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40 Budget Friendly kitchen Storage ideas

40 Budget-friendly kitchen Storage ideas give you the ways to arrange kitchen storage in a compact way. It provides us with knowledge about how recycled products can be used for kitchen storage. Readers will come to know about how to store kitchen accessories in proper ways.

By |December 31,2018|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets

1). Add retractable drawers

Retractable drawers can store lots of space under the sink as these drawers are foldable allowing maximum storage. Here you can store lots of stuff like cleaning brushes, sink cleaning powder, cleaning liquid. These drawers are easy and also budget friendly to install.


Make use of steel or wooden drawers so that it will save a lot on your wallet.

2). Increase your storage space with stackable baskets

Make use of plastic storable stacks in kitchens with multiple layers for storage. Here fruits, vegetables, and other packaged products can be stored which consumes a lot of kitchen storage space. It will create a unique storage space for storing packed food items and vegetables.

3). Retractable Kitchen Storage Racks

  Here you can hang cooking pots and pans so that they can be accessed quickly. You can also install foldable racks which will create more space for the drawers to open and serve.

 4). Store it on a pegboard

 Add utensils and pans that are frequently used on the pegboard for easy access. You can make use of large cardboard for adding pegboards if they are high on your wallet.

5). Use of  throwable Tin cans

Make use of tin cans which are throwable to store small accessories like spoons, plastic jars, utensils etc. Instead of throwing away tin cans recycle them and use them again. One advantage of using this can is that all your kitchen accessories of a similar type will get stored in one place and can be easily accessible. Tin Cans will surely compact the kitchen storage space in the small area.

 6). Wooden floating shelves on the kitchen wall

Add wooden floating shelves above the kitchen platform so that you can hang all your kitchen accessories which are frequently used. Attach screws at the bottom of wooden floating shelves so that you can hang frying pans, pickle jars and many more.

7). Iron Shelves on Kitchen Empty wall

  Install Iron shelves in the empty wall space so that you can create a large storing unit in the kitchen.  Make uneven bracket space so that you can store kitchen stuff of different sizes and shapes.

8). Attached wooden spice rack


Wooden racks are very cheap to install and are of great use. In these wooden racks add stuff like spice jars, pickle bottles, food grains and various stuff that you need frequently.

9). Unused jugs and vases

 Here jugs and vases that are unused for a long time for storing small accessories like spoons, mixing pans, knives, and other small accessories.

10). Storage on the side of the kitchen Island

  Make use of the side of the kitchen island to store baskets, water bottles etc. You can also add any showpiece or artwork to decorate the kitchen counter. 

11). Old unused goblets as the kitchen storage

 Make use of old goblets and keep them near the windows or open space so that you can easily access accessories like small spoons, tablecloth, serving spoons. The advantage of using these goblets is that you do not need to purchase the thing for storing stuff in the kitchen as these goblets are easily available.

12). Inside of the cabinets

   Attach wooden strips to the inside of the cabinet doors so that you can hang small utensils on the inside of the cabinet doors. We can attach here small frying pans and cutlery items as per the size and space available.

 13). Foldable tables

These tables can be folded in the kitchen wall as and when needed. You can place kitchen plates, bowls.jars over this table.

14). Steel rails over the kitchen top


   Attach steel rails over the kitchen countertops to store things like tissue papers, napkins, serving spoons, pans etc.

15). Refrigerator walls

 Stick magnetic hooks on the refrigerator walls so that you can hang accessories like small knives, wooden cutting boards, magnetic jars etc.

16). Wired utensil rack


Place a wired utensil rack just behind the cooking stove on the kitchen floor. It will provide quick access to accessories like pans, groceries, serving spoons etc. This rack has the hook attached where you can hang the stuff you needed the most and frequently.

17) Use of magazine files folders

 Attach magazine file folders behind the cabinet drawers to create more storage area. You can store small plastic boxes, cleaning brushes etc.

18). File folders come into use

 Keep the old file folders inside the cabinets to store cutting boards and cookie sheets.  As this folder contains partitions it becomes easy for storing small plates, baking sheets etc.

19). Plastic jars in cabinets

 Cut the wooden board inside the cabinet so that the plastic jars can fit into it. This cabinet saves a lot of time of searching the ingredient and also gives an indication of whether you are low on any ingredient. You can keep accessories like food trays, food packets, dining spoons and many more.

 20). Use of plastic clips

  Attach plastic clips inside the cabinet doors for storing stuff like juice cans, pickle bottles, cereals bottles. Here group similar category items, so that they can be easily accessible.

 21). Storage on the kitchen door

 This idea is perfect when you have wooden doors and small partitions in between. You can fix small trays and clips to add storage space.

 22). A basket inside the cabinet door

 Add a wired basket inside the cabinet door of your kitchen for some extra storage. You don’t have to spend a big amount on this and also it can be easily installed.

 23). Multi-tiered shelves

  Add multi-layered storage shelves to fit small pans in the cabinet one above the other. This idea surely will save a lot of storage space and is also pocket-friendly.

24). The tilted drawers under the sink

Adding basket under the sink for storage is the good budget-friendly choice.  You can store napkins, cleaning towels, phenol bottles, brushes and many more. Make use of plastic basket so that it stays for a number of years. 


25). Metal Bars


Attach the metal bars at the door of the cabinet to store things like small lids of pot, frying pans, glass bowls etc. You can also hang kitchen napkins, cooking aprons inside the door. 

26). Plastic storage basket

   It is one of the cheapest ways to store kitchen electrical appliances and smaller hand tools that you do not need frequently.  You can also store fresh vegetable, fruits and other packed food items in the basket. Store the basket inside the cabinet for creating a more sufficient space.

27). Hanging shelf above sink

Hang the baskets above the sink to store kitchen accessories like small plates. cups, saucers and many more. The main advantage of the hanging basket over the sink is that the water left in plates and cups will directly be drained in the sink. It will add a smart storage space to your kitchen.

#Tip Use painted mason jars of a variety of colors to enrich the look of kitchen countertop.

28). Organizer stand

  You can place this organizer stand in the cabinet or on the open shelves according to the choice.  The main purpose of using this stand is that you can add items of uneven size and shapes as per the requirement. As these cabinets are mostly made of wood they are very budget friendly to install.

29). Collapsible Kitchen Riser



  Add kitchen riser on the kitchen platform to add small accessories like cutting knives, silver foil, spice jar which are frequently needed.


Keep the collapsible riser attached to the kitchen wall so that small accessories will be easily accessible.  

30). Pantry Shelving

 Make use of wooden pantry shelving with drawers hung one below other forming different layers for storage. You can add all your kitchen storage in this one pantry thus saving space and money for other storing units. As all the storage is under one roof it is very budget friendly and easy to access all storage stuff. 

31). Substantial Drawers

 Full-size pantry may be little heavy on wallet sometime so instead of those use drawers that are slidable creating more storage space. You can add oil bottles, crockery etc in these drawers which are easily slidable.

32). Divide Drawer space

Add drawers inside other drawers for extra space storage space. This idea is very pocket-friendly as one has to create small shelve space above the drawer. 

#Tip For efficient storage put the shallow appliances on the top and deep appliances on the lower shelve of the drawer.

33). Storage boxes above the shelf

  Make use of storage boxes made out of cardboard in the kitchen shelf. Keep these baskets above the storage unit for quick access.

34). Make use of a  hanging stepladder above kitchen Island


Mount a stepladder hanging on the wall and attach a pair of ropes to both ends to keep ladder hanging. Attach hooks to the ladder.  You can add here cooking pans, bowls, steel dishes etc.

35). Make storage by cutting the existing oil barrels

Cut the oil barrels into the desired shape you want for storing kitchen accessories like bowls, plates, utensils and many more. Group similar category utensils under one rack for easy access.

36). Office filing cabinets for the storage

  Office cabinets can be easily transformed into mobile kitchen storage.  You can add here accessories that you frequently need like napkins, serving jars, cutting knives, cutting boards etc.


Attach wheels to the office cabinets so that it can be moved in the kitchen for convenient use.

  37). Consider Reclaimed Wood Island for easy storage


You can make use of reclaimed wood with steel cladding to create a kitchen island for kitchen storage.  Make space for storage of various kitchen items accordingly.

#Tips make use of glass top above the kitchen shelve to enrich the looks.

 38). Old Wooden Door

  Cut the old wooden door to create storage space for storing items like cups small dishes, mugs etc. This idea will not cause more bucks, all you have to do is get a wooden door sheet to apply new paint on it and the storage place is ready.


keep the granite top over it for enhancing the looks and for increasing the storage space.  

39). Make use of Wire coated hangers

Attach wire coated hangers to the plastic pins above the sink in your kitchen. You can hang tissue papers, foil papers, small napkins to these hangers.

40). Hanging Wire Basket

Attach wire basket to kitchen ceiling adjacent to kitchen cabinets for easy access. Store dry vegetables, food grains and packaged food items in this rack. Attach multiple layer basket to increase the storage space. This baskets are available easily and are budget friendly.

#Tip Add open shelves cabinets into your kitchen which will be budget-friendly and also will provide easy access to the kitchen accessories.

  These were the budget-friendly kitchen storage ideas. There are more re-used materials available today for kitchen storage. Try these ideas in your kitchen and see the results. 

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