Make your home winter ready with these 11 easy tips

2min ago.

After experiencing an unusually hot summer and saying goodbye to those monsoon winds, the leaves are now falling and the nights are becoming longer and darker which tells us that winter is right on schedule. If you want to get yourself ready for the winter it is a much simpler task than getting you...

20 creative ways to lighten and brighten your living room

1 Day ago.

What is this life? If we live it in black and white... So, just as it is important to add color to our life, it goes so with our homes as well. Light and color can surely help to lighten as well as brighten the mood of the entire home and help to give your home that unique character and personality...

How to add soft decor to your living room

1 Day ago.

We all have a pretty clear idea about what furniture is, but what is soft furnishing? Soft furnishings include items such as curtains, scatter cushions, bean bags, bean cubes and chair coverings that are used to decorate a room. When you talk about soft furnishing these items specifically add that ...

Bedroom designing ideas for Mr and Mrs newlyweds

1 Day ago.

Just got married? And can’t wait to set up your new room together? Look no further, we have the perfect guide for you to design your bedroom. The wedding is the happiest day for every couple, in addition to weddings and wedding dresses, you will need a romantic bedroom decor to add more special mom...

Top 25 best luxury hotels in the world

2 Day ago.

Life in the 21st century is quite busy and hectic. To get a break from this busy schedule we all yonder for some luxury or comfort. Each person has their own liking and their own comfort, some find comfort in the company of their dear ones, some in resting for an entire day, or some in having a spa ...

The Complete Beginner's Guide For Type of Plywoods

4 Day ago.

The Complete Beginners Guide to Type of Plywoods. We all know that plywood is constructed of at least three thin coating of wood attached together with a glue. Each sheet of wood, or handle, is generally arranged with its grain running at right points to the nearby layer with the end goal to lessen ...

Difference between modern and oriental art décor

December 03,2018

Art is any form of beautiful creation that a person portrays as result of their knowledge, wisdom and experience. There are many ways in which people may portray this art, in the form of painting a beautiful picture, carving the perfect sculpture, singing your favorite song or dancing to the beats o...

Latest Outdoor Lighting Ideas

December 03,2018

The article gives you a brief idea about outdoor lighting. It gives us knowledge of outdoor table lighting, garden lighting, pond lighting, tree lighting and many more.

Best Swimming pools of the world

December 02,2018

The hot summer heat calls for a dip in the pool, for all the aqua lovers out there, a swim in the pool is one of the best ways to get some ease from the scorching heat of the day. Swimming pools are often known to symbolize luxury and relaxation. There are fabulous pools all over the world located i...

Building Materials which have changed the way of construction 2018

December 02,2018

A home is a place where one feels safe, secure and protected. This feeling of comfort is often associated with the people who reside with us under the same roof. However, this feeling has a broad spectrum. It not only includes the warmth and comfort which we receive from our loved ones, but also the...