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17 Efficient low cost kitchen gadgets that you will want to try immediately

One of the fastest and best ways to eating healthy is cooking your own meal which will help you get your budget under control. So to get your cooking going you need to stock up your kitchen with all the essential tools. Just like an army needs to be equipped with the necessary armory before the war so do you with your kitchen armory before cooking the perfect meal. A fully equipped kitchen should not cost a fortune to stock. There are many great products that you can use in the kitchen or display on the dining table. Some may be very expensive or others might be premium products.

By |February 03,2019|Kitchen Appliance & Accessories, Kitchenaid Blenders


We have curated a list of 17 kitchen products which are not only useful but are also light on the pocket.

1. A cook’s knife:

A sturdy and razor-sharp knife is one of the most important tools in any kitchen. You can find this knife in many different sizes, shapes, and price making it the weapon of choice in most of the kitchens. This high carbon steel knife is surely a utilitarian workhorse.

Average cost: 69-75 Rupees

2. Mortar and pestle:

One of the oldest and most essential cooking tools for any kitchen is the mortar and pestle. There is absolutely no substitute available, even if you decide to use a food processor or a blender it won’t always give you the same effect.

A food processor or blender will definitely help you to chop up the ingredients into tiny pieces but a mortar lets you mash them into smithereens, breaking down more cell walls (without bruising delicate ingredients like herbs) to give you more flavorful curry pastes and better pesto.

Average cost: 65-450 Rupees

3. Restaurant style food containers:

Your kitchen consists of larger items of food to be stored for which too many small containers may end up occupying a lot of space. You can purchase a huge container which is made up of nearly indestructible plastic and has strong airtight lids which is easy to stack, have high volume markers, and the best part is that it is dirt cheap.

Average cost- 350-1400 Rupees

4. Hand blender:

A hand blender is a handy and effective tool which also does not hog up a lot of precious kitchen counter space. This blade is effective and it can handle anything from whirring to chopping to whipping making your prep job a 1000 times easier and faster.

There are many different things which you can make with the help of a blender from pesto, salads, marinades, smoothies, mayonnaise, whipped cream, sauce, scrambled eggs, and batter and so on.

Average cost: 700-1000 Rupees

5. Manual lemon squeezer:

Squeezing a lemon with your bare hands when you need to get things done quickly can be quite the time-consuming task and you may not even get the best results. Especially if you are making fresh lemonade or a homemade margarita it is quite a tiresome job. So, make use of this simple manual lemon squeezer which is effective and will help you get the last bit of juice out of the lemon.

Average cost: 70-100 Rupees

6. Ice cube tray:

If you are having guests over regularly or you are someone who loves to enjoy a drink at the end of the day, a cube of ice is the perfect addition to your drink. You can get a highball ice cube tray which will leave more surface area in the same glass once you add it to the drink. Thus helping it dilute your favorite cocktail faster. In simpler terms: These jumbo cubes won't water down your perfect old fashioned or spicy margarita.

Average cost: 60-200 Rupees

7. Food chopper:

For simple and fast cooking use this simple and handy food chopper which can easily chop vegetables including tear-inducing onions, and even whole nuts which you can use to make a small batch of soup, a vegetable or even a quick salad.

Average cost: 180-800 Rupees

8. Swiss peeler:

A Swiss peeler is one of the go-to items for some of the best chefs in the world. This peeler is easy to handle and fast working to complete any task quickly and swiftly. However, make sure that the blade is completely dry before you decide to toss it into the drawer as the grooves in the blade are prone to holding water droplets.

Average cost: 250-400 Rupees

9. Stainless steel tongs:

Tongs are used to hold the various hot objects in the kitchen very carefully and easily. Their silicon grips run a bit further up the sides of the tong so a more choked-up grip is possible should you need it for heavier flips.

Average cost: 200-500 Rupees

10. Slow cooker:

Another must-have gadget in your kitchen is the slow cooker also known as a crockpot. This beauty is a great gadget to cook leftover meals, toss it with some broth and you have got yourself some delicious soup.

A crock pot is a gadget that definitely finds its way into families with a busy schedule, where different family members eat at different times of the day. Using this simple cooking method, they can each eat a hot meal without requiring you to put in the effort of cooking multiple times.

Average cost: 1000-3000 Rupees

11. Rubber Spatulas:

Having a good set of spatulas in at least three different sizes will help you save time and money in the kitchen. It will help you to avoid any unnecessary wastage of food and help you use the last of the mayonnaise or pouring batter from a mix that you have just prepared. Not just that, a rubber spatula is also the perfect tool to spread much better than butter knives and help you accomplish the job in one swoop. It is also a huge time saver if you are making sandwiches for many people.

Average cost: 80-200 Rupees 

12. Stainless steel grater:

A good grater will help you save a great deal of time and help you grate not only cheese but also other raw vegetables from radishes to potatoes and much more. Further, it will also not take too much of effort to do your own grating and you will also find that grating some items is much faster than chopping it with a knife.

Average cost: 10-100 Rupees

13. Steel colander:

A steel colander is a perfect tool with small holes to easily drain plentiful without losing the food. The other added advantage is that it is rust-proof and also safe to put in the dishwasher.

Average cost: 250-600 Rupees

14. Non-stick pan:

If you treat them right they will last for a very long period of time. This pan gives you the liberty to easily make all omelets and other non-stick dishes that you want. Just keep in mind to not scrap the delicate non-stick coating and you are good. These pans also come with a limited lifetime warranty as well.

Average cost: 350-1500 Rupees

15. Plastic cutting board:

The best cutting board should fulfill four main criteria:

  • stick to the countertop
  • they should not bend
  • cheap
  • made of plastic

Do away with wooden cutting boards as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and also very expensive.

Average cost: 190-300 Rupees

16. Masala Dabba:

This complete set of tins is the staple for any Indian kitchen is one of the best ways to use the spices in an easy to use kit. The idea behind this is to store all your spices in a small amount and combine them together for the best results. Now all of your favorite spices are safely segregated but grouped together for easy access.

Average cost: 300-500 Rupees

17. Spider strainer:

This handy strainer is the best solution when it comes to rescuing noodles, pasta, dumplings, vegetables or fritters or anything else from a pot of bubbling water or oil. This strainer is more effective than a slotted spoon and strains faster which gives you more control over the food you cook.

Average cost: 60-200 Rupees

Summing it up:

So, there you have it some of the best kitchen gadgets under 3000 rupees that will help you save time, money and hours of hassle.



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