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10 Reasons why you should buy a sofa cum bed

It does not matter if it is about entertaining the guests or if it is about finding that perfect relaxation spot in your home, it is the homely feeling which makes a place feel more comfortable and welcoming. If you visit a lot of places like friends or relatives you will find that many people are now either shifting to buy a sofa cum bed or even getting a sofa cum bed for their homes. A sofa cum bed also offers the perfect solution if you are facing the problem of lack of space. This problem becomes worse if you have guests over in your house frequently. To solve your problems, the sofa cum bed comes to the rescue. Multifunctional transforming furniture is a smarter way to live more comfortably in an apartment, townhome, or single-family home, or when you frequently have guests. The concept of Sofa cum bed is a brilliant idea when it comes to catering space issues in a small home.

By |December 19,2018|Beds, Sofabeds & Futons

What is a sofa cum bed?

A sofa cum bed is nothing but a comfortable couch underneath the seating cushions is hidden a metal frame with a mattress. This metal frame can be unfolded at will and the full structure resembles a bed then. Now you can use the sofa as a bed and sleep on it. When you’re done, you can fold it back, and it’ll become a couch again.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a sofa cum bed:

1. Sofa cum bed makes efficient use of the space:

It offers you with some additional space in your home to store some daily items like magazines and newspapers.  You can also use it as a space to stock up a few more things which may be consuming a lot of unnecessary space in your room. So, it gives you an added advantage of a sofa, a bed, and some additional storage space.


2. Can host more guests:

Many times, urban apartments are created to be sufficient enough to fit one family and there is no extra space to accommodate a guest room for the guests due to the limited space. When there are no guests at home the sofa cum bed can be used as a couch and when the guests arrive it can be transformed into a bed. Thus, it not only offers comfortable seating but also serves an extra purpose of a bed for your guests. It can add to the comfort of the existing sofa seating in your room and also accommodate a greater number of people.


3. Gives a home to your essentials:

It does not matter how expensive and lavish your sofa is, but it will not provide you that additional space that you may require. This is a problem faced especially by those people who have a small apartment. A sofa cum bed beside being cost effective also utilizes the storage space in an effective manner. The storage drawers allow you to store your essential stuff like beddings, bags, etc. It makes the space beneath the sofa useful which would otherwise be going to waste.


4. Can become a comfortable power nap station:

Undeniably, you may take small naps on your sofa, especially on those lazy Sunday afternoons. But, sleeping on the sofa with curled knees will not allow you to get up refreshed. Whereas if you have the option of transforming your sofa into a bed this will surely help you to enjoy a comfortable nap.


5. Acts as a trendy piece of furniture:

The sofa cum bed has become a trendy piece of furniture recently due to its multi-utility features. Many modern apartments now prefer a stylish sofa cum bed over a traditional sofa due to its added benefits that it has to offer. You get different types of modern architecture pieces of sofa cum bed in the market, making your furniture the ultimate style icon of the place.


6. A sofa cum bed is high on functionality:

It is without a doubt that a sofa cum bed comes with many additional features which a sofa is lacking. The easy pull and push feature along with the convertibility and storage features offer increased functionality. If you are looking for a furniture piece that not just glams up your living room, but also give you some additional advantages, then a sofa cum bed is a just choice. Getting the desirable one for your place is not a tedious task as you can shop for sofa cum beds online.


7. It is a sofa and a bed:

Just as the name goes this piece of furniture offers the dual functionality of a sofa and a bed. It acts as the best solution for when you are watching television up to the wee hours of the night or sitting late into the night you will not need to get up and go to your room to sleep. Instead, you can just sleep on your bed which is a part of your sofa cum bed. This acts as a dual application by one piece of furniture.


8. It is a price saving deal:

When you go to purchase a sofa and a bed separately you will have to spend a lot of money. This is because both the sofa and the bed are some of the highest investments in furnishings. So, buying a sofa cum bed will be a great money-saving deal, along with giving you the added benefit of both- the sofa and the bed.


9. Sofa cum bed adds to the aesthetics of the room:

There many different sizes and designs which are available in the market which gives a trendy and attractive look to your home. With the great variety of styles to offer you can choose the perfect one to suit your needs. You just need to know what you want and you can choose easily from this wide variety of styles.


a. Futons:

It is one of the most basic of sofa cum beds with a metal or wooden frame and a single mattress on the top. When it’s folded up, the mattress creates both the back and seat of the sofa. While pretty comfortable as a bed, a futon can leave something to be desired as a sofa, since it has a firm and somewhat unforgiving seat.


b. Daybeds:

A daybed is a single twin mattress that sits in a frame to give it the look of a sofa. This kind of furniture lacks the cushioning of a standard sofa and is best suited for a room that is not going to be used regularly for entertaining people.


c. Standard foldouts:

This kind of style is perfect if you want a sleeper sofa. The mattress is supported by a thick, canvas-like fabric that’s secured by springs on the side. Foldout mattresses come in a few different options: All innerspring, all foam or innerspring with an air topper – which seems to be the winner for comfort. These sleepers require more space since you need room to unfold the mattress.


d. Pullout pop-ups:

This kind of a style can be used as twin beds. It operates like a trundle with the bottom mattress rolling out from below or pop up the lower mattress to create a larger bed. You don’t need as much space to pull out the bed since it has you sleeping parallel to the back of the sofa.


10. Gives your room a neater look:

A sofa cum bed does not occupy much place in your room and it can easily be folded out or back up depending upon the usage. It thus offers you extra space in the room and also makes it look cleaner and neater.  This is also because it comes with extra storage space so it can accommodate various essentials inside which may otherwise be cluttered around the room affecting the aesthetics of the place.



With all these advantages and its attractiveness in its design, a sofa cum bed is one perfect choice to go to decorate your house with. With it you will have the beauty of the product added to your house and also you get the functionalities that come with the sofa cum bed.



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