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Affordable Christmas decoration to make your home ready for Christmas

Christmas time is officially here and you have started adding the finishing touches on those holiday decorations. So, deck your house for this holiday season and there is nothing wrong with trying to be the most festive house on the block. But whatever approach you choose for decorating your home make sure to pick beautiful items that will last for many years. From gorgeous garlands to cozy and chic stockings to humorous decorations that will make your guests chuckle, there are nearly endless options to bring the Christmas cheer into your home. To help you make the right choice we have rounded up a list of some Santa approved Christmas decorations for every house which is affordable and yet trendy and attractive.

By |December 24,2018|Décor, Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

Affordable Christmas decoration to make your home ready for Christmas:

1. Merry Christmas Garland Banner:

This garland is a whimsical and classy way to decorate this holiday season. This Christmas decoration will easily cover your mantel or staircase railing, it will also help to add some cheer to the entryway or above the buffet table.

Some banners may have a strong smell so be sure to purchase it a few days before you hang it to give it some time to air out.


2. Buy good wrapping paper:

Wrapping paper is something which is affordable and easily available. You can add pretty bows to the gifts and then use the wrapped gifts as added Christmas decorations. You thus do not need to spend a fortune on it and buy a whole roll at a cheap cost. Then buy yourself some pretty ribbons to coordinate with the wrapping paper. Finally, once you've got the presents wrapped, stick a few under the tree of course, but also sprinkle the gifts around the house to act as decor!


3. Whip up holiday stirrers for your party:

If you are hosting that Christmas party you want everything to be perfect and also add that holiday and warm feel to your party. Make your party more fun and happening with a drink or two. What more?

You can also whip up some holiday stirrers for your party to add some fun and make your party more happening.


4. Make the cabinets pretty:

Give the kitchen a little bit of holiday love by cutting up pieces of a garland and adding a leaf pick, ornament or ribbon to it. You can also add little sprigs of boxwood, glue it together with ribbons and tie it over the cabinets.


5. Add ornament clutters:

Ornament clutters are another piece of holiday decoration that adds a fun look to the place. You can also use glass ornaments for the shine or you can also make these with shatterproof ornaments. Further, you can display it at the corners of the table, mantel, around the lamps or anywhere else that you like.


6. Have fun with your stocking holders:

You can have fun with your stocking holders, buy colorful and attractive stockings and you can also add decoration or two to make it look quirkier and attractive. This will surely help to have some fun with holiday décor. You can also hang the stockings from the curtain rod above the windows. It will look lovely and also help to attract the neighbors and guests in your home.


7. Decorate the lampshades and pull out old Christmas cards:

You can use some printable holiday cards to adorn the lampshades, to make it look prettier and stand out you can also add a tray of holiday cards sent by your loved ones to make the home feel more warmly and standing out as well.


8. Use pillows as holiday decorations:

Add a touch of holiday cheer to your home with a whimsical throw pillow. Pillows are perfect for a couch or a bed and are especially helpful if you are on a budget. You can also use it as a great gift to give to someone. Pillows add a sense of warmth and coziness to your home also making it feel more welcoming and comfortable during this holiday season.


9. Make ice lanterns:

You can get an assist from mother nature if you are living in the cold areas or also take the help of your freezer to make some cool and awesome ice lanterns. Turn plastic cartons filled with water into magical ice lanterns which can be displayed either indoors or outdoors. This will help to add a snowy and icy feel to your home even if it is not snowing outside to give you that perfect Christmas vibe.


10. Craft a snowy wreath:

Add faux greenery, flowers, berry sprigs and glittered pinecones to a grapevine wreath then cover with faux snow to give your front door a cheery update during winter months. This wreath offers the perfect base for ribbons, ornaments or lights. The wreath adds a rustic flavor to your home and many people want to keep this decoration up for the entire year.


11. Create an advent calendar:

An advent calendar is one of the classiest Christmas decorating ideas. You can start by spraying an old frame with some metallic base and then create different tags by using an online template. You can mix in different tones like gold, silver, and neutral ornaments to tie the whole calendar together.


12. Craft a candy cane vase:

Christmas decorating ideas plus edible details make the perfect pair. You can make this in an easy and extremely cost-effective manner. Take a can and glue the candy canes to the can, tie it up with a ribbon and fill it with artificial or real poinsettias.


13. Create a mason jar:

This is a lovely and affordable Christmas idea because it adds a bit of warmth and coziness to your home and holiday décor. Add a light inside to illuminate it during the dark or during the evenings to light up your home. This item can be easily found at the dollar store making it an incredibly budget-friendly décor idea.


14. Mini Christmas tree:

Have a lack of space at home and don't want to crowd your home with a large Christmas tree?

We have the perfect solution for you, go for mini and small sized Christmas trees. It is the new trend in the market and it looks very cute and adorable and adds to the vibe and feel of the place. All you need is a few craft materials, some garland, and other accessories to pull this look off.


15. Paper pinecone ornament:

This is a great Christmas decoration idea, especially to utilize the things that you already have on hand. All you would really need is some Christmas scrapbook paper, ribbon, and old ornament decor to pull this off. So, if you have all these things all you need to do is make a paper pinecone and it would be a wonderful addition to your existing holiday-themed home.


16. Light up the room:

Any kind of light in the room indicates a sign of joy and also acts as a cleanser of bad energy bringing good vibes and energy in your room. You can easily experiment with different kinds of lights like adding artificial lighting to your home or outside the window to make your home look brighter and more cheerful or you may also use candles to add some extra warmth to your home. Further, experiment with scented candles which not only lightens up the place but also gives you the added benefit of an added aroma to the aura of the room.


17. Chalk it up:

Welcome your holiday guests with a trendy chalkboard sign. You can also write cute and welcoming messages and also leave some space for the guests to pen down their own sweet little message for you. All you would really need is some Christmas scrapbook paper, ribbon, and old ornament decor to pull this off.


As you can see, there’s nothing to creating your own cheap Christmas decoration ideas. You don’t have to be super crafty, nor do you need a lot of money to recreate these looks. So, if your Christmas budget is a little slim this year and you want to create a little holiday cheer, look no further than these amazing Christmas decoration ideas.








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