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16 creative ways to design your pantry office

Most of us go about planning a pantry as the last resort and do not give it as much thought. However, it is only after you have lived with one do you realize how much thought you should have actually given to the same. The food that we bring into the office decides and reflects what we like and who we really are. It is a place where the employees eat their lunches and it brings each one’s unique cultural background, with the unique delicacies that each employee packs and brings in their Tiffin boxes. At times, it so happens that some details of the office are very eye-catching while there may be others which we do not notice instantly. So, if you are looking for some inspiration to design the perfect office pantry, look no further. We are here to help you design the ideal office pantry with an array of designs and styles to choose from to find what exactly is suited the best for you.

By |December 13,2018|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets

16 Creative ways to design your pantry in your office:

1. Modern Design:

If you want a sleek, modern, clutter-free office design you can go for a pantry design which blends well with the walls of the office. You can also opt for a fresh and minimalistic approach which can help to give you an office which is both functional as well as fashionable. You can couple it up with a kitchen island which can be larger with a modern finish and touch. This helps to create a seamless office pantry look which is a bright and airy space for the employees to relax and grab a quick bite.

2, Going minimalistic:

You can go for a minimalistic office design if you do not want the design to be very overwhelming or occupy a huge amount of space in the office. You can install a unit with a small sink attached to it. This unit acts as an excellent storage space as well with many shelves. If you buy a wood tone unit it will also give a retro feel to the whole space. This is a great office pantry idea for all those who do not want to occupy more space and even have an elegant design.

3. Get creative with the door:

The door seems a like a very small and insignificant component, something which we ignore while designing a pantry. However, it can truly make a great difference to the entire feel of the place. Be careful with the door as it may often swing out or occupy a lot of space which is already a premium in a small kitchen. You can opt for a trendy barn-style sliding door for reducing space and giving it a more hip vibe.

4. Part of the kitchen cabinetry:

In some offices, you may not have the required space for a walk-in pantry. In such a situation you can add a cabinet pantry.  A cabinet pantry will surely occupy lesser space and will offer you a more centralized storage room. It is also comparatively very cost effective since you just need to design another shelf into a multi-purpose pantry. If you wish to retain the stylish look of the place you may also go for some fun colors to add that splash of life to the otherwise dull pantry.

5. Freestanding pantry units:

Freestanding pantry units are comparatively less common to walk in or cabinet pantries. However, they add their own set of benefits if you are looking to add a pantry to your existing kitchen.  This kind of a unit will definitely save your time and resources and help you save an extra buck that you might have to spend redesigning the entire office kitchen. This is truly a smart choice if you want to avoid the makeover of your kitchen.

6. Add a corner unit:

If you have a corner in your office pantry don’t let it go to waste. You can optimally utilize it by fitting a functional office pantry unit in the same. This kind of a unit is perfect for a pantry and helps to save what could have been a dead space. The pantry can be full of spaces with storage with added drawers which can easily categorize the various items.  There can be many shelves for storage of sugar and spices and the like, couple it up with a small counter and it gives you the perfect space for preparing a meal or a small snack. This is the perfect space saver unit for any office pantry design.

7. Highly organized:

If you have a shortage of space and highly organized you can easily pack a lot of things in a small space. You can have a pantry in fresh cupboards featuring many shelves and drawers. There can be drawers for fitting the silverware and extra drawers for storing other supplies. The doors can be so designed for having extra storage for spice, teas, coffee and the like. A small shelving unit can easily accommodate a small microwave. This pantry makes organization easy and perfect for a busy office.

8. Stairway design:

If you want a truly sleek and elegant cabinet with a unique touch, you can opt for a stairway design. You can have a pantry with stairway design where the shelves are designed in the shape of a stairway. These sturdy shelves provide more space for storage. This is a super creative way to display items like spices. The floating shelves are lined up in the direction of the cupboard unit, providing even more storage in this simple but eclectic office pantry.

9. Tabletop design:

If you have an extremely small space you can try a pantry on the top of an existing countertop. This pantry is although small in size but great in value and function. The pantry can be on top of a counter with large cabinets underneath the same. The pantry can also have space for miscellaneous items. You can also have shelves for teas and mugs and also acts as a super saver space solution for an office pantry.

10. Add a secret unit:

You can make your office pantry full of surprises by adding some secret units. Be clever with an office pantry idea by implementing a pantry that is tucked away with secret units. You can have multiple shelving options on the front door and also have a large bottom drawer which can reveal a cooling unit for the drinks. Above that, you can add a small table area for prep. Finally, there are a couple of shelves, used for wine bottles. Perfect for office happy hour!

11. Try the rustic look:

A rustic look for your pantry can be very eye catching and yet look very attractive. You can wooden pantry with an antique tone and polish which adds more personality to the piece. The unit is perfect for prepping and looks good to display a lovely canister of water and a bottle of wine. To make the piece look rich you can display beautiful vases over small shelves.

12. Go for the classic look:

A small pantry packs a punch with a classic style. The bottom space can accommodate a tabletop space which is perfect for holding important items like a toaster, water boiler or additional table prepping space. This classic look renders your space looking fresh and airy, providing a great classic style.

13. Change the wall colors:

If you do not have the means for a long pantry design overhaul, you can easily transform the look of the pantry by changing the wall colors.  Many times people tend to match the walls of the pantry with the same color as the walls of the office. So, you can easily take a break from a usual room color and paint the room with a different shade for giving your employees a slight breather from the mundane routine of the office life.

14. Make it a break room:

If you have a large space for a pantry you can adopt the Facebook and Google route by making a break room for the employees to have their lunch. It can also encourage a more fun and active environment by adding board and table games, television and game consoles, and couches.

15. Incorporate an open balcony:

On the discretion and permission of your building manager, you can have an open balcony which can do great wonders in giving your employees a productive break. This can very effectively incorporate the concept of outdoors to your otherwise closed walls of your office.  If you cannot afford to make a fancy balcony you can also opt for large glass windows to let your employees experience the breathtaking views.

16. Walk-in Pantry shelves:

Open shelving units can be the perfect option if you have a walk-in pantry. These are very easy to access and much cheaper than drawer cabinets. The only thing that you need to be careful about is getting the measurements right while choosing the space of the shelves.

Well, then get going and add some unique features to create the perfect pantry for your office by making the best of the available space and making the pantry look as attractive as possible.



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