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17 Advantages of wooden flooring

If we look at it today, many people are turning to hardwood flooring for their homes. Some people prefer this look due to the classic look of wood over carpet or tiles, while some others prefer it due to its easy to clean and maintain attributes. Wooden flooring adds warmth, character, and style to any property whether it is old or new. The initial cost of wooden flooring is higher than carpet or linoleum but it can last for a lifetime if regular maintenance and necessary repairs are carried out from time to time. Carpets, linoleum or laminate products, unfortunately, don't fare as well over time regarding general wear and tear so you may find yourself replacing these far more often as the years go by and in turn costing you more time and money than initially expected.

By |December 24,2018|Flooring Materials, Hardwood Flooring

Here is a list of 17 advantages of wooden flooring:

1. Strong and Durable:

One of the main reasons why people prefer wooden flooring is due to its strength and high durability. Sure, these floors can also get scratched or dented, but it is not easy to do so and if you take proper care, hardwood flooring can last for a lifetime.

Further, being natural products, they can hold the warmth better than other floorings like laminates, tiles or stone floors that are much more comfortable especially during colder climates. The making of wooden flooring is such that they are incredibly tough and will stand up to heavy footfall in both domestic and commercial environments.


2. Maintenance and Hygiene:

Cleaning and maintaining wooden flooring are quite simple and easy. The floor is more resistant to liquid spills and dirt, making it easy to wipe or brush it away. This straightaway gives you the peace of mind when it comes to cleaning after pets or children.

Hygienically wood floors are far better than carpets. Pet owners and allergy sufferers will particularly benefit from this as wood floors do not harbor parasites such as fleas, dust mites, ticks or allergen producing spores. Also, unpleasant odors left behind by pets or liquids that have been spilled will no longer be an issue thanks to the simplicity of cleaning a wooden floor.


3. Enhance the look of your home:

Wooden floors make your home feel warm and also add a touch of elegance to your home. It also gives your place the illusion of looking bigger than it actually is. It also gives a more welcoming look to your home and helps you make that lasting first impression on guests.


4. Adds value to your home:

Wooden floors can also help to add value to your home especially when it comes to selling your house since buyers will pay more for a hardwood floor as compared to a carpet. Many homeowners do not want a carpet which is used by other people as they view it as a petri dish to provoke allergy symptoms. Therefore, they consider replacing the existing carpets, thus, they prefer a house with hardwood floors. Thus, hardwood floors will help you to sell your house faster whenever you need to.


5. Color does not fade:

It so happens that carpet loses its luster and charm over a period of time. This color can get damaged due to the paint and change throughout time due to wear and tear. This issue will not occur in case of hardwood floors. The steady appearance of hardwood is one of the reasons why hardwood lasts for so many years and rarely need to be replaced.


6. Can be refinished:

Want to change the color of your floors?

You can easily do it on wooden floors. Unlike carpet or tile, this type of flooring can be refinished rather than replaced. This helps you to save on your cost and also saves you the hassle of buying or installing new flooring. Maybe if you bought a new home and don’t like the color of the flooring all you have to do is sand the color off and stain them to your liking. It's as easy as that and much cheaper than replacing the whole thing.


7. Improve acoustics in your home:

Wood is a great agent to absorb hollow sounds or any other vibrations which may occur. This is one of the reasons why many dance and music studios have wooden flooring. Though, if you’re looking for a wood-like flooring that reduces noise, vinyl or cork may be the better choice here.


8. Better air quality:

Hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter or other common allergens, thus improving the air quality of your home. If you suffer from frequent allergies wooden flooring is the perfect choice for you. Even though tile and laminate do not have the fibers that carpet has, they still have grout lines and an embossing. These grout lines and embossing are a great place for dust and other allergens to settle.


9. Long lasting:

Although hardwood floors are easy to maintain, durable and provide better air quality they may also be an expensive option to purchase. However, they are cost-effective in the long run. Wood floors are easier to clean and less likely to be damaged. This will reduce your cleaning or repair costs over the years. Additionally, because they are so durable, hardwood floors can last for generations. This long-lasting quality makes them a cost-effective flooring option. It may be a little more upfront, but in the end, it will save you money.


10. It comes with a lot of variety:

Wooden floors come with a great range of species and grades. This gives you the opportunity to choose the look that you want as well as help you choose the best finish that will fit your lifestyle. You can not only adopt the wood to suit your lifestyle but the different grades allow you to choose the perfect type which suits your budget.


11. Easy to install:

Hardwood floors are easy to install and lay on and it can be done with the help of a professional or you can even do it yourself. Many types of fancier floorings also have a click system which is easier than standard engineered flooring if you are trying your hand for the first time.


12. Ageless quality:

Other floorings over a period of time will look tired and worn, whereas wooden flooring will still look beautiful and flawless. It also makes the hardwood flooring more valuable as time goes by. Further, it can easily be refurbished rather than replaced when it needs an update.


13. It can be sanded:

Although the number of times that engineered wood flooring can be sanded depends on the thickness of the lamella or top layer, there's no getting away from the fact that engineered wood can be re-sanded during its lifetime.  Re-sanding a floor enables you to bring the floor back to life when it's looking tired.  It is also a good way to get rid of surface staining or marking.


14. Looks good in all décor theme:

One of the best attributes of wooden flooring is its versatility, and adaptability to almost every interior design theme to your home. It also works if you change around the other things in your homes such as the mirrors, wall art or other decorative accents in your home, the wooden floors will always look good and fit your desired theme.

Further, wooden floors also offer you a range of colors, shades, and species to choose from. Wooden flooring gives your home a natural beauty with a variety of colors, shades, swirls, and grains which add character to your home.


15. Great investment:

When purchasing any kind of flooring, price and budget is an important factor to consider. Wooden flooring offers you a spectrum of price brackets from inexpensive to pricier options so you can find one which will fit your budget. Wood floors are a great investment whether you're installing them into rented accommodation or your own property.


16. Underfloor heating:

If you live in an area with a cooler climate, wooden flooring is the way to go. Wood provides a great medium to install underfloor heating which can be considered as one of the most effective ways to heat your house, especially during the cold season.


17. Timeless appeal:

One of the main reasons why people opt for hardwood flooring is the timeless appeal that it offers which lasts till you enjoy your home. Carpet, linoleum and tile patterns and colors definitely go in and out of fashion – think of what we had in the '70s. Wood's appeal has lasted centuries and in my belief that is not about to change in fact, wood is more popular now than ever.



Is Hardwood Flooring the Best Choice for You?

If you're thinking about upgrading your flooring, solid hardwoods are a great choice that comes with a long list of benefits. If you are looking for flooring that provides timeless beauty, increase the value of your home, are easy to clean, and designed to last for many decades, then it's hard to go wrong with solid hardwood.

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