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15 new Christmas interior hacks to try on Christmas

The month of December brings in the whiff of holiday in the air. The bells are ringing and the smell of sweets has filled up the aroma of your home. This is the right time to prepare for your Christmas party. There are many different things which you need to think about such as, your home decorations, your lovely Christmas tree, presents and the party. Christmas decorations play a major role, especially during this holiday season. If you add some interesting and beautiful Christmas decorations it will light up your home leaving your guests delighted and amazed.

By |January 03,2019|Décor, Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

You don’t have to shop till you drop, to make things merry and bright for this season. Try these easy Christmas interior hacks to make your holiday awesome, magical and memorable without breaking the bank:

1. Hang wreaths nail free in your home:

If you want to make your house look pretty and yet not undergo the hassle of putting up nails you try this simple trick. Just purchase some command hooks (you can find these easily online or at a hardware store). Place the hook upside down on your door, tie a ribbon around the wreath, lay it over the top of the door and then loop it over the door.


2. Wrap it Up:

If you have old brown paper lying around in the home, don’t let it go to waste. You can optimally utilize it by taking some brown paper and tie up the gifts under the tree. You can wrap different toys and trinkets in brown paper bags adorned with baker’s twine and alphabet monogram gift tags to offer up a rustic charm with a personalized touch.


3. Hide Spent Bulbs:

If your pre-lit tree doesn’t light up fully, use sneaky styling tricks to camouflage dark sections. Redirect branches with working lights, hang sparkly ornaments to reflect the light and go extra heavy on the garland. When shopping for lights next time, remember that you'll need about 100 lights for every foot and a half of tree height. For a super-bright look, double or triple that.


4. Fake a fancy centerpiece:

This is a very smart idea to highlight the décor of the place and yet save on spending that extra buck. You can think of purchasing a supermarket potted plant such as minimums or a Christmas cactus, and place it (pot and all) in a large bowl. Fill the space around the pot with whole nuts, mini pinecones, ornaments or fresh fruit. This will give your place a fancy and sophisticated look without having to shell out a lot of cash.


5. Jazz up the lights with spray paint:

We often find that although lights give the place a breath of fresh air and make it look brighter, the cords of the light are a huge turn off and may spoil the entire look of the place. In this case, add some life to your cords by getting creative with some spray paint. You can use metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze to make it match with your home, giving it a makeover and stunning addition to your home.


6. Whipped cream floats:

Christmas is the perfect time for you to relax with your family and spend that quality time with some delicious hot chocolate to sip on. Don’t think it can get any better than this?

All you need is to make some whipped cream floats to add that holiday cheer to your evening. Make your hot chocolates stand out with fantastic whipped cream frozen floats. They are the perfect drink for the cold weather.


7. Candy cane dust:

Christmas parties are something which truly livens up our mood and offers a getaway from the daily mundane of our busy lifestyle. If you are hosting a Christmas party and you are looking to add that holiday feel to it just sprinkle some candy cane dust over the sweet condiments.

It is a truly brilliant idea which is easy to make. Use a food processor to pulverize candy canes into beautiful dust and sprinkle it onto ice cream, cookies, hot chocolate, mousse and more.


8. Make your own snow globe:

Don’t live in a place where it snows, but still want to recreate that snowy magic in your home?

You can easily achieve that by making your own snow globe. It is very easy to make, you can use an empty jar, plastic ornament, super glue, fake snow and glitter to make a beautiful snow globe.

This will act as a beautiful piece of decoration to your home and also bring that snowy Christmas magic to your home.


9. Make cookie decorating less messy:

With the holiday season right around the corner, decorating is usually fun but it can also be a huge task to clean up. So, if you're making Christmas cookies with little ones, use condiment containers for dispensing the icing. They're easy to squeeze, and the tip is just the right size to keep things under control.


10. Delicious Décor:

Make your home look prettier with these pieces of décor which will light up your home. With just a little twine, cookie cutters and washi tape, you can whip up a quick batch of ornaments. Choose any shape and color your heart desires for little designs that suit the theme of your tree.


11. Get your lights to tangle free:

Opening your attic at the end of the year to find a tangled mess of Christmas light wires can often result in tears. Stop the madness and store them sensibly in future! Using a hanger, wind your lights around, so next year when you see them again you'll be happy to unwind them!


12. Glitter pine cones:

If you do not have much time and want that easy and yet classy decoration for your home which adds a Christmasy feel to it. Just buy some pine cones from the market and add some glitter to it to make it look more glamorous and classier. It is a beautiful piece of decoration for your home and you can get creative and choose from many different colors for the different rooms in your house.


13. Take a bow:

Don’t wait to deck the halls with boughs of holly when in mere minutes you can deck the door with bows of holly-red fabric. You can use any festive fabric to get this look, further, you can also use cut up bedsheets. Wrap the "ribbons" around your front door and secure them with staples to treat your guests to the gift of a stunning entryway.


14. Make your own cookie basket:

If you are having guests over and do not have more time to get some wonderful gifts, you can still try for some easy do it yourself tips by making your own cookie basket. It is super cute and completely easy to do and your guests will love this little take away present.


15. Mint condition:

Take a short and sweet approach to the table setting with these miniature candy-cane place card holders. After gluing together upside-down candy canes, nestle name cards or food labels in the front two “hooks” of the candy canes to pepper your holiday dinner table with style.


Here was a list of simple and easy Christmas decoration hacks that you can try this holiday season and light up your home.

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