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20 creative ways to lighten and brighten your living room

What is this life? If we live it in black and white... So, just as it is important to add color to our life, it goes so with our homes as well. Light and color can surely help to lighten as well as brighten the mood of the entire home and help to give your home that unique character and personality. What is the point of a beautifully designed place if you have to live in the dark? Thus, it is very important when you plan your interiors that you decide an appropriate color scheme and corresponding lighting to go with the same. You need to decide all the sources of light that you can gather from your living room. It can be in the form of wall lights, lights over the sofa or an eye-catching chandelier which illuminates the whole room.

By |December 17,2018|Living Room & Reception, Wall Shelves & Ledges

The lighting and the color scheme of the room are one of the first things which you need to think of before you design the entire décor of the room. 

Here are some truly creative ideas to plan that perfect color scheme and light up your room:

1. Take on turquoise:

You can pick a vibrant shade which adds that unique character to your room, making it feel bright and sunny during the day and warm and cozy during the night. It is recommended that you keep the flooring pale to add that balance. To add more texture to the room, you can also add some intricate designs with white on the artwork, shelving, lighting, and furniture to give a cool and saturated scheme.

2. Seeking harmony and balance in the color:

You can easily create the perfect blend of elegant shades to give your home that warm and yet stylish feel. You can add plum tones or shades of claret and dusky rose to make the place feel more comfortable. You may also color block a certain portion of the wall with a red wine color to highlight a particular aspect of the room. However, be wary while experimenting with softer browns and greys for any other accessories in the room.

3. Choose a bright shade:

If you wish to transform the entire vibe of your living room, you may experiment with a dark shade which will surely shine out. You can go for an emerald green shade which will surely help to add that splash of color and life to your living room.

4. Sweet as sugar:

You can add a sweet taste and flavor to your living room by picking a sweet pastel shade. However, it is not necessary when that when you are picking a pastel shade you need to go completely pale you can also add that tangy flavor to your room by choosing a brighter shade splashed on one of the walls, which will truly help to highlight that aspect as well as accentuate the sweetness of your living room.

5. Make it multi-colored:

If you have a huge family with children you can also experiment with colors and go for a multi-colored theme and make your house seem more lighted and colorful just like the little children of your home. You can choose a sofa with many colors and exciting cushions to add a sense of fun and pop to your family room. Keep in mind to paint a light shade of your room, we recommend you to choose white and keep the other furniture minimal to truly highlight the sofa of the room.

6. Get creative with the brush and strokes:

Paint does not always have to be a simple coat, you can also get creative by adding some unique brush strokes to give a more individualistic look. Layer an accent color over the top of a base color and dry-brush halfway up the wall to create a dip-dye effect. From Ombre to watercolor washes, the two-tone trend shows no signs of fading away.

7. Going over to the dark side:

You can create a sense of brooding and intrigue to your living room by using darker shades of paint to add a more dramatic effect. At first, it may feel like a risky move but if you choose the right shade and color scheme it can add a cool and mystique feel to your home. You can use a deep grey to add moody sophistication to a library or cozy nook.


8. Combine complementary colors:

Once you learn to block color in your home then you will not look back. You can start simple with a white base and then add blocks of color to accentuate the vibe of the room. However, try to match the shades of your room otherwise it will look like a rainbow. Bring the room to life by adding bright shades with lighter tones. This kind of a color mix will exude vibrancy and confidence to your room.

9. Shine bright like a star:

You can add bright shades which will help to give the illusion of light and also help to reflect the natural light of the room. You can experiment with shades of yellow like gold, maize, and honey. You can team it up with wood effect wallpaper and relaxed mid-century furniture for a cool and bright feel. Mixing these shades together can truly help to add depth to your room and give it some character.

10. Focus on the mix:

A successful lighting design combines many light sources from different parts of the room. You can add a number of lights either from the fixtures or also through the size of the windows which will help to determine the natural lighting in the room.

11. Find the perfect pair:

When the sun goes down, lamps do the job of lighting up the room. The room looks more symmetrical when you use twin lamps or lights. You can go for matching ceiling lamps or table lamps on the side table to give your room a sense of balance.

12. Try sculptural scones:

Have an empty wall with no artwork near the sofa, an easy way to add some character to the wall is by adding a sculptural scone shaped light on it. These lights are also ideal for small spaces or for a tablespace. You can experiment with colorful scones to add some extra texture or color to the room, or if you want a simpler look you can opt for a more minimalistic approach.

13. Add a centerpiece:

A centerpiece is surely a must if you wish to lighten up space with bright and attractive lighting. You can go for a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant. This piece can surely be a focal point of the room and switch up the atmosphere and set the mood of the room.

14. Multiple fixtures:

Sometimes, for a large room, a single overhead fixture may not be sufficient. In this case, you can consider adding multiple fixtures to the room. The key to making this look work is to stick with fairly simple fixtures that have clean silhouettes and to hang them on a grid rather than in random spots throughout the ceiling.

15. Ceiling Accent:

When it comes to ideas of lighting up your living room don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You can add an accentuated light on the perimeters of your ceiling to add a unique detail which is not common to most living rooms. Ceiling accent surely helps to add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room.

16. Maximize space and function:

You can easily combine a light fixture with a ceiling fan to make the most of the space and also add more functionality. Rather than trying to overdo by installing both lights and fans you can add them both together and make a unique combination of light and air.

17. Let your art shine:

Your art collection deserves to be displayed with a lot of pride and elegance. There are a number of options that you can try while experimenting with art lights to make it truly shine. You can opt for picture lights, track lighting, wall washers, and ceiling-mounted accent lights. You can also install picture lights on bookcases to highlight framed pieces, objects, and collections.


18. Illuminate a corner:

You can take advantage of an empty corner in the living room and create a calm and cozy corner for curling up with the perfect book. You can easily add a floor lamp near a big and cozy armchair, to illuminate a corner and add the perfect getaway lost in your book.

19. Play with the pattern:

Use color and pattern very carefully especially when you talk about a living room with a breathtaking view. You can use a mix of beautiful shades with organic patterns on the cushions and furniture, enough so that it can be noticed along with enjoying the amazing view.

20. Focus on one color:

Sometimes, using the palette of just one color to the room can give it a striking effect. Stick to just two main colors, such as blue and white, and use them in specific areas so they balance each other out. This will free you up to use different patterns without making the room’s décor look sporadic and overwhelming. Bring in a single piece of furniture in black and the contrast will turn it into a centerpiece.

Well, then get going and explore with all the wonderful ideas to spice up and create that perfect living room with the exceptional balance of light and color.

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