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New trends in home security systems in 2020

The article gives you the trending ways to secure your home. It gives knowledge about home security through different apps how we can control different appliances, control security through cameras drone uses and many more.

By |June 12,2020|Surveillance Equipment, Surveillance Accessories

When shopping for a home security system, you don’t want to take it lightly. Instead, you want to put much thought and effort into the shopping process to ensure you invest in a system that can provide full protection. Provision of a flawless Customer service, user-friendly equipment, and helpful technical support are what makes a home security system stand out from the next.

When one makes an investment in a home security system, they are, essentially, making an investment in the protection of their family as well as their valuables. while a lot of people may think of a home security system as a huge investment, this thing should be noted that technology has greatly enhanced everyone’s ability to better protect their homes for a fraction of the cost of what it used to take around 10 years ago.

 It is extremely crucial to protect your home from all kinds of probable accidents. Also, prevention is better than cure.

One can find different kinds of home security systems to choose from. For instance, both wired and wireless varieties. From wall-mount security cameras to anti-theft motion sensor alarm locks, all kinds of security gadgets and equipment. The consumer can choose from fingerprint scanners, burglar alarm bells, tank overflow sirens, electric door lock and more. Depending on your requirement, take your pick and secure your home.

Check out these home security systems below and learn why they stand out above the rest and land on our 2020’s, Best trends Home Security Systems list.

1) Eradicating obsolete gating security

A Millennial consumer’s preferences are spurring growth across industries, and the home security market has not been an exception. Mirroring most other aspects of their lives, they will also prefer to have a control over the way they reside as well.

This also might reflect in their behavior of buying homes as many of them prefer apartments and well-gated complex for all the amenities and safety it promises. But in actuality does moving into an apartment to ensure complete security for an individual?

Thankfully for all of us, rapid innovations in the home security space that is both globally and locally offer residents access to a plethora of hardware and software solutions to keep their environment safe and secure.

The existing system of registers, guards and wire-based intercoms are proving to be inadequate and inefficient in handling the surge.

The record keeping in this setup is highly prone to inaccuracies and manipulation. Also, data on a register is easily accessible to anyone and can be easily siphoned off, which poses a serious risk to an individual. This coming year we will see the existing systems become obsolete as newer and better technologies will gradually emerge and change the way security systems actually function more efficiently.

2) The rise of the app based security systems



2018 will see the appraisal in the adoption of app-based security systems for gated complexes. The Residents now want a wholesome control over the visitor’s authentication and validation, even from their office, which is technically impossible without an app-based security system.

The major advantage of such systems implemented at complex gates is that they are free of capital investment and can probably continuously evolve to tackle the rapid changes that are happening at the building gate. Smart apps are part of wireless security systems. The dozens of reasons why a homeowner would want to choose an app compatible does not mean the new technology always works as it ideally should. Like with most things, it could merely require a reset or an upgrade due to a poor version of the software.

3) Computer vision comes to force

Gradual advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in deep web learning have further accelerated the proliferation of vision-based applications in security application enhancement space.
2018 will see facial recognition technology become omnipresent according to AT Kearney, a global consulting firm. For example, in a security CCTV camera, a computer vision algorithm can efficiently detect faces or moving objects in the vicinity. Then, a smaller differential segment of the image where the face or object was detected is processed through deep learning for identity verification or object classification. Going forward we are going to see this technology deployed for access control, object tracking, for attendance and even for intrusion detection. This development will be extremely beneficial in solving crimes and avoid thefts at the local level. Security in hom2es has become as efficient as the security in banks only due to the computer-based security.

4) Child safety


Worrying about a child’s safety can be extremely stressful. As a parent, protecting your children is one of your top priority, but you can’t be effective everywhere at once. An intelligent home security system can provide the peace of mind that is needed, no matter where you are.

The coming year will see security vendors integrating safety features specifically for the kids who stay alone at home in gated complexes in the absence of their parents. Features such as approvals for kids to step out of the home or apartment complex through a security-based app or digital validation of caretakers or nannies will help the parents to keep an eye for their children's safety even from remote locations such as their office.

5) Access from anywhere

As we gradually proceed through 2018, it is highly expected that remote arming of home security systems will essentially become even more popular. Back in the day, one would activate their security system from within the confinement of their home. You would turn the app on before leaving the house or going to bed. Although recently, thanks to the advancements in technology, you can literally activate and monitor your system from anywhere with a Wi-Fi based Internet connection. Many home security system service providers offer customers customizable apps that they can easily log into and activate security systems of their home as well as take advantage of other features, such as locking and unlocking doors and even control appliances and lights in their home.

6) Versatility

Latest home security systems are becoming highly comprehensive than they used to be and consist of a plethora of elements, including:

Lighting control

Temperature control



Smart locks

Cameras and video feed

Carbon monoxide monitoring

Appliance control


7) Drones are taking over


This year we are going to see an increasing use of pocket drones from DJI as a part of home security systems. Most pocket drones have the ability to fly at an altitude of over 20 feet. Supposing that a home security system alarm was to be triggered, the drone can be controlled using a smartphone to fly above the house or even inside the house to capture a glimpse video and pictures of the assailant. The video and pictures feed can be automatically uploaded to the security server to ensure that even if the assailant was to damage or steal the drone, the feed will still be available. This feed can then be used to help identify and prosecute the intruder, for security purpose.


8) Fingerprint door lock


It can add up to 150 trusted fingerprint users and up to 78 trusted passcode users for this smart home lock. And if the battery dies, it even comes with 2 backup keys, so that you can still get in. Its Key features are that it is Water resistant and Fits in any standard door lock.

9) Outdoor network surveillance camera



This outdoor-ready security camera is designed in order to handle all types of weather. From dust and rain to wind and snow and other harsh conditions, you can trust your home surveillance needs will be met. View your feed from anywhere thanks to the free app.

       Key features include

  • It has both Wireless or wired setup
  • Sensitive enough to see in complete darkness
  • Wide angle lens that allows you to keep an eye on your home, entirely.




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