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15 Awesome Work Places in India that you would love to work at

Your workplace or office is the place where you spend the maximum time of the day. Some may spend their time stuck in small cubicles, or cluttered spaces. Don’t you think that this will make the work very dull for them? You would definitely want your office to be a place where you can walk freely and enjoy a more relaxed environment where you spend the maximum chunk of your time. Companies come in all shapes and sizes. There are some who have a more formal and stricter environment where they prohibit the use of mobile phones during office hours and some who follow a somber silence and formalities in the office. On the other hand, you also have companies which allow you to work from the comfort of your home or provide you with a more hip and relaxed work environment. Gone are the days when people just look for a high paying job. Even high-paid employees agree that money does not matter after a certain point, it is job satisfaction and a cordial office atmosphere that ultimately makes a difference.

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Here is a list of 15 awesome workplaces in India which you would love to work at:

1. RMSI:

RMSI is a global IT service which provides IT services all over the world. They offer a flexible work environment and a high level of empowerment and accountability of the employees. The work at RMSI is intellectually very stimulating which keeps the employees engaged as they solve many problems all over the world.

They also offer health care benefits to the employees, life skill management and stress management workshops along with Yoga facilities which help to upkeep the physical well-being of the employees.

In addition to that, they create a cool and fun environment for the employees to work at by providing facilities such as music band, photography club, painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, Zumba lessons, sports tournaments which helps in the overall development of the employees’ personality.


2. Google, India:

When talking about facilities, and ensuring the complete work-life balance there is truly no comparison to Google. The company offers the right environment to their employees to blossom and achieve their potential. With a creative and colorful ambiance, offices are designed to promote fun-filled innovation as the company believes it is crucial for employees to think creatively and give their best.

Google provides access to some of the best facilities to the employees, from fully equipped gyms to activities like table tennis, pool, and air hockey games. Not only that, but it also offers you with opportunities to rest and recuperate in the sleeping pods.

They also organize fun activities to keep their employees entertained such as every week on Friday the employees mingle and work together. Another main attraction of the office is the delicious food that it offers to the employees. Three meals and unlimited snacks from the cafeteria are totally free of cost.


3. Marriott Hotels, India:

Marriott treats their employees as associates and on the day of the staff’s birthdays and anniversaries they are allowed a meal at any hotel as well as staying facilities for a week to experience the unique hospitality services that Marriott has to offer.

Marriott not only provides an attractive pay package to the employees but also strives to give the employees a good work life.

The hotel provides the employees with plenty of perks apart from their competitive salaries which keep them more than satisfied. These include hotels' discount policies, talent development program, international exposure, open door policy, cross-department exposure, performance incentives and rewarding high performers which boosts the morale of employees.

The company also offers other facilities for recreation such as access to a gym, recreation, discount on food and beverages, room stay, assignments locally and internationally, international placements and health insurance.

All this makes Marriott a truly great place for the employees to work at!


4. American Express, India:

American Express fosters a work environment which promotes talent, growth, and a positive relationship between the employees. They provide growth and development opportunities to each employee as per their career stage.

In addition to that, to maintain a light work environment, they also organize fun-filled activities for the employees such as the Blue Bucket Challenge akin to the recently famed viral ice bucket challenge.

To secure the future of the employees the company has come up with a ‘Smart Saving Program’. This program gives the employees access to an online portal where they are updated about their savings and earnings.


5. SAP Labs, India:

SAP Labs offers a variety of initiatives to their employees to keep them happy, providing them with flexible work options, health care policies, and initiatives to take care of the employees.

One of the most unique initiatives adopted by the company includes the ‘Care for Life' fund. This fund is fully voluntary and is managed by the employees to provide financial support to them during any kind of a contingency or emergency.

Apart from that, other activities which are provided for the recreation of the employees include 33 interest groups, each catering to specific activities like drama, music, art, dance, etc, to help employees pursue an interest of their choice.


6. Godrej Consumer Products:

One of the principal attractions of this company is that they want to promote jobs for women, with almost 53% of their workforce being women. Godrej has come up with many different programs to promote a better work environment for their employees. These include the following:

  • 100 leaders program:

This program will ensure build leadership & functional capabilities and develop a pool of engaged leaders with global skills and mindsets. For this, they try to recognize talent from all over the world, which includes countries like Africa and Argentina.

  • Godrej LOUD:

LOUD (Live Out Ur Dream), is a program which encourages internships before jobs for students to help them build a healthy and efficient work ethic.

  • Godrej Fellows Programs:

One of the primary objectives of this one-year program is to teach and mentor young leaders about how change happens within large corporations and to empower them to effectively create and manage this change themselves.


7. Intuit Technology Services:

The company provides a diverse workforce, especially encouraging employment for women, and promotes an environment where employees are both valued as well as respected.

Intuit offers every employee the opportunity to grow and discover their personal and professional horizons. Employees are also encouraged to spend 10 percent of their time – called unstructured time to chase dreams.

This time can be spent on working on a new product or participating in some innovative forums to share some ideas across the company.

Thus, the company provides a safe and nurturing environment for the employees to grow and prosper.


8. Accor Hotels, India:

AccorHotels is known for creating a caring, inspiring and respectful environment. Its policies are based on professionalism, recognition, diversity, and respect. Accor creates a culture where the employees are accorded the freedom to exemplify their best work practices in an environment which they enjoy to work in.


9. Lifestyle International:

The company ensures that every employee – from a staffer at the corporate office or a customer representative at our store – have similar experience and value proposition in working with Lifestyle. The company has come up with many programs and initiatives for the employee, right from the time that they join the organization.

The company has launched an initiative called ‘Get Connected' that allows the newcomers to feel welcome and engage with the other workforce of the office. They also run other campaigns such as I Love LS campaign’ and innovative methods like ‘Play in a Day – Theatre Methodology’ to celebrate their way of working.

The company offers employee-friendly initiatives like flexible working hours policy, a group term life insurance for every employee who has completed a year over and above the regular insurance policy and provides employees with sum insured of three times their CTC.


10. Boch and Fernsh Office:

Boch and Fernsh have left their old accounting and HR functions behind in the back office and created a new office for their other employees to enjoy. It is a creative space with a backside garden area which grows beautiful flowers. The cabin doors are also designed in a very creative manner. You can beat your work stress away by taking a ride on the bicycle through the garden. They also provide a recharge and refresh room, which helps you recharge and relax after a long day at the office.


11. Gulf Ispat Limited Offices:

Personally speaking, the ambiance of this office reminds me of ‘Big Boss Ka Ghar’. The green lawns with glass walls give an interesting entrance to the place. The designers of the office have made the immaculate use of color green to add a touch of calmness to the working environment. They have also added amazing water fountains which creates a serene environment away from the mundane of the office.


12. Look Up Offices:

The new offices of the Look Up messaging app at Bengaluru are truly worth a watch. The designer team has smartly created an office which looks smart and gives the young and vibrant workforce more freedom and open space to work. They have created a space which looks completely old school to make calls. The madness doesn't stop here, they have created a great Amphitheater called ‘The Pitch' which takes the brainstorming of ideas to a whole new notch.


13. Baya Park Bird’s Nest Sales Office:

The office provides a birds nest structure which will remind you of your childhood days. They have installed catchy installments at the office which gives it the look of more of a recreational space. Living up to the company’s name, Baya Park Bird’s Nest Sales has more than just one of these cutesy cubicles in their office.


14. Thought Works Office:

A colorful office is something we all crave on our colorless ‘Monday Mornings’. Right? Thought Works Chennai has made this wish come true for its employees. Minimalistic yet sorted, that’s what the unique feature of this office is. They offer a very calm working environment and if you wish to relax and take a break from work, the office offers a breathtaking view to provide you with the perfect sense of relaxation and calm.


15. Tata Consultancy Services:

The building is truly a unique architectural marvel. It comprises of 6 buildings on each side. It is spread over 70 acres of land accommodating 30,000 employees and around 2,000 cars

This butterfly-shaped building is one of the largest offices in India, offering the employees with unique avenues for recreation, creating that perfect work-life balance.


Here was a list of some of the coolest an awesome workplaces in India to work for. So, land that dream jobs in your own country and helps to create a perfect work-life balance for yourself!


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