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20 Creative bathroom designs

The bathroom is the place which helps you to relax with a warm shower after a long day at work. The first thing which we do once we wake up is visit the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most essential and widely used room in the house therefore it is but obvious that it should be a place where you can relax, and the décor of the bathroom offers a calm and relaxing décor. A beautiful bathroom design also makes your guests feel welcome and helps you to reflect who you are as a person. In the world of interior designing today, designing the bathroom is becoming a popular trend. While designing the bathroom there are many different kinds of materials which you can use and many different styles which you can try like tiles, sanitary ware, light fixtures, and so on. You can also add a more creative look to your bathroom by a unique color scheme.

By |February 01,2019|Bathtubs & Whirlpools, Bath Tub Walls & Surrounds

We have curated a list of some wonderful bathroom designs for your home, which can fit well in any size of the bathroom and give it a beautiful and relaxing look.

1. Add storage:

Gone are the days when you would be stuffing all your essentials and tightly packing them into a cabinet. Rather, showcase your colorful and textured towels in open shelving. This will help to eliminate large and unnecessary furniture pieces and add some warmth and playful colors to your space.

Some ideas that you can adopt:

  • To display your storage in an attractive way add some floating shelves.
  • Adding a colorful storage ladder is a great place to store containers and showcase your personality.
  • You can also add wooden crates and stack it up by drilling it onto the wall or placing it on the ground for accessible storage.
  • Sink skirts add flair and hide the cleaning products.

2. Be Functional:

One of the most important things to keep in mind for a small bathroom is to increase functionality. You can easily make mistakes when it comes to adding unwanted elements which hinder functionality. Do not add any knick-knacks or other objects which don’t serve a purpose in the bathroom.

Some useful tips to be more functional:

  • You can store the cotton balls and other swabs on floating shelves.
  • Install a hamper below the sink.
  • Store personal products rather than displaying them and thus minimize counter space.
  • You can also add some cabinets under the cabinets and above washer/dryer units.

3. Plan your palette:

Keep in mind the color palette that you want for your bathroom design when you decide to paint it. If you are choosing an accent color it may take some more time. Neutral colors help to make your bathroom feel calm and aesthetically pleasing.

Some things to keep in mind while choosing the palette:

  • For the base of your bathroom you can choose a neutral palette.
  • To add some creativity and depth to those neutral palettes you can add some textures and patterns.
  • A bathroom should always be clean, and the color white is associated with the cleanliness.

4. Add pops of color:

To add a more creative and lively look to your bathroom you can experiment with different pops of color. This includes adding some colorful hand towels, bathroom tiles, rugs or even robes to create your own ambience and flair.

  • To add some color and personality add bold and vibrant towels and robes.
  • For a creative and designer touch to your bathroom you can display stylish soap dishes and other accessories.
  • For that wow factor paint an accent color to your mirror.

5. Organic Accents:

The materials which we usually use in the bathroom is ceramic and porcelain surfaces, but adding some organic color and texture goes a long way in making the room look and feel more personal. Try a carved wood stool, fringed towels, a woven basket or kilim-style rug.

6. Sculptural Tub:

If you have some additional space in your bathroom, you can make it look stylish and creative by adding a luxurious soak which will help you check off on your check list of a luxurious bath. The organic shape of the tub is pleasing to the eye, having a raised back will make it easy for you to relax and recline while you soak in comfort.

7. Wood look shiplap:

If you want to achieve a beach inspired look for your bath, don’t worry about the water damage. You can add a Corian sheet which can give it the look of a shiplap. You can create a beautiful master bathroom by adding poplar shiplap sliding to match the Corian fiber. A spacious shower with glass surround, gooseneck shower head and gray hex tiles on the floor complete the fresh, coastal look.

8. Beach glam style:

Too fond of the beach and yet want a glamorous look for your home?

Don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you.

You can add a shimmering and shell like backsplash with some gleaming scones paired with a frameless mirror to set a glamorous tone for your bath. Further, by adding some crisp white shiplap walls and keep the mirror simple by helping the things feel over the top.

9. Black and white bathroom:

A black and white bathroom is gaining more and more popularity today. To add a chic look to your place accessorize with some bright subway white tile and charcoal grey paint on the wall. To take it to the next level finish up the look with a black and white tile on the floor. To end on a strong note add an on trend two-tone stool paired with a graphic towel and maidenhair fern in a black pot.

10. Add some plants:

If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive decorating idea you can try to incorporate some plants in your bathroom. You can beautifully create a small corner stone garden in your bathroom with the shape and size of the plant depending upon the space in your bathroom.

11. Hanging lights:

To give your bathroom a more rich and luxurious feel you can also incorporate some lights in your bathroom. You can find hanging light shades available in many different designs and colors making it easier for you to customize and personalize your bathroom.

12. Fresh traditional bathroom:

A beautifully designed bathroom helps to lift up your senses and makes you feel invigorated. Adding lots of white, green and tons of light with a bamboo Roman shade can make the bathroom feel nice and refreshing to wash the day off.

13. Minimal spa bathroom:

The essence of luxury is not always in abundance, but in the absence of what is not necessary. You can create this bathroom with a lot of open space which will help you achieve a great spa feel and getting only what is needed. A simple freestanding tub, a classic marble countertop, and a refinished chandelier give this space all the character it needs.

14. Waterfall style walk-in shower:

We all have at least at some point of our lives fantasized about showering under a refreshing waterfall on a tropical island or in a tropical forest. Having a water fall style shower will help you live this dream everyday and help you feel something special. Further it is also a great change from the typical rain shower heads.

15. Minimal rustic bathroom:

It is not necessary for a bathroom to be extravagant in order to look great. You can easily create a minimalistic bathroom which looks great making the best out of the available décor. You can have a short wooden ladder to hang the towels, a concrete floor and an open wood vanity. The frameless mirror adds to the rustic feel of the home.

16. Industrial bathroom style:

If you want your bathroom to stand out one of the things that you can try is painting the door black. The white around the other parts of the bathroom and the black door helps to add a great contrast to the whole room. Adding some industrial style finishing like lighting, brass faucets and exposed piping can add a lot of extra personality to the otherwise boring white bathroom.

17. Luxurious children’s bathroom:

This kind of a bathroom is perfect for both children as well as adults. The bathroom avoids any distracting elements and focuses on providing a blank canvass for the children’s creativity.

18. Bathroom with multiple style tiles:

This bathroom style inspires you to use many different styles of tiles in the bathroom. You can add a hexagonal shape for the floor, brick tile around the bath, and blue patterned mosaic around the sink: it could be overwhelming, but it isn't.

19. Blonde wood and limestone bathroom:

This kind of a bathroom features a warm, luxurious and light-colored natural wood rendering you with the perfect Zen space. This bathroom focuses on the natural elements helping you to enjoy a wonderful place to relax and contemplate life.

20. Sleek and contemporary bathroom:

You can design a modern bathroom which looks sleek and fine. To add that fineness to your bathroom decorate with stylish designs like a tank less toilet and modern vases in the window. You can even add some extra space for books and magazines which you can reach from the tub. This is the excellent inspiration for a minimalistic style.


Here was a list of some wonderful bathroom design ideas which you can easily implement if you are looking to design or remodel your bathroom for a rich and relaxing experience.


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