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20 Amazing Lighting Ideas This Diwali 2020

Looking out for lighting decor this diwali , look no further, Best lighting ideas to use at homes and offices this diwali. Amazing and easy diwali ideas to use

By |October 21,2020|Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting & Accessories

Decorating your house during this festive seasons is a must and if you are out of ideas, then don’t worry, we have some really interesting decoration ideas that might come in handy. But then for those people who might want to indulge in the festivities and also try out some unique way of decorating your house with an array of splendid colours and vibes, then we got you covered. Hence let us take an interesting take on 20 amazing lighting ideas that you can use this Diwali. 

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1. Led lighting diyas

If eco-friendly Diwali is what you aim to have this year, then these LED diyas are the thing for you. They are the perfect substitute to regular ones and are harmless as well. They are smoke-free and give out some really bright light that can illuminate the entire room effortlessly. They don’t cost much and are long lasting as well. Some even come with a plug as well. So using them will be of no hassle at all. 

2. LED swastika or om lights


Being spiritual and give your temple room another takes by having these lights can make it really bright and wonderful. These lights are multicoloured and blink at different intervals of time to flood your pooja room with the brightest of colours. It is readily available online and can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel in your worship room. Something really new and exciting in the market to elevate the joyfulness of Diwali by many folds. 

3. Water lamps


water lamps are really special in order to make a particular spot of your home feel different and bright. They happen to have some special kind of salts in them such that when electricity is passed it gives out some spectacular colours and patterns that is really mesmerizing to the naked eye. But then you might not be dazzled by them as a Diwali product. but something different that you can try this Diwali. 


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4. Electric Diya stand


If getting a regular Diya stand is not your thing, then these electric Diya stand is the one for you. They happen to have led bulbs on each of the steps such that when switched on, they give out the presence of actually diyas. They are eco-friendly and literally don’t give out any kind of smoke. A perfect piece to decorate your pooja room. 

5. Falling LED lights


The name literally means the same. These are something that you buy off the market that is stuck to the edges of your house to depict some falling colours that makes it really special. Not only this but they are multicoloured and give out some interesting colours that you can play around with. Really brings out the beauty of the festival. 

6. Rice lights


You might have already seen these kinds of lights in someone's wedding or in some function but then during the festival of Diwali, you can use them to decorate your house and make them fall from the roof of your house to add brightness of your house and make it look spectacular. There are different colours available, so feel free to play with your imagination. 

Easy Guide For Eco-Friendly Diwali

Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas

7. Hanging lanterns

Lanterns are usually either made to fly in the air or just made to float, but then hanging lanterns can be purchased and hung near the balcony of your house to ensure that they create some form of effect through the type of light that you put inside of it. Not only this but then there are various shapes and sizes that you can choose from thus making it really good addition in the overall decoration of your house. 

8. LED strip lights

LED strip lights are very common when it comes down to the external decoration of trucks and tempo. But then using them to create some really interesting shapes and figure on the wall of your house can add spark and bring the festival of lights to life. They also can be used outdoors and create some unique effect to make your house look special. 

9. Pattern lightening

What this means to say is that in the rangoli that you make, placing certain days here and there to bring the rangoli to life is what it means. It is something that adds the charm and beauty to the overall image and makes it appealing as well. 

10. Homemade chandeliers

Tying up of string lights to a hula hoop and then handing it from the ceiling not only makes an amazing decoration piece but brings an amazing replacement to the standard chandelier that you might be using. Its very simple to make and literally, costs nothing at all. 

11. Jar lights

To add depth and volume to your empty racks and shelves in your house, you can place some led bulbs in some opaque jars that you might have lying around. Turing them on creates a special effect of luminance and makes it a wonderful sight to gaze upon. Something that everything can try effortlessly. 

12. Bangle lamps

Taking few bangles and stacking them one on top of each other and then playing a Diya in them makes it illuminate light in different colours because of the various depth in colours present in the bangles. Not only this but then it can be used to cover little corners of the house where there might be no form of lightning and fills the house with bright colours. 

13. Paper cup lights

Regular ropes of LED might be really bland and not be interesting to look at. But then adding some interesting paper cups with some form of cutouts really elevates the overall feel of the LED rope and can also elevate the décor in which it is being put up. 

14. Bottle lights

If you have any kind of empty glass bottles that are lying around and have no use at all. Then cut the bottle off with special care and place light bulbs inside them and hand them from the ceiling to create a façade of different lightings that can be something different and will add more colours to the already existing lights. 

15. Mini disco lights

These small disco lights have the tendency to flood the room from one corner of the house effortlessly and give the room a different sense of colours. Not only this but then they are really effective and have a really long lasting battery life, such that they can be placed anywhere and can last for a really long period of time. There are many shapes and sizes that you can find in the market and also some move from one place to another, so pick your choice and make the most of it. 

16. Floating diyas 

If you have a pool or pond in your house, then taking some of the diyas and placing them on the pool or ponds really causes some firefly effect and creates a different experience altogether. But then if you don't have any kind of pond or pool, then take a tub, fill it with water and then add petals and place the diyas on top of the water to create a really magical look and feel in this festive season when you decorate your house. They are a cheap alternative to look fancy but yet cost a fraction of the things that you might get in the market. 

17. Drape lighting

Decorating the interiors of your house has never been simpler than just taking some drape lighting and putting it on the edges and over the doors and windows such that it creates some bright entrances through the doors and windows. Something that you can try and just requires some form of sticking tape to keep it all in place. Or you can either decorate your entire house with the help of these lightings. Indoors also can be done as the tip mentioned above and outside can give a prominent look into the overall look and feel about the house in general. 

18. Garland lighting decoration

garlands in Diwali are something that happens to be used a lot and thus can be used to decorate your house as well. Twirling up of the lighting drapes around the garlands can give an additional lighting effect and also add some form of aroma from the flowers and brightness from the light. It’s a different methodology of trying to use this method this festive seasons mainly because of the fact that it is really cheap to make and also can add the essence of Diwali at your home. 

19. Transparent bell lighting

Bells are of various shapes and sizes such that the inside of the bell can be removed and then a light bulb can be placed such that the light flows out of the holes of the bells. Something that you can try when you decorate your house and also make it really interesting and different to try. But these are a really cheap option that everyone can try and also adapt. Not only for Diwali but then in a day to day life, you can harness this idea for some beautiful house decoration ideas. 

20. Stacking up of lights

Well decorating your house doesn’t mean that it should be hanging or attached in one place. But then placing stacks of glasses which have diyas in them can be placed one on top of each other to create a pyramid of diyas that can a really interesting take as an artefact. It also can be used on a daily basis where you can light up an entire room and cause it to be a centre of attraction during the party that you might have at your place during Diwali.

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