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13 ways in which prints and patterns affect space perception in the room

We often find the words creativity and flair associated with interior designing. While designing your home, you will often find that patterns and prints are an excellent way to express the inner artist in you. Mixing prints and patterns in this day and age with bold, dramatic, daring, romantic and abstract prints and patterns is what is fast trending. Apart from meeting the standards of the latest trends, it will also help to recreate the space perspective in the room, making it feel fresher, breezy and also give it the illusion of looking larger. Today interior designers are adding a new spin to the whole room, emphasizing on loose geometric patterns and daring large scale prints and mixing of graphic patterns.

Wallpaper vs Paint

Many house owners find painting or using wallpaper a very tedious task and thus they tend to shy away from it or procrastinate it for later. However, painting as a task can truly help to transform the whole look and feel of the room helping to add some color and personality to the home. It can help to dramatically change the entire interior of the room. You can experiment with many different shades of paint and wallpaper, each adding its own unique style to the home such as bold colors to make a statement, or soft shades to make the home feel more calm, peaceful and relaxed.

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