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16 interior designs for your living room

A living room is a place which is most visited in any home. It is a place where people come to sit and enjoy each other’s company. Thus, a luxurious living room should be something which makes you feel calm and relaxed. So, your living room should be something which is beautiful, relaxing, luxurious and something which reflects your style and personality. However, if you want to design a beautiful and luxurious living room does not always mean that you have to burn a huge hole in your pocket. It’s definitely possible to make your living room look more luxurious without spending a fortune.

By |December 20,2018|Décor, Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

Here is a list of 16 interior design ideas which you can use for your living room:

1. Textured white room:

You easily transform the place into an elegant place with just a wash of white color, to make the place look large and magnificent. Create the perfect space by incorporating tons of texture like faux fur to liven up the living room. You can combine the same with blush tones and an accent lighting in the paneled wall to make the place look more visually interesting.


2. Add colorful sofas:

One of the easy tricks to master the décor of the living room is playing with colors to add that dash of color and vibrancy to your living room. An easy way to do this is contrast a soothing wall color like cream or beige with sofas with striking colors like a blue.  This will make your room stand out.


3. Upgrade your lighting:

You can add a sense of drama to your living room with a variety of lighting fixtures and candles which light up the living room and lend various tones of light for the ultimate in luxurious living room design ideas.

You can also experiment with geometric lighting designs which provides a minimalistic yet eye-catching feature to your living room. So, make sure you choose something which is striking.


4. Keep it simple:

Keep in mind that a cluttered and over accessorized living room is far from luxurious. The last thing that you want in the room is that it looks messy and unorganized. Therefore, try to keep the place simple and organized. Tone down your décor and remove the unnecessary items while keeping a tight edit. Do retain those pieces that have sentimental value or those that evoke special memories.


5. Bring in sculptural extras:

To add that extra element to style and luxury to your living room, consider adding more structural designs.  You can experiment with circular lines or straight forms. Look for furnishings that boast an unexpected silhouette or pieces that have an interesting shape or design qualities. When thinking sculptural shapes, there’s an endless variety of routes you can go, from rounded chairs to circular pendant lights, to abstract art objects, the possibilities are endless.


6. Conceal your television:

The modern living rooms today feature very less to no extra appliances. The television set is one of the most basic necessities for the living room, but if you wish to conceal any kind of extra appliances in your home you can easily achieve that by trying to conceal the television set by covering it, this will help to camouflage it and increasing the feeling of sophistication in your room.

Do use clever ways to conceal your television from mirrored doors that can help to conceal it, to a sliding wall covering – however, if they’re out of your budget, you can visually minimize the presence of your television by coming up with an art arrangement or gallery wall around it. Although this will not make your tv to disappear entirely, it will allow it to somewhat seamlessly blend in with the artwork behind it and distract the eye. Aside from hiding your tv, make sure you also conceal those pesky wires and cables that could drastically make your living room seem sloppy.


7. Go for large-scale wall décor:

One of the best ways to make your room look luxurious as well as to avoid spending that extra buck is to hang large-scale wall décor. The best approach to your room and creates that wow factor by adding an oversized piece of expressive and beautifully framed piece of art. You can find many oversized wall pieces in the market and that too at very inexpensive rates. o save money on this luxury living rooms idea, keep an eye out on local bazaars, flea markets, and thrift stores. Look for large pieces of artwork that are being sold at very reasonable prices. If you have that sense of creativity, you can also add your own personal touch by hanging up an art piece done by you.


8. Play with mixes:

You can have fun and play around with a mix of texture, color, and shape to come up with the effect that you want for your space. If done well, this mixture is one of the best living room ideas to make your room look elegant and sophisticated. Be careful while selecting each piece work together and compliment the color and design of the place. For instance, you can combine the softness of velvet upholstery with the grainy earthy texture of a wooden coffee table. By playing textures off of each other, you’ll work to create a feeling of depth in your interior design that evokes a brilliantly edited, varied mix.


9. Display Heirlooms:

A rare antique makes the place look not only beautiful but also drop-dead gorgeous. You can either go for large-scale living room accessories like bulky mirrors and bulky lamps or even some small accessories will do the trick. If you’re patient enough, you should be able to find small antique boxes, vintage wall sconces, and antique picture frames at vintage haunts. So, keep an eye out for those flea markets as you might find something that you can incorporate in your luxury living room interior design.


10. Adding a great color to your living room:

You can set the tone of your living room, by painting it with the right color. Go for neutral shades if you want to give your room a soft and sophisticated look.  If you want to add a luxurious effect to the room you can go for shades like champagne pink, white or black. If you want to make a large room feel cozier, use deep and dark colors. On the other hand, a soft blue and white can make the room feel calm and relaxed.


11. Wall colorings should reflect your personality and style:

To bring warmth, texture, and luxury to your walls consider wallpapering with a chic print that reflects your style. Architectural trim work will also add a beautiful, classic look to the room.  You can make any living room wall come alive if you display fine art or beautiful collections of beautiful photos of your family. It also adds some character and style to your living room.


12. Decorate vertically:

Choose those wallpapers which compliment your lounge. You can take that décor up high when the floor space is limited. You brighten up the corner of the living room by adding a geometric pattern which pulls the eye upwards to make the most of a high ceiling. The pattern can be echoed at the window which allows the natural light to filter in with a clean and bright effect. The neat base of a marble floor lamp negates the need for a side table while providing great task lighting for when the sun sets.


13. Place your pattern to create a theme:

If you talk about patterns it can work well in a small room as well as in a large living room. But you need to be careful about how to place it. You can use woolen fabrics for a cozy and countryside effect. You can also add floral throws on cushions on sofas and armchairs, leaving the wall for plain paint finishes. Add a natural flooring rug to bring the two sides of a room together.


14. Get creative with space:

Before you begin to decorate or furnish an awkwardly shaped living room consider how to best optimize the available space. Think about an L-shaped sofa in a tight eaves space teamed with trunks that can function as coffee tables as well as handy storage. Keep a dark room white to make the most of what little light there is.


15. Luxurious living room:

You can create a modern and luxurious living room by layering and mixing textures and styles. You can also add brass and mixed metals. Further, bring in vintage by pairing luxe fabrics like velvet and neutral along with creating a warm and colorful palette to create the interior that you love.


16. Pair it back with wood:

When thinking about adding furniture to your living room think of alternative route such as a three-piece suite. It’s still possible to have a cozy area for relaxing and reading with less space-greedy furnishings. Swap an upholstered armchair for a wooden rocker with cushions; and bookcases for slimline ladder-style shelving. Wash walls and accessorize with subtle color.


So, get creative with your space and explore these ideas to give your living room a comfortable and yet a luxurious and relaxing feel.

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