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  • Selling in: Chandeliers, Handcrafted Wall Covering, Handcrafted Frames, Textile Wallcoverings, Furniture Covers
  • Selling in: Handcrafted Wall Covering

Inspirational Ideas

20 Designer Ceiling Ideas

When designing our home we undertake many steps and put in a lot of efforts to style the best décor for our home. But often, when it comes to the ceiling the thing that comes to our mind is white and flat. However, a great ceiling design whether it is in the living room or kitchen or bedroom can render your room with a unique, inimitable and individualistic picture leaving a lasting image in the minds of those who visit your home. There are different ceilings which are suited for each home and each room of the home, depending upon the space available, the walls, and the overall theme of the house. There are unlimited options available for you to choose from, to find an exclusive and exceptional feel for your home.

How to add soft decor to your living room

We all have a pretty clear idea about what furniture is, but what is soft furnishing? Soft furnishings include items such as curtains, scatter cushions, bean bags, bean cubes and chair coverings that are used to decorate a room. When you talk about soft furnishing these items specifically add that extra color, softness, and texture to your living room. It also helps to overcome any of the furniture flaws that might be there in the living room and help to give it a feeling of warmth and comfort. The fabric is like a compulsory and most essential part of soft furnishing.

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