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13 ways in which prints and patterns affect space perception in the room

We often find the words creativity and flair associated with interior designing. While designing your home, you will often find that patterns and prints are an excellent way to express the inner artist in you. Mixing prints and patterns in this day and age with bold, dramatic, daring, romantic and abstract prints and patterns is what is fast trending. Apart from meeting the standards of the latest trends, it will also help to recreate the space perspective in the room, making it feel fresher, breezy and also give it the illusion of looking larger. Today interior designers are adding a new spin to the whole room, emphasizing on loose geometric patterns and daring large scale prints and mixing of graphic patterns.

By |January 18,2019|Wallpaper, Wallpapers


Here are a few ways through which the choice of color, patterns, and prints will help to affect the space perception in the room:

1. Go for lighter shades of color:

You can easily accessorize with many different lighter tones and shades like eggshell, crème or light grey. You can also add color to your shelves to make the structure look better and bigger.

Adding vertical stripes is also a good choice especially adding a striped rug which will make your room look longer. Orient the stripes to follow the length of the room that is the longest for optimal effect.


2. Choose a dark color for the ceiling:

White and light colors for the room are a good choice to brighten up the place, on those lines the ceiling should be of a darker tone which will help to add more depth to the room. Further, if you apply wallpaper to the ceiling or even attach bookshelves to the wall it will give the illusion of making the place look bigger and grab all the attention of the room.


3. White it up:

White has reflective properties which lift up the room making it look bigger than it actually is. Thus, white helps to open up the room making it feel airy, light, calm and serene.  Thus, applying a shade of white to the walls and ceilings will help to enhance a cloud-like effect. It will also help to blur the line between the wall and ceilings allowing your eye to travel up and making the ceiling seem higher. Finally, it is also a perfect choice for small spaces as it will help to enhance the architecture of the place.


4. Pattern determines the activity level:

A room decorated only with solids will definitely give it the look of being calm and serene. However, in future, it also may look too plain or come across as boring.

So, to avoid a monotonous look for your space you can get creative with some patterns.

Larger patterns may look bulky at first, but in the long run, they will make the space look calm, on the other hand, small patterns can give a feeling of nervousness and busyness. Use larger patterns for things like the wallpaper or a decorative statement for a piece of furniture. Whereas tiny patterns can be used in small doses like throw pillows and décor items.


5. Prints add visual weight:

Visual weight means that area of the room which instantly draws attention to when you look at it. Interior design always aims to achieve a balanced visual weight of the room. While talking about prints and patterns they are natural go-to items when you need to add some extra weight to space.

You may also consider adding a large patterned wall hanging or a printed sofa to pack a big punch to space.


6. Try mixing and matching:

Too much of mixing of the patterns is never a good choice for space since it can make it feel seem very busy and overwhelming. So, we recommend you to choose one pattern and implement it smartly throughout the place.

However, times have changed today and you can successfully mix patterns and add a level of complexity to your home. One of the tricks for effectively mixing and matching patterns is to choose distinct patterns which fall within a color pattern. This will give your space the intricacy that you desire.


7. Make a statement with contrast:

Many times blending similar patterns and colors in your pattern will help things work together perfectly. However, one of the best looks is often achieved when you bend the hard and fast rules. So, make a splash in your space and add a contrasting patterned element. While the color may not be the exact same as the main shade in your palette, it should be one that coordinates well. Your room will create one of the biggest impacts when two shades sit directly opposite to each other.


8. Use big patterns on the wall:

One of the best ways to enhance the look of the space is to use big patterns on the walls and the ceiling. If you make the wall cohesive in its look it will also make space expand.

It is all about achieving the right balance. If you want to use a bold pattern on one side of the space you can leave the wall plain. This will help make the space shine and still feel calm.


9. Center the pattern in the space:

It makes a huge difference to center the pattern on a particular wall of the space.  Try to install it in such a manner that it is cropped equally on all sides as it will make the room look bigger. It might seem counterintuitive to fill a small space with a lot of busy patterns, but I find that by doing so, you can often make a small space feel more luxurious.


10. Floral prints and patterns:

You can add a lovely romantic feel to your space by adding some floral prints to your home. These bright floral designs help to breathe life into your space by giving it an artistic edge. You can also play around with transparent watercolor designs to add a delicate touch of romance.  Mix bright watercolor floral designs with bold abstract canvass.


11. Play with patterns:

The first thing that you need to consider before implementing any pattern in the room is the size and the style of the room. When you introduce any pattern, especially in a small room do it sparingly without overwhelming the space.

While adding any pattern in the room, use the element of line, by adding more horizontal or vertical lines to give the look a heightened sense of space.

You can use complex patterns with contrasting colors and lines which can liven up the room. If you have a large room, having a large scale pattern can add a distinct focal point to the room.


12. Geometric patterns to liven up space:

If you have a monochrome setting with a small sitting area, you can add a dose of pep to space by using some geometric patterns. These prints help to make the place lively with the added advantage of making it look bigger.


13. Consider sticking to a specific pattern style:

Sticking to a specific pattern style in the room can create a sense of cohesion in the space. You can add some style to your living room by using accent pillows with slight variations in color and pattern to top off the Moroccan daybeds.


Thus, you have got a basic idea of how to incorporate patterns in your decorating scheme. The trick to getting it right is just to understand some simple rules. The most significant thing to keep in mind here is to combine prints in different styles and shades.




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