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13 Modular kitchen design ideas

When we talk about modern India it includes western outfits, luxury cars, and leisure homes, but when we talk about the food it is same as it was before full of spices, varieties, healthy recipes, and quick servings. Therefore, for such a healthy and hearty kitchen you should have systematic and organized ideas, designs and decorations. Today, the modular kitchens have become more popular and in demand because of its well organized and systematic ideas. It has been surveyed that India has seen a 350% jump in demand for modular kitchens in the last six months only. We have gathered up a list of few designs for the modular kitchen since now the kitchen is not just a place of preparing food, but it also becomes a place to gather and catch up with the family members. So, it has become important to design your kitchen in a perfect way with complimentary walls, unique drawers, user-friendly designs and interiors with the latest coloring schemes.

By |December 22,2018|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets

Here is a list of 13 modular kitchen design ideas which you can use to suit your needs:

1. L-Shaped modular kitchen:

Many people often choose an L-shaped kitchen for their home due to its many features like a compact space and beautiful look. This makes the area well organized and gives the perfect look to you. You can easily divide the cooking area and the washing area to make it user-friendly and easy to assemble accessories in the kitchen. Further, it also gives the added advantage to multiple people to work in the kitchen due to the unique L-shape. This space offers a large space for drawers and shelves for storage and easy use.


2. U-shaped modular kitchen:

If you want your kitchen to be close to your dining area and enough space in the kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen is what you are looking for. The island table can be included at the center to give it elegant look. If you have enough space then a dining table can also be included at the center which makes it quick in serving. This kind of kitchen is usually preferred by joint families who like to dine together and also have a big family to feed.


3. Parallel kitchen:

If you have less space in your home, a parallel kitchen is a perfect choice for you. These types of kitchens are also called gallery kitchens because they let the floor to be empty for a small central walk away. These kitchens efficiently optimize and use the space, the cupboards can be extended up to the walls and even the shelves and drawers are across the wall towards the door. These kitchens go very well when someone needs an outlet in the kitchen in the form of a window or door to the garden area etc.


4. Straight kitchens:

A straight kitchen consists of all the things that you need in a linear fashion. They offer a simple layout which is most suited for a single user. In a straight kitchen, everything can be hidden in pocket doors and all the accessories like cabinets, ingredients, cooking tools can be easily reached. Enough cabinet storage is layered overhead which provides an organized look as well. Further adding storage cabinets on the floor also provides easy access to all appliances. To give your kitchen an attractive look you can add different color combinations to the cabinets.


5. Island Modular kitchens:

A modular kitchen with an island combination facilities for existing casework. It can be accommodated in any type and offers a decent place for cooking preparation or clean up. The island can also work as temporary dining for small families and children. Considering its look, it only adds up to the kitchen as can be utilized for different lightings.


6. Peninsula kitchens:

A peninsula kitchen is similar to an island kitchen, with one of the main differences being the size and the position of the island. Such a type of kitchen offers you a permanent design idea. The best part about it is that it does not come fully in the kitchen nor is it completely far away from the kitchen area. This is the perfect choice for a kitchen with less space. You can customize the shape of the island according to your needs.


7. Stainless steel kitchens:

Stainless steel kitchens are very much user-friendly as they have easy maintenance, corrosion free and are flexible with unique designing. You can also save more space by mounting the storage unit on the wall.  These kitchens are durable and eco-friendly which offers you an added advantage. If you want a vintage look you can combine this look with wood and glass.


8. Tropical kitchens:

This kind of a theme is more popular and in trend nowadays due to its relatability to nature and giving a relaxed and laid-back appearance. One of the most attractive things about this is the traditional designs with ornamental carvings on wood and tropical plants. This kind of kitchens is usually preferred by people for a vacation or a holiday home. You can enhance the look of this kitchen with different lights like traditional lamps.


9. Matte theme with quartz:

If you want a kitchen which is cool and modern with a classy look you can try this style for the kitchen. Black is no more a negative color but in fact, with matte finish and variation of its counter colors like gray and white gives an industrial look to the kitchen. This type of kitchen matches with the living room and is a regular color for the long term.


10. Kitchen with material finishing:

If you want to add a classy and elegant look to your kitchen you can experiment with materials like steel, wood, marble, granite and artistic appliances. Going with your own ideas and designs for the dining area, cooking area, sink area and executing your own thoughts about how your kitchen must look can be done by these types of kitchens. The dark colors combined with contrast give it a rich and elegant appearance.


11. Channelize your drawer system:

It is easy for you to work in your kitchen if you have drawers which are easy to pull out. It is a convenient option which is fast, time-saving and energy saving. It is also an efficient place to keep and take out bottles, jars, containers, and plates.


12. Personal customization:

One of the biggest freedoms of a modular kitchen is the freedom of personal customization. You can customize it to suit your need, requirement, amount and type of cooking style. Thus, you can choose the different cabinets, trays or pullouts according to your kitchen space.


13. Light up the cabinets and corners:

Let your kitchen be modular not only with the designs that it offers but also with electrical setting and illumination works. Eliminate shadows with well tidy and planned lighting at the ceiling.

A modular kitchen is incomplete without perfect lighting inside the cabinets. Do not push your cabinets into darkness. Install a good pair of lighting inside all the overhead cabinets, corners, walls etc.


You can easily use any of these 13 ideas according to your preference and your space availability to give a makeover to your boring kitchen and make it more convenient, easy to use and stylish.


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