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18 Creative Terrace Ideas

Gone are those days when we used to use rooftops and terraces just for washing and drying clothes, drying spices or pickles. Nowadays more importance is being accorded to rooftops and terraces equivalent to living rooms and bedrooms. Today, in urban areas as the cities and towns are turning into concrete jungles a terrace is one of the few open places where you can go to relieve yourself from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life. These spaces provide an added luxury and space with some fresh air and also offer an amazing view (depending upon the location).

By |January 22,2019|Gardening, Pots & Planters

You can easily transform a boring terrace space into something very beautiful with the help of some stones, wood, concrete floor and greenery. We will provide you with a list of some truly beautiful designing ideas which will transform your terrace into your own personal paradise.

1. Squeeze in a mini greenhouse:

If you are looking to design a modern outdoor space which is both stylish and elegant, you can easily achieve this look by incorporating a mini greenhouse. You can opt for a thin cabinet style design which can be fixed against a wall against a sun-drenched spot outside.


2. Get some plants:

One of the great ways to decorate an open space is by adding some greenery. Many people in cities often complain about the lack of green spaces in the city. So, if you are lucky enough to have a terrace of your own add some refreshing plants. You can have different plants like wall planters, flower baskets or even creepers if your terrace wall allows for the same. Further to add an element of calm and relaxation to space you can also grow some flowers and herbs in pots.


3. Design the lighting:

Once you have successfully added plants to the garden, the next step is to incorporate the lighting. A well thought out lighting scheme will help you access the terrace during the night as well as transform it into a truly beautiful and wonderful sight. You can use up lights for architectural plants like ferns or palms, or you can also use LED lights hung over a wall to give a gorgeous look to the place.


4. Screen it:

Many city gardens often come with the issue of lack of privacy and exposure to the elements. To get that privacy back to your space you can also add a lush fast growing wall of plants to add an instant evergreen look to your space. This will not only help to create an evergreen screen but also add extra volume and height to your valuable space.


5. Add some fragrance:

When you are designing your terrace you not only want it to look good but also feel good. To achieve that feeling you can add some aroma to the place which will help to stimulate your senses whenever you visit the space. To achieve this aroma you can add some scented climbers which are multi-functional or plant the edges of the kitchen garden with lush Trachelospermum jasminoides hedges which not only produce a gorgeously glossy backdrop to other plants, they also fill the air with the rich and heady smell of jasmine at night.


6. Grow your own:

If you decide to intermingle the plants with different kinds of trees, shrubs, and perennials with edibles you can easily pick out your dinner for the better part of the year. The terrace offers you the perfect space to grow many vegetables and fruits to render you with a fresh and nutritious salad for your meal.


7. Relax in a hammock:

If you want your terrace to be the ultimate relaxing spot, go for a hammock. The hammock will offer you the highest level of relaxation and the best part is that it can be squeezed into a small patch of the space. This will instantly transform your space into a chilled out scene and be a rival to any bar in Goa!


#Tip: Hang the hammock under a shade to receive the perfect snoozing spot.


8. Introduce low walls that double as seating:

In today's time of small and compact spaces, you may not have a very lavish terrace space. In that case, you may only have room for a chair or two. This makes it inconvenient especially if you are having guests over. By adding some raised beds to the surrounding walls will not only help you to accommodate some extra space but also allow you to cater better to the plants. To make the place look more colorful and lively you can also add some cushions for color and comfort.


9. Put up some shelves:

To make your terrace look prettier you can add some extra shelves to space. This provides you with some extra surface area to add pots and pretty accessories. Ideally, make these shelves by brick since a regular garden fence may not be able to take the weight.


10. Paint the walls white:

When doing up your exteriors like the terrace, you can also borrow some tips from the interior. White is often used to make a small space look brighter and livelier and you can adopt the same principle while doing up your outdoors. White is an excellent choice since it will help in the brightening and lightening of the outdoors with the natural light.


11. Brighten up with colorful furniture:

You can transform the smallest of a place into something wonderful by incorporating some pops of color. If your garden is short on square footage, a planted terrace can be a good solution, combining elegance with low maintenance.

To make the ideal outdoors just add some comfortable seating. It is not necessary that your seating colors need to match, you can go for some vibrant colors like orange, pink or aqua.


12. Plant a multi-tasking garden:

If you are tight on space when it comes to your terrace you need to be very careful with the equipment that is available for you. You can add a raised flower bed along with garden wall and garden seat all rolled into one to receive a well-planned space. The greenery on your terrace will help to provide shade and privacy, whereas the wall will offer a ledge to put up lanterns along with practical seating options. Throw in some cushions to bring the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors.


13. Mix your media:

You can add a crisp and yet contemporary look to your place by adding some strong landscaped lines. Create interesting interlocking zones with distinctive materials, such as wood stained decking, pale patio slabs, and decorative stones or chippings. This will provide you with some structured greenery and a controlled finish which will be easy to maintain.


14. Focus on the furniture:

If you wish to create an illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is, you can add furniture towards the end of the space. Go for furniture which is white and position it towards the back of a paved area.

You can make the place look bigger and more beautiful by playing hide and seek with the way the plants are planted that will make you feel that there is more to see. You can also add plants with all heights and areas that include climbers and ramblers, evergreen shrubs, sculptural grasses and ground cover, all enlivened by color-heavy cottage-garden favorites such as foxglove and delphinium.


15. Try chalet chic:

Add the look of a chalet balcony to create a smart decked area. To create a chic outdoor room feel you can also make use of pale wood to boost the sense of furniture. To make the space a place where you can spend more time of your day add a teak modular sofa and position it centrally. You will get a more natural feel and frame the balcony with evergreens on organic box planters.


16. Build a cool cabana:

To make your place feel more comfortable and cozy, create a small spot of shade in your space by adding a homemade sun lounger. All you need is a few square feet, budget materials, and your imagination. You can make it look more creative by adding a bolster in a funky geometric fabric.


17. Perfect your look:

Don't worry if you have a small plot and not enough space to add too much of natural greenery, you can still create the look of a colorful garden with flower-filled pots and planters. To make the space feel brighter and lighter you can also opt for neutral walls and flooring making it perfect for a small space.


18. Add a water feature:

There is nothing more relaxing in a space than a cool water feature. If you have the permissions you can enjoy the luxury of having an infinity pool. Or if not, you can also add a waterfall or some fountains to elevate the look of the place making it look more calm and relaxing.



So, get those creative juices flowing and transform your terrace into a comfortable retreat or a fun space for entertaining people.






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