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15 Best Furniture Markets in India

Once you have managed to deal with the landlords, got your electricity and water supply sorted out for your apartment, you may think that you have got the worst behind you. But, that is not the case; you still need to shop for furniture especially if you have an unfurnished space or if you wish to remodel it as per your own preferences. India has a huge range of furniture markets that you can shop to meet your varying needs. There are so many options that you will not only relieve your need for purchasing the furniture but also be able to relieve the monetary stress of designing a new home.

By |June 04,2020|Wardrobes, Cupboards & Armoires, Bedroom Furniture Sets

So, whether you are shopping for an office, restaurant, bedroom, or any space, head to one of these furniture markets that'll offer more than one thrifty ways to do up space.

1. Kirti Nagar Market, New Delhi:

Kirti Nagar is Asia’s largest furniture market with over 500 furniture wholesalers and retailers, interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom brands, and traditional furniture makers.

Not only do they provide you with a vast variety of furniture items but you can also get them to copy a particular piece of furniture to suit your theme and your budget.

The market will meet all your needs, whether you are shopping for an office, commercial space, restaurant, bedroom, kitchen, living room or your house.

How to reach Kirti Nagar


2. Banjara Market, Gurgaon:

This market is named after the ‘Banjaras’ or the hippies who live in Gurgaon. The banjaras over here follow a barter system for the furniture which is sold and bought. This market is the complete shoppers' delight offering you with a wide variety from bars, dining tables, and cabinets to rocking chairs, wooden frames, and even beds!

In this market, you will find people from every stratum of the society, from diplomats, businessmen to housewives to ex-pats.

However, don’t get intimidated by the high price quoted by the banjaras since you can easily haggle and sometimes you may not even be required to pay any cash, all you need to do is exchange a few items like clothes, furniture, or some small home décor items.


3. Chor Bazaar, Mumbai:

It is believed that if you have lost something in Mumbai, you can easily get it back from this bazaar. You will easily find some intricate and detailed items in the narrow by-lanes of the Chor Bazaar. If you want to be a customer here, you should possess some excellent haggling skills!

This market is also known as Bhendi Bazaar and is located in south Mumbai, making it one of the largest flea markets of the country.


4. Oshiwara Street Market, Mumbai:

The Oshiwara market is almost half a century old and is one of the best places to buy authentic wooden furniture. This is one of the oldest markets in which old wooden furniture from all over the country finds its way. Here you will find each piece with an interesting story behind it.

The market is famous for both originals as well as replicas of furniture pieces belonging to the grand palaces of Gwalior and Bhopal. If you have a love for antique pieces and history, be sure to plan a visit to this market.

Most of the furniture that you will find in this market will be almost 40-50 years old, but if you get lucky you may also be able to pick up some beautiful pieces at reasonable prices.


Enjoying this article? You may find some interesting furniture offered by these vendors here 

5. Jew Town, Cochin:

If you are fond of antique pieces and fancy an old fashioned look, do pay a visit to the famous Jew market in Cochin. Here you will find Portuguese style house pieces such as bronze vessels, hand-carved wooden coffee tables, wooden boxes from China, glass paintings and a host of other trinkets.

Many of the vendors here specialize in items from the British era along with some noble items of glass and porcelain being sold. This market is famous till today about its unique products and for the old Jewish charm. The place is also a cool hang out spot for many people due to the presence of several cafes and snacks outlets which add to the charm of the place.


6. Chincholi Bunder Link Road, Mumbai:

This is a stretch of approximately 2km with shops lined all the way from Goregaon till Oshiwara. This stretch is filled with many small shops which provide great deals on furniture for almost all types.

The shopkeepers here will offer both readymades as well as custom made furniture which can be made and delivered as quickly as in a fortnight. They don't easily bargain here, however, you will yet find the rates of the furniture much lower than the branded showrooms. One of the other added advantages of this market is that they will also deliver the furniture to your doorstep for an additional fee thus saving you from the hassle of bringing the huge pieces of furniture home.


7. Sikandarpur Furniture Market, Delhi:

This market has a unique stock of antique products which are also budget-friendly. In this market, you will find everything you need to create a home from wooden furniture, cushioned swinging chairs, etc. This market is open on all seven days of the week so you can visit any time to fulfil the furniture needs of your home.


8. Ravivari Bazaar, Ahmedabad:

You will find this bazaar on the banks of Sabarmati, you will hear customers and vendors bargaining all day especially on Sundays. This market is almost 600 years old and is famous for the furniture shopping experience at throwaway prices. The market also provides an additional market shopping experience that much easier. 


9. Bajirao Road, Pune:

If you are searching for a dining table, bed or a storage cabinet, you can easily find it here at Bajirao market. This road is the perfect shoppers' delight for every person living in Pune.

If you like to have things designed as per your likes, you can also find custom made furniture over here.


10. Turbhe Market, Navi Mumbai:

If you have just moved to a new house and you are looking to furnish it Turbhe Market is one-stop-shop. Here you will find everything ranging from plywood, marble, painting materials, wallpapers, tiles, hardware, kitchen appliances, storage units and wardrobes here.

One of the best things about this market is that you will find all these furniture goods at wholesale rates. Many retailers from Mumbai also source most of their furniture from Turbhe market.


11. Amar Colony, Delhi:

Amar Colony is famous for its quirky and eclectic furniture items which are available at throwaway market prices. What’s more? Is that you can also ask the vendors to customize or replicate the furniture as per your needs. You will also find many antique furniture pieces which you can take away to decorate your homes.

This market will lend you some amazing furniture pieces and some perfectly usable second-hand items as well. The shops here are spread over one particular street, interspersed between basements and the roadside.


12. Kitch Mandi, Bengaluru:

Kitchi Mandi is a new market which is promoting new and upcoming designers in many different fields. It is one of the most vibrant flea markets that you will find all over the country. You need to be careful of shopping here since you may also find slightly damaged products from certain brands at half the price.

If you are bored of regular commercial shopping for furniture head out to this vibrant market to find an eclectic collection of home décor items and furniture.


13. Bandra Station Market, Mumbai:

You will find this market right outside Bandra station with shops selling wooden furniture, steel cupboards, tables as well as mirrors and other home decor items. They also have a good variety of cane furniture there. At some shops, you may have to haggle for a bit for a good bargain.


14. Panchkuian Road, Delhi:

On the road that connects Connaught Place to Jhandewalan, or more specifically from RK Ashram Marg metro to Rajiv Chowk, you’ll find a cramped and confusing furniture market.  This market is one of Delhi’s most known markets for cheap and good quality furniture.

You will find many different items in this market ranging from Rajasthani hand-painted tables to wooden engraved chairs and comfy furniture for your home.


15. Munirka Furniture Market:

This market is great if you are looking for wooden furniture which does not cost a bomb. You will find items at throwaway prices such as a chair for only 3000 rupees. It surely is not fancy furniture but it is definitely something which will get the job done.



So, you will find a lot of variety when you go shopping in any of these famous furniture markets.  However, if you still do not find what you are looking for and you are willing to spend an extra buck you can also visit one of the furniture stores in the malls.

However, a person who loves shopping will be sure to find something great for their home from these quirky furniture markets.


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