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14 ways in which you can use mosaic art in your home

A house does not become a home until you put a unique stamp to it. To do the same you can easily employ simple yet creative techniques to call the place your home. Mosaic helps you to make the setting more homelike or business like as per your needs and preferences. Mosaic art is an ancient art which has been dating back to the Greek and Roman historic times. They used this art to cover the floors and walls of temples and walls. You too can enjoy the same technique in your home.

By |January 06,2019|Glass, Float Glass

So, what exactly is mosaic?

Mosaic is the art of creating pretty images with the help of small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. Mosaic is a very popular art for decorating your home depending upon your varying needs.

Here is a list of some creative ways with which you can use mosaic in your home:

1. Mosaic flower pot:

Flowers bring a breath of fresh air to the room making it feel more cheerful and livelier. So, if you enjoy having flower pots at home you can also experiment with creative mosaic art on the flower pots.

2. Mosaic entrance marker:

This mosaic project will help you to instantly improve the look of your entrance and get a great address marker at the same time. This is easy to make and you can easily try it at home with tiles, broken dishes or any other kind of colorful glass to create this beautiful entryway look.

3. Mosaic tile backsplash:

This backlash tile concept will help to transform your kitchen into one of the most creative rooms in your home. You can buy tiles in different sizes to create this effect or make your own tiles from broken china and other glassware. I love the mosaic look in the kitchen and this backsplash is definitely worth the effort.

4. Beautiful mosaic bedside table:

You can easily turn a chair and some broken glass or china to a table to create some beautiful mosaic art table. This project will take less than a day to complete and it will help you to create one of the prettiest bedside tables for your bedroom. You can also add a beautiful nightstand or a lamp to increase the aura of the table and highlight the mosaic patterns. You can also use glass stones or similar items to make it and it’s a really easy way to get a nice bedside table.

5. Mosaic cocktail holders:

If you are someone who loves to party or have guests over at home regularly you can make your gathering a more colorful event by placing some creative cocktail holders.  These coasters are beautiful and easy to make and all you need is an upcycled jar lid to turn this thing around. The mosaic is easy to do and does not cost much than the available materials at home. What's great, is that they also make wonderful gifting items.

6. Eggshell mosaic picture frame:

This mosaic frame can be made with actual eggshells. You can take an existing photo frame or even a piece of cardboard. You can easily cover the cardboard on the sides with the help of these colored eggshells. To get the look you want, paint the eggshells in the desired colors with acrylic paints to get that perfect look for your frame.

7. Mosaic mason art jar:

This Mason jar acts as an excellent decorative item for your home, especially during the holiday season. You can easily turn an empty jar into a beautiful display for flowers or anything else that you want for that matter. However, make sure to use a strong adhesive to glue the mosaic art onto the jar. Just add a tealight or taper candle, depending on the size of your jar, and you’ll get a nice glow around those mosaic pieces.

8. Mosaic flower mirror frame:

You can turn an ordinary mirror into a work of art by adding some creative mosaic artwork to it.  Start by choosing a mirror which has a sturdy base to support your tiles and grout. Then pick a design and use colorful mosaic items to transform your mirror into a creative piece of art.

9. Mosaic patio table:

You can turn your regular coffee table or patio table into a beautiful mosaic-topped table. All you need to do is painting the tiles and then add them on top of the table to create a beautiful mosaic look. In this particular case, you can actually build the table from scratch using leftover boards from other projects and then create your mosaic design on top.

10. Mosaic serving tray:

For that time when you have guests over at your home for special occasions, you can create a gorgeous serving tray with the help of some mosaic art. You can use beautiful sea glass to create the look or you could do it with similarly colored tiles or glass if you aren’t’ close enough to the beach to get actual sea glass. This is a gorgeous serving tray that is perfect for carrying lemonade and other cool drinks out to the patio on hot summer days.

11. Mosaic wall art:

If you really want to show off your wall art then why not turn it into an amazing headboard. You can either gather some tiles or make it yourself or you can even buy one from the market. Whether you make it or buy it, this is a beautiful wall display that is sure to brighten up the bedroom.

12. Mosaic flooring:

If you add some marble inlays in a room or a foyer it will instantly create a rich appearance for your home. You can also install mosaic flooring in bathrooms or kitchens as it is easy to maintain and clean especially for the work zones at home. If you don’t want to do the whole floor, you can just insert tile or mosaics in high traffic areas instead, thus saving some money, for instance, directly near the kitchen sink or first entering the front or back door.

13. Mosaic ceilings:

Another creative way to add a splash of color to your home is by using mosaic on the ceilings. Modern custom ceiling mosaics often just use a single style tile in one color to accent the ceilings or bring a wall decor from the floor up to the ceiling.

14. Mosaic on columns:

If you are lucky enough to have some columns in your home, you can enhance that architectural feature by adding some mosaic art to it. You can accentuate it with mosaic tile work right from just the base or all the way to the top. These columns help to create a dramatic statement for your home.


Mosaics never go out of style. They are easy to make and decorate with your own home items or there is also a wide variety of mosaic items available in the market from which you can choose from to brighten up your home and give it that extra character and personality.

There are constant advances in materials and designs that continue to make this art form a thrilling adventure in discovery with many architectural uses. Custom mosaics can make any house a canvas, just waiting to make use of this art form to personalize the house into your private home. It’s a very easy way to get instant color and style in a house that may be lacking in certain areas.

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