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12 Useful tips to maintain a modular kitchen

Indian kitchens are home to a number of fast paced activities making it the busiest place in the home. In our busy schedules when we are running around to get the things done we long for speed and convenience, and that convenience is being provided to us today through the invention of modular kitchens. If we look at the trend today, we can observe that modular kitchens are slowly taking over all over India. Modular kitchens offer you the luxury of convenience and along with that also help you to add a certain style quotient to your house. We see today that modular kitchens have redefined modern homes. Modular kitchens definitely make your work a whole lot easier, but it might be a task to maintain a modular kitchen. Since a modular kitchen is more expensive than a regular one, you want it to last longer owing to the increased expenditure.

By |May 28,2020|Kitchen Storage & Organization, Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets

We have got a collection of 12 useful tips which will help you maintain a modular kitchen beautifully.

1. Get Cleaning:

It is important that you clean up your kitchen on a regular basis. To clean the different drawers and racks of the modular kitchen you should use a mild cleanser with a soft cloth to achieve that shiny and long lasting look.  Remember that if you clean regularly you will be able to prevent any deposition of dust or dirt on your cabinets. Further avoid using a harsh ingredient since it will make your surface rough in the long run.

#Tip: If you want to be chemical free while cleaning your kitchen you can do that as well. Easily whip up a cleaner with the existing materials in your kitchen. Simply mix half a cup of vinegar or baking soda in two gallon of water and scrub this mix with a soft cloth to keep your kitchen spic and span.

2. Close the cabinets:

An Indian kitchen is a place which is busy with a lot of activity, with oil being spilled all over the place if you are not careful. To prevent this oil spill while cooking close the shutters, racks, drawers and cabinets of your modular kitchen. It will also help to prevent any steam from the cooking to enter the cabinets or cause stickiness on the surface. In case something falls down while working in the kitchen, clean it immediately with a cloth to prevent any permanent stains or marks.

3. Check the hinges:

We often have the habit of pulling out a drawer or opening up a cabinet very quickly especially if you are in a hurry. If this opening and closing of the drawers happens quite frequently in the kitchen then there is a chance of the drawers to get unhinged over a period of time. Another case where this may take place is if you put a lot of weight on the drawers which may cause the fittings to come out. Therefore, the first measure which you need to adopt is to get high quality hinges installed in all the cabinets of your modular kitchen. Secondly, keep a regular check on your drawers to check whether there is any noise made by the hinges. This will help you keep a regular check on your kitchen and also help you get the necessary repairs done before it is too late.

4. Go soft on the cloth:

If you want the finish of your kitchen to last longer never use a piece of rough cloth or a sharp object to clean the surface. The better alternative is to use a piece of soft cloth for cleaning and wiping all the parts of the modular kitchen.

5. Wall and tile care:

It is important to not just keep the cabinets and racks clean, but also have a regular cleanup of the walls and tiles to render that sparkling look to your kitchen. Clean the walls and tiles on a regular basis, at least on a weekly basis to avoid any kind of permanent staining on them. For this you may make use of a mild detergent or disinfectant spray to keep the walls and tiles clean and hygienic.

#Tip: If you want to be chemical free while cleaning your kitchen you can do that as well. Easily whip up a cleaner with the existing materials in your kitchen. Simply mix half a cup of vinegar or baking soda in two gallon of water and scrub this mix with a soft cloth to keep your kitchen spic and span.

6. Deep clean once in a while:

The kitchen, just like any other room in the house also requires regular cleaning. This cleaning effort will help to make your kitchen more hygienic and make it easier to handle the kitchen space. A little discipline will go a long way in keeping your kitchen new and shiny.

So, go ahead, put on that cleaning cap and get ready for a session of deep cleaning kitchen weekend!

7. Let some air in:

Cooking an Indian meal involves a lot of cooking on the stove which results in smells, oil stains and humidity due to the tropical conditions. Let in some fresh air which will provide some good ventilation to your modular kitchen and save it from deteriorating.

8. Make intelligent use of space:

One of the most wonderful things about a modular kitchen is the ample amount of space which is available. Since a kitchen is used multiple times in a day it is bound to get cluttered. If you adopt the strategy of grouping the utensils and then having a separate area for those groups it will help to keep your kitchen space more organized. For example: A separate area for all your baking related items, separate area for the utensils you use on a daily basis to cook, etc.

9. Paper it down:

By laying down a sheet of paper in your cabinets can prevent the dust from accumulating and getting into the difficult corners. This is truly a life-saving tip. However, keep in mind to change the paper once a month to keep your storage spaces dust-free!

10. Get a pest control done:

Installing a modular kitchen is an easy task; however to maintain it might not always be one of the best things. Make sure to get a regular anti-termite and roach treatment conducted to protect your kitchen from getting infested by insects which will create a major health hazard. You may also spray an insecticide from time to time to keep your kitchen pest-free at all times. Also, remember to clear out the dustbin daily before sleeping and spray it with an insecticide for a further precaution.

11. Keep the sink clean:

Remember to clean the sink regularly for a spotless look for your kitchen. If you have a steel sink in a modular kitchen you can clean it with a soft nylon scrubbing pad so that the scratches do not come on the sink. Do not use any cleaning product like chloride. You can use vinegar to clean porcelain sink.

12. Change the kitchen cloth:

There is a common practice among many people to use the same kitchen cloth for a number of days. It is imperative that you change this habit immediately and periodically replace the old and dirty cloth of the kitchen with a new one.

Summing it up:

A modular kitchen truly gives a trendy look to your home, but it is important that you maintain it regularly to keep the trendy look intact. So, keep these super-easy yet effective tips in mind and be assured of a well-maintained modular kitchen for a long period of time!

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