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A guide to bedrooms and its types

A guide to bedroom gives ideas for different types of the bedroom and the ways to add storage in them. It gives us ideas about how to arrange and store furniture according to the requirements, room size and its types.

By |November 19,2018|Interior Designer Services, Interior Designing For Residential Project

The bedroom is the place where an individual relaxes and sleep. So one should create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Typically bedroom consists of a closet, wardrobe or dressing table, bed etc. Things that should be kept in mind while designing the bedroom are an area of the room, the amount of light it receives, furniture products, wall designs and many more. Below are the some of the types of the bedroom and the ways to make them attractive.

Some of the types of bedrooms are listed below:-

 1) Master bedrooms


  Master Bedrooms are the biggest of all bedrooms in the house. Master bedrooms generally have an attached washroom to it.  The ideal size of the master bedroom is generally 180 to 250 sq ft but it also depends on the size of the house. Smaller houses have around 120 sqft of the master bedroom. Master bedroom is also space where an individual can spend a relaxing time.  Place armchair and three seater sofa so that you can also watch your favorite movie and TV shows in the bedroom. For adding storage to the bedroom you can add a built-in closet or some storage space under the bed. To decorate the master bedroom you can also add a wall art. While adding wall art keep in mind that wall art should be of mixed patterns for that add some pictures, patterns, textures etc.  Try adding open shelves to the wall for storing your belongings which will add attractiveness to the bedroom.       

2) Kids bedroom


 Things that are common in kid’s room are a study table with a desk, a bed for sleeping, some of the wall art designs, open shelves to keep toys etc. While decorating the wall in kid’s room set the bright color to the wall so that it will create a fresh atmosphere and will also brighten up space. You can also create small shelves on the wall for storing books.  In the kid's room, you can also add a storage bench to store shoes, play toys, etc. A trunk is also a good option to store all types of toys in the kid’s bedroom. If the study room is small then add storage at the bottom of the bed for storing things like books, play baskets toys etc. To add more decor if you have ample space one can try different ceiling designs according to individual choice.

 3) Teens bedroom 


 Teens spend most of their times doing various activities. So they should possess a bedroom that should reflect their choice. Some of the common things the teens should have a study desk, a computer table, a storage unit etc. For using the space more efficiently place the study table desk facing the window so that it will get maximum sunlight and along with that positive energy. If the room is small try using a foldable bed that can be used for day naps and also for night sleep. For wardrobe, designs try to open shelves wardrobe as it will save a lot of space also the good décor.???????

4) Dorm bedrooms

Generally, dorm rooms are the one that is shared by various people.  Dorm rooms have bunk beds which are shared by the number of people. These rooms also have lockers, cupboards to keep the valuable belongings. To maximize the storage space in the dorm room’s use more of vertical space like attaches hooks to cupboards or wall which will increase your storage space.  We can also add storage under beds to utilize more space.  Attach cabinets to the wall to use more of wall space. Below are some types of dorm rooms.

     Some types of dorm rooms are given below.

  1. Single-dorms


  This room has only one bed means this room is occupied by only one person. The common furniture used in this room is one cupboard for storage, a bed, and attached drawers to the wall, a study desk for work and some of the storage units. Use vertical shelves hanging or attached to the wall to save more space in a dorm room. Here some wall art like wall sculpture can also be used for decorative art purpose.

2) Double dorms


  This room is shared by two people. It has two beds, some of the storage units such as small cupboards and other furniture according to the needs. For utilizing the space efficiently add a shelf near the bed so that you can store small baskets, stationery products, and other stuff over here.  Use multi-purpose storage units such as beds which will be used for taking naps as well as for storage beneath.  The multi-purpose desk can also be added to a dorm room which can be used for multiple ways such as for work, as a storage unit, as a showcase etc. Built in shelve can be attached to the walls which will serve as a library. Certain wall art, paintings can also be added for decoration purposes.


3) Guest bedrooms


Guest bedrooms are generally used by visitors for a stay.  Apply natural colors to brighten up space. Use dual-purpose furniture for the smaller guest rooms. Use Murphy beds which will serve two purposes such that it can also be used as sofa, bed and many more.  Install window seats that can add storage beneath it which will be benefited for more guests for accommodation. Add built-in shelves and a desk so that you can also create a small office in the guest room. Give some wall art designs which will add warmth to the room. If guest rooms are big enough then painting art is a good option for decorating the room.  Some of the basic amenities that you can add are a desk lamp for reading, Wi-Fi connection, some electronic gadgets like tab or laptop and many more


Here are some of the Ideas to decorate a smaller master bedroom.

     1) keep colors light and bright


  Use bright colors in the smaller bedroom which will fill more spacious and cheerful. If you want the more relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom then add blue colors to the wall. Choose the color which will bring light to your room.  For that purpose use light shades of colors such as blue, bright yellow, green and so on.  Wall Art is also a good option to display some art. 

2) Arrange the bed in the corner

 Generally, every room has a bed at the center of the room.  But if your floor size is less then it will create a problem. So arrange the bed at the corner of your room to create more space in your room. Add storage beneath the bed for creating more storage area as per the requirements. By adding the bed to the corner one can utilize corner space more efficiently. Dual headboards can also be attached to the bed for creating safety and rich looks.

3)  Avoid using large bed frames

 Large and bulk bed frames consume a lot of available floor space so try avoiding it. For less flooring space use sleigh beds with drawers which will add more storage space beneath and adjacent to the bed.  If you have more of vertical space you can use loft beds for storage.  

4) Add storage to the bed


   If you are purchasing the new bed then consider a bed with drawers underneath for extra storage. If space is so limited that you cannot open drawers, use decorative bins under your bed for additional storage. Add some storage cubbies to the bed so that you can store decorative pieces, books, bedsheets and a lot of stuff.


5) Live vertically


If your floor space is limited but if you have higher ceilings consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area with storage underneath. 

Attractive ways to design master bedrooms 

1) Add a seating area.


  Your bedroom shouldn't be just a place where you sleep. Ideally, space should feel like somewhere you want to spend your free time. One easy way to achieve that is by adding the seating area that you can use when you don’t feel like lounging in bed.

2) Storing in a smart way.


  More often people struggle to make efficient use of space available. One solution to this is to invest in a built-in closet system. This closet can be customized to your needs. A foot trunk can also be preferred if you like old designs.???????

 3) Don’t forget the wall art


  Wallpaper is vital to every space may it be hall, wall or bedroom. whenever possible use wallpaper to anchor each of distinct area in your space, such as above the bed, besides some seating arrangements etc. Add other artwork to the wall that is empty.

4) Make good use of lighting.


 Add chandeliers and hanging lights to brighten up the bedroom area. Accent lights work well when you want to showcase any wall sculpture or wall art. To perform any reading activity task lights are a must. For brightening the whole bedroom use ambient lights. To add efficient lighting in the room making use of all three types of lighting. The bedroom is the place where the person relaxes so make efficient use of ambient lights along with accent lights if you want to highlight the wall or any art piece.   

5) Bringing the sunlight.

If you have a large window in your house then give a bright color to your walls. The sunlight bouncing on those walls will give you ample natural lighting.

Some of the decorating trends of 2018 to decorate your bedroom in a more beautiful way:-

 1) Remove unnecessary furniture.

A room overcrowded with furniture and accessories can feel disorganized and cluttered. Remove the unnecessary piece of furniture from the room and you will be amazed to see the difference. It will give you the more space needed.

 2) Choose furniture of the appropriate size.

When you are shopping for furniture for your bedroom, be realistic and choose furniture for the appropriate choice for your bedroom. As wonderful as king size bed may sound, if you have a small room, the bed will take over the room, making it feel out of proportion to your room, plus it will make circulation on around the room more difficult. Instead, opt for queen size bed or customize bed.

 3) Add a mirror adjacent to the wall.


  Add the mirror to the wall in your bedroom. This will add more light to the room as the mirror will bounce the light around. This will make your room feel bigger.

5) Dress the windows.


Window dressings are much more important than block lights in your room. Choose curtains that are appropriate for your room. Even if you have short windows consider hanging curtains that drop all the way to the floor, they will look elegant to your design.

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