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Bedroom designing ideas for Mr and Mrs newlyweds

Just got married? And can’t wait to set up your new room together? Look no further, we have the perfect guide for you to design your bedroom. The wedding is the happiest day for every couple, in addition to weddings and wedding dresses, you will need a romantic bedroom decor to add more special moments to your relationship. Romantic bedrooms define the couple style and help to build that close connection between couples, especially the newly married couples. Decorating the bedroom becomes all the more special when they get the time to spend that quality time with each other and build that special connection and bond. Every couple wishes to have balance in their life and a well-balanced room décor can go a long way in helping them achieve and establish that balance in their own lives. One of the most basic factors to keep in mind while decorating the room is functionality, décor, and romance.

By |June 15,2020|Bedroom, Bed Accessories

Every single item should be affectionate and more appealing to enhance your emotions while sitting together. It is a fact that when a couple spends a satisfactory time at night they work more energetically in the next morning without any stress or depression an in this the bedroom décor plays a significant role.

Here, is a list of some amazing bedroom designing ideas which will help you to truly build that connection and help you enjoy the special moments.

1. Use Romantic Colors:

Colors have their own distinct language. Each color conveys a different mood and all this in totality has an impact on your own mood with your partner. Red is the color which is often associated with a couple's room as it is the symbol of romance and passion but doesn't just restrict yourself to one color. You can also put a hand on the creamy white with a combination of silvery gray.

If you want to warm things up you can also opt for colors like burgundy, gold or even a rich violet. It's amazing what a few warm colors could do to enhance the ambient in your room.

Thus, choosing the right bedroom color is a very essential step in designing your bedroom and it goes a long way in bringing that sensuality and romance for the couple.


2. Neither too feminine nor too muscular:

Since the room is for a newly married couple it is necessary to design the room to suit the needs of both. Your room should neither look too feminine nor should it be too muscular. You need to strike the fine balance between the texture of the bedroom and the other designing elements to achieve that perfect bedroom.


3. Walls and Windows Décor:

If you choose a light-colored wall it gives room to you experiment with the different accessories. It allows the room to breathe easy and gives an airy feeling to your room.

The window treatments can be something which is simple and creates a beautiful minimalistic appeal.

To help your partner feel a sense of security and comfort keep the openings covered with the help of curtains. You can opt for heavy curtains through which you cannot see through and you can sleep peacefully through the night. Choose the color of the curtains in combination with the entire bedroom theme.


4. Participation of lighting:

Lighting in the room plays an effective role in enhancing the beauty and sensuality of the entire room.  For a more romantic feel to your room, you can fix dim lights which will add that touch of romance to your room. With dim yellow lights, you can make your room a cozy cocoon to enjoy a perfect sleep at night.


5. Add a sofa, chair or couch:

If you have a larger room that has more space you can get creative with space and incorporate a sofa, chair or a couch. Having an extra chair or sofa which can place at least two people will help you to relax and have a meaningful conversation in the bedroom before you tuck yourself to sleep for the night. You can also add a coffee table to the room where you can relax and chat over a cup of coffee.

It is also helpful when people enter your room they can relax in the seating area rather than hopping straight onto the bed.


6. Get a good romantic feel:

If you are a newly married couple it is essential to have a room designed to offer you that romantic look and appeal. You can get this truly romantic feel through perfumes, aromas, light curtains and paintings or pictures from your wedding.


a. Floral Elements:

You can play with different spring hues and floral designs to keep the place cool with a hint of luxury, elegance, and quality. It helps to add a sense of freshness and comfort which helps to lift the vibe of the room.


b. Comfort:

As much effort as we put into decorating the room and attaining that perfect style, it is important to not forget comfort in the bargain. There is no use of that gorgeous piece of furniture if it isn’t comfortable to laze around on Sundays. You should opt for fabrics with a soft weave which will help to add a luxurious look.


c. Aroma:

A place feels as good as it smells. You should invest in good essential oils and diffusers which will not only make your room smell good but also be therapeutic and add that sizzle to your chemistry.


7. Attractive storage for an organized look:

Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom which takes up any extra space. Instead of putting all of the items you don’t know where to put throughout your bedroom, put them all in a space that’s meant for things you don’t need to use yet.

You can choose a basket or a box which will complement the theme of your room and use it for all the miscellaneous items which you don't know where to put like keys, change or even your wallet.


8. Saving space in the room:

Space nowadays is a huge issue for newlywed couples. You can use certain tips to optimize the existing space in your room.

  • Replace a king size bed with a queen size bed. This will help to save your cost as well space.
  • Add a chest of drawers in the room which will help to store your different items like bed linen, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Adding shelves will not only make your walls more interesting, but it’s also a good way to arrange all the books and artwork you’ve got laying around the house.
  • You can add wardrobes with a sliding shutter which will help to save the space in the bedroom.
  • Lastly, you can also make the room look more spacious by adding large mirrors.


9. The bed as a focal point:

The centerpiece of every bedroom is usually the bed. The bed radiates sensuality and romance in the room where you sleep. Get creative by choosing an interesting headboard that will bring some appeal to your bed. Experiment with soft colors for three of the walls and try something warmer and bolder for the wall behind the bed – it’s a great way to create an accent.

You can also add luxurious linens which provide a large amount of comfort and attractiveness. Combined with a plush blanket, a couple of decorative pillows and a soft throw, your bed can really stimulate the senses.


10. Get creative with accessories:

The room décor is truly incomplete and dull without accessories. You can experiment with many different things such as wall hangings, artistic paintings, to enhance the beauty of the room. You can also fill up your dresser with perfumes and cosmetics to add some flavor to the room. Further, adding a small vase will also help to brighten the room.


a. Bedsheet and pillow covers:

Your bedroom is a place where your day begins and ends. If you are looking for something fresh and comfortable you can add dreamy white and blue bedsheet and pillow cover combo. This soft color palette is truly pleasing to the eyes.


b. Wall clock:

You can add some color to the bare walls of the room by adding an attractive wall clock. A clock doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and old fashioned but it can also be more attractive by choosing different patterns and designs.


c. Lamp:

If you are someone who loves to read in bed but your partner is sensitive to bright light. We have the solution for you. You can get a soft light for your nightstand which will aid your reading as well as be a mood setter for romantic couples who love a little mood lighting.


d. Photo frame:

Had an amazing wedding and can't wait to do the house with those memorable moments?

You can add some beautiful photo frames which will help you relieve the nostalgia of your precious wedding memories and bring a smile to your face every time you see it.


So, go ahead and design the most comfortable and smartly designed room to have an outstanding time with your loved one.

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