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Fiberglass doors vs Wooden doors vs Aluminum doors

You need a good front door for your home. A door is something which should be sturdy, presentable and complimentary of your own house. You may think of your home as the first handshake. It is something that your guests will stare and admire while they wait for you to open the door. Don’t take the choice of your home exterior door very casually and weigh in your options very carefully when you choose the choice of your home. A good front door is the perfect blend of sturdiness and ease. It should be strong and sturdy to open and able to ward off the weather.

By |November 15,2018|Doors, Main Doors

Therefore, a front door must be something which is not too tight or too weird and easily blends in with the personality of your home.

Fiberglass doors:

Your entry door must be something which can withstand extreme weather conditions like the scorching heat, wind and even rains and yet be handsome enough to make a good first impression. A fiberglass door resembles the look of a wooden door, but it is a stronger and much better option when compared to a wooden front door. Fiberglass doors look like wooden doors have the strength of steel doors and provide unmatched insulation.


Fiberglass doors are the better option for the long run. They can last for decades as they will not easily rust, warp, bow or deteriorate. They are comparatively of lower maintenance and are resistant to dents and scratches. They are very energy resistant and can have five times the insulation value of wooden doors.

Unlike steel, fiberglass doors will not rust, scratch or corrode over a period of time. They are designed and built in such a manner that they will last longer and not require refinishing every year to stay in shape.


The fiberglass door is the new product in the market, so naturally, the cost of the product is also higher when compared to wooden doors.  While the cost is not as high as compared to the cost of oak or mahogany doors it is still quite expensive.

However, fiberglass doors are longer lasting so additional cost for repairs or maintenance will not have to be incurred on the same.  You may also have to incur installation cost in addition to the cost of the door when opting for a fiberglass door. Fiberglass door slabs may be more difficult if you need to add deadbolts or hardware but it can be done.


  1. Going for a fiberglass door is definitely a more durable option in the long run. They do not easily warp or crack and rust or corrode. Thus, it is long lasting and does not require repairs from time to time.

  2. Fiberglass doors come with many different options in the market. There are many different sizes available with unique styles and finishes. They surely offer versatility when it comes to buying a new door with a wide array of options available to choose from to best suit your style.

  3. Fiberglass has a very classy and elegant appearance which closely resembles the look of real wood, but with longer lasting properties.  It is truly one of the most stylish options available in the market allowing you to make the best first impression possible on anyone who visits your home.

  4. Fiberglass doors provide greater insulation to your home and they are also the more energy efficient choice in the long run. It really reduces the amount of heat which enters your home, thus creating a pleasant environment in your home and giving you that extra sense of comfort.

  5. Fiberglass doors apart from their durability are also the safer option in the long run. Many fiberglass doors come with secure locks which deter elements and also resist criminals making you feel that much more safe and secure.

  6. Many of these doors come with a warranty to back them up which draws many people to purchase a fiberglass door.


  1. Fiberglass doors are quite expensive when compared to the other medium ranged or wooden doors in the market. Compared to standard wood, vinyl and steel doors they are the more expensive choice on the market. That being said, they are also more durable.

  2. It is difficult to size down a fiberglass door to fit the correct measurements of your home. Manufacturers also do not make single doors in a small size. So, if your door is not a standard size you may face some difficulty to get a custom-made fiberglass door.

  3. Fitting and installing a fiberglass door require a professional. So, it is not as easy as in the case of a wooden door that you can install it all by yourself. This means that you will have to incur an additional cost of hiring a professional to install the door.

Wooden doors:

A wooden door renders your home with a high-end look and adds a beautiful feel and color to your home giving it a very homely and inviting approach. What’s more wood front doors are also easy to personalize with decorative glass accents, transoms, or side lights. Wooden doors have a rich sense of character and beauty within itself and are a stunning way to make that first impression at your front entry.


Wooden doors, especially the exterior ones are easily exposed to light, heat, humidity and many other weather conditions. This can allow the door to bubble, or peel; it can also warp, bow or start to twist. The door will fade over time and will require regular maintenance.

Wooden doors, thus, require maintenance and care over a period of time to retain their original state. For this, they need to be sealed before or immediately following the installation process. If you miss out on this crucial step, it can cause your door to absorb moisture which will cause it to warp or swell over time.

Further, you may also be required to reseal the wood over a couple of years, and need to touch up a stain or paint every few years, too, as they may chip with normal wear and tear over time.


A wooden door is one of the cheaper choices when it comes to the price in the market. The cheaper price is one of the greatest advantages of a wooden door and making it one of the main reasons why many people prefer to go for wooden doors as compared to any other material. The door is easy to repair and add extensions over a period of time.

Although the door is cheaper cost wise it is not as durable as a fiberglass door, as it not very resistant to climate exposure, thermal or sound insulation properties.


  1. There is a large variety of wooden doors to choose from in the market all the way from a modern and sleek bamboo or teak to a traditional oak or mahogany or even a more rustic cedar or knotty pine.

  2. Wooden doors are easy to customize to fit the size of your home.

  3. Wooden doors give a very warm and aesthetic feel to your home with a very pleasant finish.
  4. The wooden doors, although require repairs from time to time, however, these repairs are comparatively easier and do not consume much time and money.
  5. Wooden doors are also available at a cheaper price in the market when compared to fiberglass or steel doors.


1.Wooden doors are more susceptible to weather conditions such as moisture. It is necessary to seal your door to protect it from these extreme weather conditions and make it last for a longer period of time.

2.Wooden doors can warp or twist over time due to the moisture causing it to peel or bubble out.

3. Wooden doors are not very efficient for keeping the noise outside, thus not making it a very soundproof option.

4. When compared to fiberglass doors they do not provide the best insulation thus making it less energy efficient.

Aluminum doors:

Aluminum doors are similar to steel units, and they provide a better insulation cover with the metal skin. Unlike any other door systems, aluminum doors are sold exclusively through dealers, but they offer you a lot of options making it comparatively easier to customize it according to the size of your home. Aluminum is thus a stronger door, with a more durable material which is easy to maintain.


Keep in mind resilience before choosing a building material. Aluminum is surely a better choice when compared to other materials like vinyl and wood. The inherent strength of the material makes it structurally strong and you need not to worry about the breakage over a long period of time.

Unlike wood, it does not rot away easily and moisture and insects will not be easily available to eat away into it, keeping the material pristine for a number of years. Aluminum doors are known for the fact that they can last for generations to come.


Aluminum as a metal is expensive and the metal prices may fluctuate from time to time. Thus, making aluminum doors more expensive than other materials. This makes it challenging to budget much in advance.

Further, aluminum doors are available only at exclusive dealers who charge an accurate price once you provide them with a quote. Further, you will also have to incur extra installation and labor charges since the quality of the door demands higher installation standards. Most variations are more expensive than steel, but still more cost-effective than wood.


  1. Aluminum is a highly durable option which is also maintenance free making it more sustainable.
  2. Aluminum is a comparatively cheaper material than wood making it more cost effective.
  3. You can easily find these doors from some dealers, which is a big advantage since you will not have to look very further.
  4. Another great advantage of aluminum doors is that you will not have to worry about maintaining it often. Aluminum resists rust and this is good news since it makes them ideal for use in any weather condition, even in areas near the ocean.
  5. Aluminum can be adapted to suit a wide range of projects. Larger buildings usually go for this material since it is an exceptionally strong material.


  1. Aluminum doors are not very aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Another problem with aluminum doors is that they are highly conducive. This allows the heat to easily enter from the outside which can increase the heat of the home. In the summer, it will take a lot more energy to cool down the rooms. In the winter, it will be harder to keep things warm.
  3. Aluminum doors are light in weight thus it is not considered as a good security door for entrances.
  4. Aluminum allows condensation which may further lead to rusting of the aluminum over a period of time.


Thus, there are many different options that you can go for when you choose a door for your home. It can be fiberglass, aluminum or wooden depending on the cost durability and function.

If you want to save a buck then aluminum doors seem like the most viable option since they are more cost effective not only in the short but also in the long run.

If you want a greater aesthetic appeal for your home you can opt for fiberglass or wooden doors, which give a more welcoming feel to the entire home.

However, if you are more environmentally conscious, going for a fiberglass door is a much better option since it helps you to filter the outer atmosphere and keep the inside environment of the home more comfortable.

So, weigh in your options and go in for the best door that is perfectly suited to your home.










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