnishing these items specifically add that extra color, softness, and texture to your living room. It also helps to overcome any of the furniture flaws that might be there in the living room and help to give it a feeling of warmth and comfort. The fabric is like a compulsory and most essential part of soft furnishing.

By |December 09,2018|Soft Decor, Handcrafted Wall Covering

How should you select the soft furnishing items for your living room?

Deciding the items to choose while decorating your home is usually a time-consuming task. It varies from person to person depending upon their taste, likes, dislikes, your budget and so on.

When trying to choose the best furnishing item for your home it is essential to keep in mind that the items that you choose must make the surrounding attractive and elegant. You need to ensure that they add to the surrounding of the home as well as the item should be of a good quality.

Although soft furnishing is available in a wide variety, you should be aware of what should be selected and which item should complement his need most. There will be a number of options available for you across color, design, textures, patterns, etc. but you should be wise enough that which of the chosen pattern is going to complement the house most.

Soft furnishing items add liveliness and warmth to the house and make the surroundings feel more welcoming.

Soft furnishing décor ideas for your living room:

1. Scatter cushions:

A cushion feels livelier and more comfortable by scattering some cushions which add that extra splash of color to your living room. It transforms the look of the room and updates the style of the room giving it a more modern yet homely feel. In addition to that, cushions are something which you can change over time, so it is not a massive commitment to make as well.

These fabric coverings of the cushions are the easiest way to change the feel of the room to suit your mood.

#Tip: Put together cushions of different sized to add that extra depth of flavor to your room.


2. Decent duvets:

A decent duvet is one of those things which you don’t know that you have missed until you have had them. There are numerous options which offer you a land of fine feathers and dreamy down sports which can be an excellent option for your bedroom or your living room look.


3. Act natural:

Going for muted tones and classic shades are timeless and classic and often suit the tastes and needs of many. Such crisp white linens and the touch of white and beige on your walls can create a calming and relaxing interior for your guests.

Adding super soft velvet materials add that extra sense of coziness and comfort to your living room, while the muted shades go well with the entire décor and theme of your living room.


4. Pop of color:

Incorporating some bright colors into the living room can go well with the theme of the gentle and muted color scheme and décor of the room. Adding a pop of color to the room will help to give it a bright and summery feel and showcase your attention to detail regarding the color scheme of the interior. Less is usually more when it comes to dashes of color so as not to overdo it.


5. A touch of texture:

Just like adding bright colors into your décor, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures as a design element to create depth and interest to your rooms. If you are using sleek and smooth furnishing it helps to give a modern and contemporary look to your home but along with that if you play with the texture it helps to add that unique feature to your home. These textured furnishings help to add a cozier and comfortable feel to your home and at the same time maintaining the stylish and sophisticated look of the room.


6. Roll out a rug:

Sometimes different flooring materials in your home like ceramic tiles or marble can feel cold and uncomfortable in the underfoot, particularly on rainy and cool winter days.  In this situation, you throw a rug over the floor which will add that extra sense of warmth and comfort to your home. Rugs can take up plenty of visual space, so choose your rugs carefully. Colorful rugs add punch to neutral settings.


7. Get cozy with some throws:

If you want instant glamour in your home, there is nothing better than adding a thick throw to add volume to the furniture. Drape the throw over a sofa or armchair to layer on some luxe. This can be paired well with furniture which is upholstered in fabric or leather. But be very careful in choosing the colors and try to avoid the colors that contrast against your furniture. You can instead opt for those colors which go well with your contemporary look.


8. Hang up some bright and cheerful curtains:

When you add the curtains it is not just a feature of privacy but also style and elegance. The drapes can add some extra depth and dimension to the room. You can choose from different types of fabrics and each type of fabric can affect how the room looks and feels. You can also consider different patterns to add some character to the living room.


a. Pleated floor length curtains:

If you have an overstuffed couch or dark wood furniture, going for curtains which are breezy gives an airy and sheer look to the place. In this scenario, light chiffon panels do the trick when hung from a decorative rod in the living room.


b. Bordered damask and accordion style folds:

If a wall has only one window and a full sheet of the curtain can make a bold statement and add that style to the room. The geometric border around this damask print creates an interesting dynamic between a modern and classic style that the unconventional fold draping enhances.


c. Big and bold stripes from ceiling to the floor:

In case you have a living room with a long wall and plenty of windows you can play with these dimensions by adding stripes with alternating colors. Keep the colors neutral so you aren’t sacrificing the perception of size in your living room and make sure to hang them high.


d. Color blocking with neutrals and whites:

Pops of bright color can be easier to pull off in an otherwise neutral, monochrome room design when they’re kept to a minimum and repeated through a few key pieces. You can choose thinner panels which are more toned down which lets you get away with the bold and bright color which doesn’t take away from the rest of the living room.


Thus, there are many different ways in which you can use soft furnishings for your room and they also come with their own set of advantages.

Such as:

  • It adds beauty to your already existing furniture and keeps the room feeling more modern and stylish.
  • It makes it easy for you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your home with a soft feel.
  • It gives a total makeover to your room, allowing you to showcase your artistic talent and abilities in one of the most budget-friendly ways.
  • It acts as the best solution to add the required contrast and color combination in your rooms so that it looks great and soothing as far as appearance is considered.

Thus, soft furnishing not only helps to enhance the quality of your rooms and the furniture but also adds value making your living experience more relaxing and comfortable.

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