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15 Home Décor products that can make your home simply elegant

Right from the stone ages, man used to have different meanings accorded to the word shelter, from living in the wild to caves, to building small huts and finally to today where he stays in lavish bungalows, buildings and sky scrapers. A house is basically a structure with four walls and accommodating all the basic essentials. Today, I would like to touch upon the beautiful journey of giving life this house and transforming it into a home. This can very easily be done by adding some beautiful accessories and décor products which accentuates the house and makes each home feel truly unique, special and elegant.

By |November 16,2018|Décor, Figurines

15 Home Décor products that can make your home simply elegant:

1. Mirror:

A mirror symbolizes of the reflection of who we truly are. It also helps to add style and creates a great focal point for the room and helps to punctuate the color of the wall. You can experiment with different kinds of mirrors ranging from a simple rectangular shape, starburst or an antique look depending upon the look and feel of the room.

2. Candles:

Candles provide light which provides warmth to the home and also acts a symbol of purification which brings good energy into your home. It also helps to create a mood of romance, relaxation, and calm.

There may be many different forms of candles:

Small candles

Large pillars with their decorative candle holders

Candle pot (i.e. candle nestled within a pot)

3.Art and Painting:

Any kind of beautiful creation is acknowledged as art, it is an expression of yourself. It can be any painting of your choice, from a magnificent animal which symbolizes strength to a serene painting of nature like snow capped peaks or pristine jungles or the image of beautiful beaches.  

To add a more personalized feel you may also add photo frames of your family or a pet to add a more comfortable feel to the whole room.

4. Sculpture and Glass Objects:

Sculptures can also help to add a touch of style and elegance. It may be the sculpture of God, Gautama Buddha, Laughing Buddha and so on. However, sculptures need not necessarily be of God it may also be of an exotic animal, dancing figurines. A glass object or a crystal piece also helps to make the house feel more elegant and adds a touch of sophistication to the home. 

5. A beautiful bowl:

Placing a bowl on the center table or the dining table helps to add a charming look to a modern style home. Bowls can be of different materials such as glass, silver, brass or ceramic and it may be filled with a wide variety of items ranging from flowers, stones, beads, colorful pebbles or potpourri.

6. House Plants:

In a decorating sense, plants are appealing visually as well as for their scents. Why waste money on air fresheners, when plants do the job naturally. Plants help to improve the air quality, help to reduce stress and make a person feel more creative.

When you're choosing your plants, try to find ones that complement your décor. Ferns and vines work well with Victorian and classic themes, bold colored flowers look great with modern décor, and cactuses fit in well with Southwest or earthy designs.

7. Vase:

A flower vase helps to add color and brightens up the entire room. It makes the room look exciting and fresh adding brightness to an otherwise mundane room. Today, vases made from different materials such as ceramic, crystal or glass may be used to add a decorative aspect and help to contribute to the aesthetics and beauty of the room.

8. A grouping of white items:

A collection of white items or accessories looks wonderful against bright colors and helps to punctuate the room and draw attention to certain components of the same. It helps to create an elegant contrast to the whole room.

9. Book Shelf:

It is rightly said that a book is a man’s best friend. You can easily accentuate the beauty and aesthetics of your home by adding a small book shelf to the corner. It can be a place where one can easily store some novels or even magazines and newspapers to add a rustic and elegant feel to the whole atmosphere.

10. Floor Attires (Carpet) :

It is advisable to not leave the floor completely bare. You can add a welcome mat which is soft yet stylish and helps to give a warm feel to anyone who enters the room. A carpet can also be placed, not on the entire floor but at least below the center table which helps to highlight that certain portion of the house.

11. Cushions:

Cushions can help to transform the entire look of the home, it can be bold cushion colors on a cream-colored cushion or soft fur and lace cushions which helps to add a level of sophistication and style and a beautiful texture to the entire décor.  Cushions can match the color of the wall or the sofa, or it may also be placed as a contrast to the same.

12. Nothing at all!

It is often believed that ‘less is more’. Therefore, it is necessary to keep some empty space in the house and not clutter each and every part of it with some accessory or the other. This will help to highlight the existing accessories and give a clear and relaxed image to the home.

13. Curtains:

Curtains should be subtle, easy to clean, which adds a fresh and breathy outlook to the whole place. It helps to give the home an easy and airy look. You may also add tassels to the curtains so that curtains look elegant once they are tied back. It will also help to add an antique and bohemian flavor to the room.

14. Personalized Items:

In the process of making the home feel elegant and classy, it is also important to remember that it is not an office or a commercial structure but a ‘home’. Therefore, adding a few personalized items such as a wall hanging, painting, a photo frame, a quirky object or collection of movie records and CDs also helps to make the house feel more personalized and adds a touch of warmth and love to the home.

15. Clock:

“One must work within time and not against it”. A clock is a reminder of the limited time that we have on this earth and to use it wisely. An analogue clock will surely help to highlight the living room, and help everyone to always have a track of time.


Thus, home décor is very essential, it does not just cater to the aesthetics but also helps to improve the functionality of the home. It helps to make the room clean and organized and thus removes or alleviates any stress which may occur as a result of a cluttered house. It helps to add a personalized touch and feel and make a person feel relaxed, safe and secure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving and get decorating!



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