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13 ways to make your office reception look great

Just as the popular saying goes, "the first impression is the last impression." Also, you only get one chance to make that first impression and to make sure that it is everlasting as well. So, design the reception area very carefully, and make the impression on clients, vendors, and visitors. While designing the different elements of your office you need to keep in mind certain things such as color, materials, layout, and branding which makes a statement about the values of your company. However, ensure that your reception area sends the right message by taking the time to thoroughly plan each detail of this important aspect of your office space.

By |December 25,2018|Office Furniture, Furniture Sets

Here is a list of some creative and great looking ideas which you can implement for your office reception:

1. Focus on the waiting area:

Some office receptions may include a waiting area. This is typically common in organizations like law firms, hospitals, hotels, financial institutions, and creative studios which include an additional waiting area. Usually, service industries include waiting for areas as a part of their office reception. So, if you fall under the category of any of these companies make sure you design a comfortable waiting area for your clients and visitors.


a. Pay attention to the traffic:

When designing the office reception make sure to know where your guests will be entering and exiting from, and have those areas marked clearly. You want to make sure the foot traffic can flow freely around the waiting area and doesn't bottleneck, which may be even smoother if you have a separate exit to keep traffic moving in one direction.


b. Fill it with the right furniture:

When selecting the furniture for the waiting area also keep in mind the right seating place since this is the most important component. Select those chairs for the office areas which are easily washable, so if someone makes a mess you can clean it up instead of having to throw out the entire chair. There should be enough chairs to accommodate your clients at any given time, but not so many that there is an excess. For example, if you see three clients in an hour, have only five chairs in the room.


2. Add some houseplants:

Adding greenery through some plants can be one of the simplest and greatest ways to brighten and lighten up your office. This is an inexpensive and yet an effective way to brighten up your otherwise dull office reception. One of the best places to keep a small plant is on the side table where they can be out of the way and not get knocked over. If you are planning to keep a floor plant, you can tuck it in the corner and keep it out of the way.


3. Get creative with some art:

To give your office and artistic look you can hang up some beautiful pieces of art on the wall. It does not always matter about the type of business that you have, there is always a painting or a photograph that you can find which will match with the style and décor of your office. Your painting should be something which is sophisticated and yet eye-catching. For example, if you have a motorcycle shop, hang a large close-up photo of a beautiful motorcycle. Even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money, you can check online auction sites or commission a local painter to paint it for you.


4. Use books as a décor:

Many offices feature magazines in the office reception or waiting areas, but you can experiment with this by using books as a tool for décor. Consider adding some travel books or some interesting coffee table books. This adds an interesting feel to the place and gives your clients something entertaining to explore in the waiting room.


5. Hang a TV on the wall:

What to better to entertain your visitors rather than a TV set?

Some businesses may choose to put up a TV on a stand which leaves the opportunity for it to become dirty or even damaged. Further, it also occupies a lot of unnecessary space. You can opt for hanging a flat screen TV on a wall across from where the client may sit. The television can also be an effective tool for displaying who you are or give them a virtual tour of your company.


6. Choose the wall color:

The color of the paint can change the entire look and feel of your reception area. Choose a calming and neutral paint for your office, while it may seem boring you can always make it more interesting by adding some other items. Choosing a light blue color or sand shade can create a light, serene and relaxing atmosphere. Accent walls are a great way to incorporate company colors without overwhelming the area – you can even turn your logo into a piece of tasteful wall art!


7. Pay attention to lighting:

The lighting of the office reception sets the tone and mood for the office environment, going a long way in making that lasting first impression. You can opt for soft bulbs rather than harsh light bulbs for lamps and ceiling features. Warmly colored light creates a welcoming, comforting ambiance, while cold lighting often creates a more sterile, unwelcoming atmosphere.


8. Additional amenities:

Go the extra mile by creating a small area for refreshments in your lobby so customers can help themselves to a snack or beverage when they have to wait. You can also add a cooler station which offers a space-saving and practical approach, but if you include a small coffee table it can add that extra sense of comfort to your place of work. Design your refreshment station carefully to keep it simple and easy to clean with a trash bin nearby.


9. Flooring:

You need to keep in mind the needs of your business and accordingly choose the flooring option which is the best fit for you. You can choose from a wide variety of options such as carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, stone, and laminate. Before settling on any single type of flooring, consider the care required for upkeep, along with cost and durability. Carpets need frequent vacuuming and occasional shampooing, while tiles need regular mopping and the occasional grout cleaning.


10. Furnishings:

Choosing the right furniture for your office reception area does not need to cost a fortune. You need to pick a style according to your business, brand or industry. There are many things you can experiment with modern, traditional, contemporary or cute and artsy styles. If you mix and match furniture pieces from multiple collections, make sure the styles, colors, and patterns complement each other for a cohesive look.


11.  Include representation for your brand:

The reception area is the first thing that the people see when they enter your office, so this area should be representative of your business. Many large organizations like Google and Facebook display their logos on the front desk.  This reinforces the image of the brand in the minds of the visitors as well as add to the brand value of the company.


12. Adhere to the classic style:

Sometimes, sticking to the classic style is one of the most simplistic yet elegant options to go for. A basic reception desk for your receptionist with ergonomic seating is essential. This kind of a basic and conventional design is useful for small businesses or medium-sized firms to give a classic and yet a modern look to the whole place.


13. No points of confusion:

Make sure to provide a clear idea to the visitors about where they are supposed to go and also make space feel warm and welcoming for them. Also, keep in mind that the reception area is not overcrowded with by stacks of delivery and is staffed by a single overwhelmed employee. In large reception areas, it’s important to make wayfinding easier by offering signage and other solutions to help new visitors figure out where they need to go. Make sure that the elevators, bathrooms and other common destinations are clearly marked.


Well, then add those final finishing touches and give your office reception that elegant and stylish look to give that lasting first impression.


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