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17 cool and awesome gadgets that can be used in a conference or meeting room

In today’s fast-growing business environment, it is not always easy to gather everyone together in a business environment for face to face meetings and make them feel excited about the same. Team members are many times scattered all over the world and so may be the vendors and buyers. Luckily, there is technology which is here to make things simpler and much cooler for you. No matter how much we sometimes wish to replace the conference rooms, many times it is the only place where things actually get done. Having the right conference room can help to boost the collaboration between the team members and help to improve the communication process.

By |October 18,2019|Office Work, Other Office Equipment

Here is a list of some cool and awesome gadgets which you can use in your meeting room or conference room:

1. Google Jamboard:

The Jamboard is the cool kid on the block. It helps to enable smart collaboration by bringing together the world of physical and digital creativity. It helps to increase co-operation on an excellent scale for your team whether they are in the conference room or dispersed anywhere over the world.

The Jamboard is a 55-inch digital whiteboard with a stylus and digital eraser for cloud-based collaboration. Along with wi-fi connectivity, an HD camera, and built-in speakers, the Jamboard has a best-in-class touch response time, according to Google.

The board works with G Suite, so users can pull up Google Docs or Sheets as part of their meeting and work on them together, in real time.


2. Samsung Flip:

The Samsung Flip functions similar to the Google Jamboard. The display is like that of a digital whiteboard where users can make and annotate charts with a smart stylus. This is a smart device with an embedded search feature which helps you to locate the past projects efficiently.

The main difference between the Flip and similar devices is the Flip's ability to connect to other devices. Either through a USB connection or wirelessly, users can see Flip content on their laptop or smartphone and share content from their personal device to the board.

It also enables the members to connect it to their phone and upload content as you move ahead with the meeting. The device comes with an added security feature which helps you to protect the safety of your files.


3. Cisco SmartBoard:

Another unique addition to the digital whiteboard is the Cisco Smart Board. This smartboard offers you with smart data encryption and wireless connections. The board supports a wireless pairing technology which helps to support and aid in the brainstorming sessions in the meeting or conference. The wireless pairing technology not only enables efficient brainstorming sessions but also helps to save a lot of valuable time.


4. Microsoft Surface Hub:

Microsoft offers one of the best solutions to replace many outdated technologies such as conference phone hubs, web cameras, and overhead projectors. The Hub supports several apps, including Skype for Business and Office apps, so users can pull up content to discuss and work on during a meeting.


5. Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote:

Delivering the presentation while acing that perfect pitch is a nerve-wracking scenario. But Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote makes things softer and smoother. It provides an attractive minimalistic design along with innovating features which helps you pinpoint and highlight the important aspects of your presentation.


6. Writey Desk Dry Erase Desk:

Ideas do not flow with a time or place they just strike you, giving you that Eureka moment. So, why not write down that idea before it slips from your mind. It provides you with a completely sleek surface which allows you to pen down your ideas directly on the desk. It is perfect for taking quick notes while you’re on a call or scribbling down your next million-dollar idea. In fact, it is arguably the best thing to happen to desks since chairs.


7. SMART kapp 42 Capture board:

You can easily streamline your meetings by using the latest technology available in the market. This gadget may appear to be like an ordinary whiteboard but it is incredibly intelligent and connected. It provides a dry erase marker which allows every team member to participate and view everything that you draw and write on the Capture board.


8. Portiko- Power within reach by Bluelounge:

Getting your power discharged during the most important part of the meeting?

You don’t need to create the commotion by finding a power source for your laptop or device in the middle of the meeting. The solution is here with Portiko.

Portiko is a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports. This cord was smartly created to expand the amount of functionality from a single socket and allow many people to work from the same place. With two 110V outlets and two USB ports, you can plug in two laptops, an iPad, and a phone at once.


9. Plume- The world’s first self-optimizing wifi:

High-speed internet is something which is an essential component to find that vital piece of information that you may require for that crucial point in the meeting. This clever device comes in the form of pods and puts the router in the cloud to provide all-over access wirelessly. An incredible feature of this device is that it automatically adapts to your needs and the different devices in real time.


10. LEGO Inspired Tech Takes Your Multimedia by Storm:

This device is inspired by LEGOs, making it the first stackable HD projector with a Win10 tablet and power bank combined. This makes it easy to display all your digital content and multimedia with the blink of an eye. iBeam BLOCK’s modular design comes packed with everything (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Micro USB, MicroSD card, HDMI interface, etc.) you need to seamlessly go from a killer office presentation to a personal entertainment powerhouse.


11. Think Board XL — Reusable Writing Surface:

Think Board is a clear film that can turn any surface into a dry-erase/whiteboard writing surface! You can place it anywhere on the wall, door, desk or fridge to leave an important message or a reminder of sorts. It is very easy to use with a simple peel and stick. The best part is that it does not leave back any marks or sticky residue on the surfaces.


12. Joan Digital Door Label for Meeting Rooms:

This device helps to bring some order to the daily chaos and hustle of the office life. It functions more than just a device and helps to make sure that everyone in the office is informed about the important news and daily events which are taking place. Simply attach the devices outside of meeting rooms, connect the devices to your calendar, and Joan will display all the relevant information. It helps to keep everyone on the same page and avoid last-minute delays and other shortcomings.


13. Meeting Owl:

A connecting board is not the only solution to streamlining the meetings. You can also experiment with other different tools like the meeting owl.  The Meeting Owl is 360 degrees shaped rotating video camera. The Owl sits in the middle of each meeting pivoting to the person who speaks and drawing more attention to the conversation making it feel livelier and more interactive rather than feeling one-sided. Body language and facial expressions also become clearer, allowing for a more personal experience.


14. Alexa for Business:

The device has several skills which make meetings run more smoothly. Alexa can find an open conference room and control equipment in the room, including starting calls for participants. You can leave some of the time consuming and tricky tasks for Alexa to perform making the work easier for you and giving you the time to concentrate on other tasks.


15. Smart Films:

You can go the unique way by going for Smart Films. These films can be used effectively to block the light from shining on the screen and increasing the glare, making it difficult to read. It also helps to keep the meeting more private. Smart Film from Glass Apps is an adhesive product that can adjust the opacity of glass, whether they're interior panels or exterior windows. When a meeting room is not in use, the film can be turned off.


16. Virtual Keyboards:

Many times, carrying around too many devices like your cell phone, iPad, laptop and so on can make it quite a hassle. Using a virtual keyboard can project it anywhere that you like and connect it to smartphones, tablets and other devices. This small projection box will cut down the number of items that you have to carry as well as add that cooler and awesome look to your meetings making it livelier and interesting.


17. Crestron Mercury:

The Crestron Mercury is an all-in-one tabletop solution that works with any web collaboration platform or calling application. Through the device, all team members can participate regardless of what conferencing application they're using.

The Mercury can track room usage, book rooms for meetings, and also features built-in Air Media for wireless presentations.


In this increasingly digital world, add that spice to your meeting by bridging together the gap between the technology and people making the meetings more productive, interactive and lively.

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