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Difference between modern and oriental art décor

Art is any form of beautiful creation that a person portrays as result of their knowledge, wisdom and experience. There are many ways in which people may portray this art, in the form of painting a beautiful picture, carving the perfect sculpture, singing your favorite song or dancing to the beats of the music. You can also treasure this art forever in your home by adding that perfect texture and adding some beautiful décor to your home.

By |December 03,2018|Décor, Ecospheres

Your home is a special place where you may wish to add your own touch by the décor to give your home its own personality and to make it your true humble abode. In the market today, there are many different kinds of styles and themes available which can make your home look stylish and elegant and yet help you add a very homely and personalized touch to the same.

In this article, we will help you choose a wonderful look for your home by choosing between the stylish and simple modern home décor or opting for a contemporary Asian and artistic culture.

Modern Art Decor:

A modern home décor truly embodies the word simplicity and style. However, this simply does not mean boring. Modern décor includes clean lines, neutral color patterns, and geometric designs. Although, there is a need to put in some effort and incorporating many basic ideas into a modern décor.

1. Declutter space:

When talking about decluttering of the space it does not mean to just have the four walls and no art to the home. But, try to keep the things as uncluttered as possible. Studies have often proven that a lot of clutter at home contributes to more stress to your life and decluttering can surely help you to reduce the disturbance and live a more stress- free life.

2. Make it accessible:

Another important idea when it comes to modern home décor is a function. Your rooms should not only be simple with defined lines but they also need to ooze functionality. This functionality means that the items in your room should be fairly easy to access and use.

For instance, if a kitchen is designed with a modern outlook it should have an ample amount of work space available along with easy accessibility to all the items of the kitchen.

3. Technology:

Technology over here does not just mean that you should have the appropriate gadgets to add that touch of modernity to your home but these gadgets should also be streamlined to match the décor of the room. It is often recommended that all electronics be streamlined, so flat panel televisions, built-in DVD players, small flat screen televisions in the kitchen, and computers tied into a room rather than being a lump in it are important to keep those lines clean.

4. Keeping more ‘open spaces’:

Modern décor often entails that you should be keeping more open spaces in your apartment. This is not always easy in case of closed rooms which give a more compact feel to the room. However, you can create the concept of open spaces by using color, fabric, and furniture. Window coverings and curtains can be light in color to add an illusion of openness to your room.

5. Add some character:

When designing your room with a modern décor it is also important to keep in mind to add some character and personality to the home by adding that splash of color, fabric, and texture to make the home feel more alive and exciting. Do not hesitate when trying to explore with color and give your home that unique identity and personality.

Oriental Art Décor:

Oriental or Asian style interiors truly help to invoke a feeling of serenity and peaceful calm. In our fast-paced urban lifestyle, it acts as the perfect escape into a feeling of calm and bliss. Oriental themes help to provide the perfect balance between harmony and silence. But creating an Oriental-inspired household is much more than adding a few distinct decorations. It takes a lot of care, precision, and clear thought process to do away with any kind of unwanted additions.

1.The Perfect Backdrop:

Asian designs are mostly inspired by warm and cool colors with natural features to suit the interiors. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible. You may use colors like whites or gentle creams, light hues of blue and elegant shades of grey work perfectly to add that soothing backdrop.

2. Add a hint of vivacious color:

An orientally themed home can be easily lightened up by adding that hint of vivacious color. The lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, ravishing reds, and luxurious purples are all an integral part of the Oriental style. If you are opting for a Chinese-inspired decorating style, these colors become an absolute must.

3. A cool water feature:

Water is another beautiful way of ushering an oriental style with ease and simplicity. The sound of the flowing water is very harmonious and positive for the energy of the house.

4. A fusion of styles:

Asian themes are truly a fusion of many different styles. However, you need to give importance to choosing each and every important aspect to make your home the best. Traditional Oriental décor is far more opulent, expansive and grand with regal reds, lavish golds, captivating jade, and plush purple tones.

5.Sculptural lighting and Paper lanterns:

Lighting surely can be the highlight of the Oriental style décor. It truly adds to the visual and elegant aspect while accentuating the theme of your home. Stylish paper hanging lanterns and sculptural lighting installations and a few carefully placed candles go a long way in creating a home inspired by the far east.

6. Organic and Sustainable Design:

The attention to the detail of design helps to make a huge difference to the ambiance of the room. The accessories and furnishing of the home should be made as organic and sustainable as possible to render the truly Asian vibe. You may also add smooth and polished river stones which give a more calming energy to your home.

7. The fragrance of Nature:

Asia is the land known for its natural beauties and ayurvedic therapy. It truly is one of the most fantastic aspects to add to your Asian décor. You may add a few potted plants or shrubs that can transform your home into a serene hub. Sound and aroma play a critical role in the ambiance of the whole room and adding a natural element can surely be the right way to go.

Modern v/s Oriental art

There are very few differences between modern and oriental art. A modern style follows a strict décor whereas an oriental style has many variations in its interiors.

  • Modern style usually follows a strict stark or cold whereas the Oriental style includes minimalist trends and celebrates the bright and bold colors.
  • Modern styles concentrate and focus more on functionality whereas Orientals style focuses more on the form and design of the various aspects of the décor.
  • Modern designs feature strong lines whereas Oriental styles love and prefer curves.
  • The color palette of modern design leans toward naturals or neutrals that have a warm, inviting feel. Oriental styles often enjoy stark contrast with plenty of blacks and whites, though it has no problems swinging from one extreme to the other on the color scale.

So, get going and choose the perfect décor or style for your perfect home.






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