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15 common mistakes in the house

It does not matter how many hours you may long and spend on different social networking sites or even in Pinterest, you may still tend to ignore the basics sometimes and end up making some mistakes. Everyone likes to live in a house which is clean and clutter free and something which wins the admiration of relatives and guests. But at times even purchasing some of the most expensive accessories and furniture may disturb the interior balance of your home. Whether it’s a wonky-looking painting, a couch that doesn’t quite fit, or a rug that’s so busy it makes your head spin when you look at the floor, it’s not uncommon for rooms to have a “whoopsy-daisy” component to them. So, it is important to identify those mistakes so that you can avoid it in the future when you design your own home.

By |October 28,2019|Décor, Seasonal & Holiday Decorations

Here is a list of 15 common mistakes that you make in your house:

1. Disorderly Layout:

People many times experiment with a bohemian kind of an outlook, however, this has a tendency to look sloppy and messy and showcase a lazy individual. We have many storage facilities at homes such as drawers, cupboards, and shelves so avoid stocking unnecessary stuff in them. Lack of symmetry on the shelves on which you display the items can also go ahead and disturb the entire look and feel of the place.


2. Unnecessary bathroom accessories:

Your bathroom is the place where you cleanse yourself and relax after a hectic day at work. So this should be a place which is free of clutter and unnecessary accessories. A perfect bathroom is something which is free of any unrequired accessories which may disrupt the daily activities. Many times it is also observed that many people use bathrooms as a place to dress so it should be kept free of clutter and any other items.


3. Uncomfortable Mattress:

A bedroom is a place for you to relax and sit back and enjoy that sweet slumber after a long and hard day at work. Therefore, the bedroom should be something which invokes a blissful and comfortable sleep. Having a poor-quality mattress and bed linen does not allow the bed owners to allow a stress-free sleep at night. So, apart from investing in a beautiful bed for your home, pay more attention to the quality of bed linen.


4. The neutral palette in the bedroom:

A bedroom should be a place which rejuvenates your mind and calms down your senses. So, don’t go for many bold and loud colors for your bedroom rather opt for neutral shades like muted blue, grey and brown or soft lavender and pink hues. These muted tones convey a sense of calm and serenity offering you the perfect relaxing experience.


5. Lack of focus:

When you are designing the room for a specific purpose, keep in mind to not bring in any excessive furniture which is not required in the room. For example, if you have a room for study do not add or decorate with a bed. While decorating the room keep the main functions in mind, whether it is study, entertainment, work, relaxation or prayer, furnish it accordingly.


6. Choosing the wrong sized rugs:

Rugs can make the room feel really very grounded, however, if you add a freakishly large rug in a tiny room it will make it look smaller than it actually is. So, consider the seating area for your room and put in the rugs accordingly. Keep the rest of the space uncovered, and this will help to open up the rest of the room.


7. Hanging art in the wrong places:

It is often observed that many times people hang up the art quite high which adds an extra strain to watch or observe that beautiful piece of work. So, we recommend you to hang the art at eye level which will make your home feel more stylish and elegant.


8. Holding on to knickknacks:

One of the biggest designing mistakes that people usually make is holding on too closely to an item from their old place which may not necessarily go with the new décor. Unless a piece holds significant or emotional value, it shouldn’t be incorporated into a fresh design. The willingness to throw out your old stuff will help you to create a better ambiance for your place.


9. Matching every item in your home:

Another common mistake that people make while designing their home is trying to match everything with everything. Avoid purchasing a bedroom set or making sure all of the wood in your living room in the same type of weathered tone Instead, try mixing and matching pieces to add a little variation to your space.


10. Overloading layers in the room:

Adding too many unnecessary layers in the room conveys a feeling of negativity as a poorly furnished room. So, avoid bringing in any large piece of furniture in a small room. While decorating small rooms keep the furniture which is small-sized and neutral toned and vice versa when the room is large and spacious.


11. Using the wrong lighting:

People may tend to over light or under the light the place or pick the wrong temperature light bulbs. Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible in the home. The home may sometimes have areas which will not get direct sunlight from traditional doors and windows to keep it within close proximity of a skylight or ventilator to ensure that fresh air and light circulate around the house.


12. Getting caught up in trends:

Many times, being ‘too at the moment' can be one of the biggest mistakes that you may make. So, try to go simple, classic, and neutral on the bigger pieces, and then you can always accessorize with a few trendy smaller pieces that are easier—and cheaper—to replace or switch out.

Choosing the things, you love is never a mistake, just make sure you really love it and you’re not buying it because you think it’s cool right now. In other words: You won’t regret the choice in five years.


13. Styling around your TV:

We all know the importance of TV in our lives as well as in our living rooms. However, it is not necessary that the TV should be the focal point in your living room. In order to avoid these mistakes what you can do is design the area where you are going to place the TV first and then add the TV later. This way your sitting space will not just be stylish, but of good use when you want to Netflix & Chill.


14. Adding too many houseplants:

A little green can go a long way with a few houseplants in and around your living space. From your coffee table to your shelf, there’s absolutely no place in your room where a houseplant cannot fit it. But going overboard with the houseplants can make your house look more like a garden and less like a home. You need not turn your room into a conservatory.


15. Overboard the Theme:

Sometimes we get so obsessed with a style or theme that we do not realize how overwhelming and tacky it makes the room look. To avoid this kind of a blunder, use accents to incorporate the look you like without going overboard with the theme. If you are a traveler, add decor items from your favorite exotic vacations.


So, get that confidence to design your home and get it right the first time and avoid these major designing mistakes which can sabotage your entire home décor.


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